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What is Violet Aura - Color Meaning, Personality and Effects

04 Nov, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

What is Violet Aura - Color Meaning, Personality and Effects

04 Nov, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Auras are the energy fields that radiate around all the living beings. It is an important source that reflects your mind and directs your spiritual journey. As per spiritual readers, the auras of different colors relate to different characteristics. These may not seem significant but are very necessary to understand if you want to achieve the true meaning in your life. Are you ready to learn about one such aura color of spectrum- Violet energy or violet aura color? Read on the post and find what the violet aura color means, what are its effects and how having a Violet aura color around impacts your personality. 

What is a Violet Aura?

Violet aura is the color of inquisitiveness and enlightenment. It is one of the most intuitive colors among aura colors that reveals the power of harmonization with the self. Considered as a sensitive and wisest color, Violet aura is indicative of visionary and idealistic personality. It is found around psychics mostly as it stimulates the Third Eye Chakra or Crown, an area that regulates thought process and spirituality. Physically, Violet aura relates to the pineal gland and nervous system. It suggests creative abilities and sense to appreciate the finer things in life. If you are seeking the meaning of life, reading Violet aura color meaning can decipher everything.

Want to know violet aura meaning and what does it mean to have a violet aura characteristics? Read on the post to know everything about Violet aura color and people having Violet aura personality. Also explore the Violet aura effects and its significance.

What Does A Violet Aura Mean?

Violet Aura Color Key Meanings

Violet Aura Color Effects

Wisdom, sensitivity, creativity and spirituality

Motivates, inspires, uplifts and balances

Violet aura color signifies desire to find answers to all the questions about life. It indicates that you have come to a stage where you must have knowledge of who you are and what is the purpose of your life. You attain spiritual understanding and achieve a balanced level of reasoning. Violet aura color represents the seeker souls. It makes a person extremely knowledgeable and interesting. It brings structure and clarity to mind. 

Violet aura bestows ability to spot emerging trends, view hidden opportunities and minute plotcal social and cultural changes. It offers a strong physical and emotional presence that is not only influential but quite healing and comforting. 

Aura of violet energy signifies nobility and brings high awareness and creativity to natives. It induces sensitivity and strong vision and confidence. It is said that when someone is accompanied by Violet color aura then their energy is unparalleled and aesthetically different. They see the bigger picture of things and set trends for the future. Oprah, Steve Jobs or Donatella Verscae are some great examples of people having Violet energy aura color.

Different Violet Aura Color Shades and Their Meanings

Different Violet Aura Color Shades and Their Meanings

While understanding violet color aura meaning, it should be noted that saturation and brightness of color are very important. The different Violet color shades have different meanings. Here is a quick guide about the different Violet aura color shades and their meanings.

Shades of Violet Aura Color

Violet Aura Color Range Meanings

Clear Violet Aura

Balanced heart/mind

Dark or Murky Violet Aura

Self sacrifice and Lack of tactfulness 

Bright Violet Aura

Higher intuitive power and Royalty

Light Violet Aura

Femininity and delicacy

Lavender Aura

Active imagination

The brighter shades of violet are usually indicative of spirituality, empathy, high ideals and openness while the dark shades of violet aura color are often gloomy and negative. It speaks of burn out due to over self-sacrifice and also represents thoughtfulness to address other’s hidden emotions. Mukey shades of violet aura color also shows that you are too good to others that people often take your advantage and manipulate you for their benefits.

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Violet Aura Personality: What Does It Mean to Have a Violet Aura?

Curious, how is Violet aura personality? Well! Violet aura color personality means being an inspiration to others. If you are having a violet aura around you, then you will have an exquisite power to see into the future. You will be blessed with magnetic charisma and amazing intuitive power. You tend to be like a visionary who is known to motivate masses with their extraordinary creativity and imagination. You will feel inclined towards the metaphysical and spiritual realms. Because of high sensitivity of violet aura, you will choose humanitarian roles. You will work for society and will have a soft corner for animals, plants and meek people. 

It is believed that people with violet color have endless possibilities to grow spiritually and personally. Thus, you may absorb emotions, feelings and hidden energies of others easily. Your friend circle will be small and you will crave love and emotional connection. You will have a liberal and positive outlook towards life. Your vision will be wide and you will see things clearly from a bird’s eye view. As far as love and relationships are concerned, love will come easy to you but holding it and sustaining it for a lifetime will be trickier. However, your connection with your loved ones will be powerful, strong and enlightening. 

Creativity and imagination will lead you towards the field of arts and music. You will be inquisitive to learn new things and would have great decision making ability. Your intuitions will be strong and your psychic power network will be very powerful. Born with leadership skills, you, Violet aura person, will display great intelligence and smartness. However, at times, people will mistake your smartness as arrogance and narcissism. 

Here are some positive and negative aspects of having a Violet color aura around you.

Positive Violet Personality Traits

  • Dignity
  • Spirituality
  • Royalty
  • Mystery
  • Luxury
  • Femininity
  • Power
  • Magic
  • Wisdom
  • Truth
  • Calmness
  • Authenticity
  • Vision
  • Playful
  • Charismatic
  • Delightful
  • Creativity
  • Liberal

Negative Violet Personality Traits

  • Introversion
  • Decadence
  • Suppression
  • Inferiority
  • Gloominess
  • Snobbery

So, this was all about aura color meaning and aura personality traits. Since the saturation of aura affects an individual both in a good and bad manner, it's hard to say sometimes if an aura is good or bad. Check out what psychic experts tell about the goodness of having a violet aura color around. 

Is Violet Color Aura Good or Bad?

Violet aura is the color of the mystic. It represents integration of self with the spiritual realm. The presence of aura/Violet energy allows the native to think laterally and globally eliminating the desire for immediate gains. It brings healing through higher powers such as angels, psychics and spiritual guides. On the flip side, Violet aura color relates to unrealistic ideas and lack of determination. It causes an inability to accept people and things with shortcomings. Overall, violet aura color qualities are more positive as compared to the negative ones. Thus, it can be said that violet aura color is good and beneficial for its natives.

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