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What Is A Purple Aura - Its Color, Meaning, And Effects On Personality

22 Oct, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

What Is A Purple Aura - Its Color, Meaning, And Effects On Personality

22 Oct, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

Auras are the divine energies surrounding an individual and are altered by their moods, emotions, and physical placements. This makes them one of the tools to determine someone's feelings and identify the intensity of their vibrational frequencies at that given point in time. To differentiate between the types of auras, experts have assigned various colors to them. Purple aura is one such color among many others. These colors can even literally be seen while reading auras.

Here, you will also agree that talking about all the aura colors at once will give you nothing more than shambles. So to avoid that and make you understand what does it mean to have a purple aura, we will keep ourselves focused on the single color here. And to add to the information, we will also know how it impacts anyone's personality, still keeping ourselves focused on the purple-colored aura.

So let's get to it and see what all is there for you to know about purple energy auras.

Purple Aura Meaning

Purple is the color that has always been associated with divinity. One proof of this is the birthstone of February, Amethyst, which is believed to be the gem of Gods. Now, if you are curious to know what does a purple aura mean, then you must know that this divinity works even here. It is believed to connect its bearer to the higher self.

Moreover, it is the color of the aura which promotes wisdom within an individual. At the same time, it also keeps their intuition in the play. This aura clearly keeps the people bearing it a step above others. Apart from spirituality, it is associated with the empathy it shows, which becomes another prominent reason for this.

The purple aura also shows a deep connection with the vibrational energies of the universe that gives phenomenal abilities to manifest one's dreams into the material world.

After knowing what is a purple aura, you must now be wondering what your aura color is. Also, you are hoping the answer turns out to be purple! Well, not as accurate as the analysis of experts, but knowing the personality traits of purple aura people will give you some clarity. For a quick review, refer to the aura colors meaning chart or keep reading to know everything in detail.

Purple Aura Personality

Purple Aura Color Meaning and Personality

The most prominent personality traits of a person bearing a purple aura color are intuition and wisdom. Apart from that, they are brilliant in self-expression, which makes others understand them nicely. This is complementary to their ability to connect with the emotions of other beings on the next level without putting in much effort.

These things broadly constitute the purple aura color meaning. Still, it is far better to understand it in terms of different shades of purple. So let's get to the more detailed and specific analysis of the personality traits of the people having a purple aura.

Clear Or Bright Purple Aura Meaning And Personality

If this color comes up in your aura reading, it indicates a sorted personality. This shows a perfect balance between intellect and emotions. It also becomes the basis of making the best decisions in all the aspects of your life.

Dark Purple Aura Meaning And Personality

Like the lighter and clearer shade of purple, the ultimate personality depiction of the deep purple aura also points towards the presence of balance. But at the same time, it requires the bearer to identify and remove the obstacles blocking this from happening.

Reading auras is one of the types of psychic powers that can tell you a lot about your personality and emotions. And if you can find someone who is so specific to even distinguish in the different shades, then trust me, you are blessed!

Lavender Purple Aura Meaning And Personality

People with a lavender aura are believed to be dreamers. They are capable of creating a whole new world with all of their wildest fantasies and imaginations in their head. These lavender aura bearers are the people who are connected with the higher realm.

These are the specific traits of personality that people bearing different shades of purple aura possess. And if you can relate to some of them, then chances are you are blessed to have this divine aura. These traits can be collectively termed as the purple aura effect.

Is Purple Color Aura Good Or Bad?

After knowing all these things, you must now be thinking what does it mean if your aura is purple, especially in terms of good and poor. It is a great thing to have the aura's purple color surrounding you. However, in some cases, it points towards the physical, emotional, or psychological blockages. This can not really be seen with naked eyes. However, with proper techniques, you can get specific and even personalized results.

Here, you should also know that this is not a significant concern. It is because your auras are not fixed and can be altered with dedicated practice and changes in your moods and emotions.


This is all that you always wanted to know about the purple color aura meaning. Moreover, now you also know what the personality traits of an individual who bears this aura are. But the general recommendation is to always consult the experienced and trusted psychics who hold expertise in this area to get the most favorable and accurate results.

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