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Aura Colors And Meanings | Find Out What is Your Aura Color?

05 Apr, 2024 by Swati S. Kumar

Aura Colors And Meanings | Find Out What is Your Aura Color?

05 Apr, 2024 by Swati S. Kumar

Ever wondered if you could see the aura colors and interpret their meanings? Do you want to know what color is your aura and what do different aura colors mean? But before that let us know what is aura color and what is its significance. 

What is Aura Color?

Your aura color is a vibrant ray of color that comprises the energy flowing around you. It is mainly caused by vibrations and can be seen only by people with extra sensory perception abilities. Auras, basically, are a bridge that connects your physical self to your soul and ultimately to the divine energy. These are affected by your emotional states and thus represent different emotions and qualities. 

As per metaphysical practitioners, there are different aura colors that can be witnessed around living beings. These are referred to as spiritual aura colors and body aura colors. It is said that the color of your aura changes over time. However, there are one or two colors that dominate or remain steady for a longer period of time. 

During aura color reading, psychics observe your body’s aura colors using their psychic powers. They study seven auric levels and suggest an aura meaning based on the color that is highly dominant. The aura meaning offers a clear glimpse into your hidden thoughts, buried emotions, compatible aura match, and even faded memories. Do you want to recognize all this by yourself? Are you curious about learning Aura colors and meanings? If yes, then read the post. This quick guide has everything you need to know about different aura colors, their meanings, and the way to find out your aura color. So, what are you waiting for? 

Unleash the secrets!

Read the post to discover what color is your aura and what does each aura color mean!

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Aura Colors and Meanings: Discover The Meaning of Your Aura Color!

There are 14 primary aura colors and additional shades for each color. It includes primary and secondary aura colors along with various other colors. The primary aura colors include- red, blue, and yellow while the secondary colors of aura comprise green, orange and purple color. Get quick insights into different aura colors with this comprehensive Aura colors chart below.

The Aura colors chart includes details about the different colors of the aura, their meanings, and associated Chakras.

Aura Color

Aura Color Meanings


Red Aura

Vitality, strength, passion, ambition, groundedness, perfectionism, enthusiasm, energetic, competitive

Root or Base Chakra

Green Aura

Peace, healing, harmony, clarity, prosperity, unconditional love, sense of beauty, highly creative

Heart Chakra

Blue Aura

Tranquility, loyalty, wisdom, devotion, empathy, intuition, master communicators, highly intelligent

Throat Chakra

Purple Aura

Curious, intuitive, thoughtful, wise, discerning, disloyal, prejudiced, knowledgeable, loving

Third Eye Chakra

Yellow Aura

Happiness, optimism, intellectualism, friendliness, patience, self-control

Solar Plexus Chakra

White Aura

Purity, self-mastery, oneness with the higher self, cosmic wisdom, spiritually motivated, perfect balance

Crown Chakra

Pink Aura

Romance, love, generosity, giving, receiving, faithfulness, friendship, sincerity

Heart Chakra

Orange Aura

Confidence, optimism, creativity, inspiration, emotional balance, generosity, gregarious

Sacral Chakra

Indigo Aura

Spiritual awakening, deep inner guidance, communication with spirit guides, imagination, introvert, calm 

Third Eye Chakra

Violet Aura

Playful, creative imagination, charming, connected to spirit guide, extremely sensitive, independent, extroverted, authoritative

Crown Chakra

Black Aura

Spiritually oppressed, battling addiction, negativity, physical trauma, lacking energy, imminent death

Root Chakra

Grey Aura

Depression, sadness, exhaustion, low energy, skepticism, 

Heart Chakra

Silver Aura / Gold Aura

Divinely connected, spiritually inspired, intuitive, balanced, enlightened

Third Eye Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra

Brown Aura

Greed, opinionated, self-involvement, spiritually struggling, feeling guilty

Root Chakra

How to Find Out What Color Your Aura is?

How to Find Out What Color Your Aura is?

Seeing your aura requires extraordinary psychic abilities. However, people with normal perceptions can also find their aura by their intuitive power and some easy exercises. This is how you can know what your aura color is. 

Mirror Exercise to Find What Aura Color Do You Have!

  • Stand in the front of a white background. 
  • Now, look at a clear mirror for a minute.
  • Concentrate on the one spot on your face, preferably the middle of your forehead. 
  • Do not move your eyes for at least 60 seconds.
  • While you concentrate on the focal point discussed above, scan the outer edges of your head, shoulders, and arms. 
  • The bright color you see surrounding your head and shoulder is your body aura. 

Hand Exercise to Know Your Aura Color!

  • Another great exercise to see your aura. For this, you need to stare at your hands for approximately 1 minute. 
  • The areas that are brighter and radiating outside the lining of your hands are your aura and the color that you see is your aura color. 

Remember, identifying aura is not easy. It takes considerable focus and patience to see the color of your or another person’s aura. Thus, it is recommended to take an online psychic reading by the expert Aura readers. The easiest and quickest way to identify aura color!

Know What Your Aura Color Says About You!

As discussed above, each person has an aura that speaks of their personality, emotions, hidden thoughts, and spiritual abilities. Your aura color is very helpful in knowing your inner self and finding the aspects that you didn’t know earlier. Learning about aura can help you to heal and change things that are holding you back from having a happy and prosperous life.

If you are worried, stuck, or having a whale of a time, psychic experts can read your aura and help you know its meaning for you. The deep aura color meanings can change your life substantially. So, tap now and talk to psychic experts to reveal your aura color and its meaning!

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