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What Is Black Aura - Its Cause, Meaning, And Effects On Personality

06 Nov, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

What Is Black Aura - Its Cause, Meaning, And Effects On Personality

06 Nov, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

The black aura is one of the few auras that is considered negative and chaotic. Although black aura is considered dark and predominantly negative, the person reflecting black aura might not be an evil person.

Different aura colors represent different personality traits. While bright and vibrant aura colors are linked with comfort and easiness, the black aura is associated with darkness and turmoil. If you are someone who possesses a black aura, then there is no reason to panic for you. Having a black aura doesn’t mean your soul is dark or you are a bad person. It just means that you are going through some stuff and you need to make some lifestyle changes to cleanse your energy. 

Before I dive more into the black aura effect or what does a black aura represent, let me just quickly tell you exactly what does a black aura mean.

What Does A Black Aura Mean?

If your energy bubble is black, you must be curious about what does my aura means.

First thing first, to have a black aura is to have negative emotions or blocked energy within your body. Before continuing, I must address some major misconceptions. A white aura is a symbol of peace and pureness which makes you think that having an aura black color is exactly the same as having a dark, murky, or dingy aura. This might not be the whole truth as darkness in color is not the same as black. In reality, the black aura meaning is associated with low energy. Some situations in a person’s life may make them prone to negative but otherwise harmless emotions such as grief. Yes, grief is a major cause for having a black aura. Other such emotions are depression, loneliness, or keeping grudges for someone. A dark black aura is a kind of a void in the soul of a person. Thus, black aura color meaning is often associated with darkness surrounding someone. 

Now that you know what is a black aura, you must be curious about what is the reason that causes a black aura in someone’s personality. Read on to know it all. 

What Causes Black Aura?

To know what does it mean to have a black aura, you need to understand what exactly can cause a black aura. Some of the reasons that can cause black aura are listed below:-

Negative Emotions

A deep black aura can show up if the person is suppressed with negative emotions. Particularly the anger and hatred are two emotions that can block the flow of positive vibes in your energy system and ultimately blacken your aura. Those who harbor a black aura may be prone to emotions of resentment, anger, fear, hate, distrust, or revenge.

Physical Trauma or Illness

The presence of black in your aura can mean that there is any disease residing in your body. If your pain is because of emotional suffering, it can also show up as black splotches in your aura.

Evil Spirits

It is quite likely for spirits around you to play with the colors of your aura. Especially the malevolent ones can attach to you without you knowing and find solace in your energy. They may not prove to be demonic for you but can feed off your negative reactions and alleviate black presence in your aura color. 

 I hope by now you have a clear understanding of what causes the black aura effect. Now let’s move ahead and see how black aura meaning relates to the personality of an individual. 

Black Aura Personality

To have a black aura is not something very shocking. Everyone goes through hardships like betrayal or rejection in their life and experience myriad feelings at some point in time. While some people manage to overcome this difficult period timely by making lifestyle changes or even by developing psychic abilities. Some hold on to this grief for extended periods of time and ultimately start feeling a bit dark. 

Someone who is harboring a deep black aura is surrounded by a dark or you can say “black” energy. A black energy aura cannot reflect constant personality traits as other aura colors do. The reason is auras are always changing. When you change your lifestyle and your mindset, your aura color can also change. However, in some cases, a deep black aura can represent a personality disorder or mental instability in its natives.

But, that’s not all! Someone who is harboring a black aura is also extremely intelligent even if they aren’t the nice ones. They are in tune with their feelings and emotions and put forward strong opinions for the cause they think is right. They are the ones who are in constant search of ways to improve their personality and enhance their skillset. Their confidence and never-dying attitude make them compelling and ambitious. 


I hope now you have a clear understanding of the black aura meaning and what does it mean if your aura is black. In case you want to learn more about your aura or its meaning, you can have an online psychic chat with a knowledgeable psychic who specializes in aura colors and get an in-depth understanding of your dominant energies.

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