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What is Silver Aura - Color Meaning, Personality and Effects

10 Nov, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

What is Silver Aura - Color Meaning, Personality and Effects

10 Nov, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Silver is a rarely witnessed aura color. People with this aura color are considered blessed and spiritually enlightened. If you have Silver aura around and want to know more about them, then you are at the right spot. This quick guide about Silver aura meaning has everything that you need to know about. 

What is a Silver Aura?

One of the rarest aura colors, Silver is mostly found around the Siddhas or Gurus or psychics. It means- surrounded by spirits. Hence, it is seen around people who master the art of communicating with the spirits. Ruled by the energy of Saturn and the Moon, Silver aura regulates the Root and Crown chakra of an individual. It is associated with the element, Earth and Ether. The element Earth is symbolic of stability, groundedness and nurturing while the Ether is symbolic of space, stillness and cosmic power. Since Silver aura color pertains to both spiritual and physical growth, it is an important aura color or energy to be studied.

Interested in exploring Silver aura meaning in detail? Read this Silver aura guide to know everything about Silver aura color meaning, effects and personality. Learn about Silver aura people and know what does it mean to have a Silver aura around. 

What Does A SilverAura Mean?

Silver Aura Color Key Meanings

Silver Aura Color Effects

Growth, abundance, opulence, mystery

Motivates, awakens spiritually, enhances confidence and creativity

Silver Aura Meaning

Silver aura is the color of abundance and wisdom. In physical and spiritual sense, Silver aura means waking up to cosmic intellect. It signifies opulence and is a sign of growth and upliftment. When a person is surrounded by a Silver aura it means he/she is going through a period of excitement and stimulation. They feel brimming with creativity and imagination and experience great progress in every aspect of life. 

As per psychic experts, Silver aura symbolizes mystery. It indicates secrets that bring happiness when revealed later. The aura color offers a higher level of sensitivity in the person. It acts as a guiding light and allows people to detect intentions or ill motives before it can be discerned. 

Moreover, the aura, Silver color, means enlightenment and awareness. It shows learning from experiences and applying the lessons in the right manner. The aura also symbolizes feminine power and magic. It bestows real psychic powers and is indicative of feminine intuitive wisdom. 

For women, Silver aura has special significant meanings. It signifies pregnancy and often surrounds the women when they are pregnant or will be. Like Pink Aura color, Silver aura also signals the best time to conceive or plan to start a family.

Different Silver Aura Color Shades and Their Meanings

Silver aura color changes according to its shades. Here are the different Silver color shades and their meanings in a quick view.

Shades of Silver Aura Color

Silver Aura Color Range Meanings

Bright Silver Aura

Nurturing, and intuitive 

Muddy Silver Aura

Health issues and accumulation of fear in body

Dirty Silver aura (Gray overlay)

Blocked energy, skepticism, reluctance

  • Dark Silver Aura: If your aura is dark silver or dark gray, it means you are surrounded by fears. It indicates serious health ailments and illness due to it. This silver aura shade can be mostly seen at body parts that are affected with any physical ailment. 
  • Bright Silver Aura: Bright Silver aura means plenty of money. It is indicative of intuitive abilities and nurturing powers. Having Bright Silver aura signifies that you are brimming with new ideas and thoughts. 
  • Dirty Silver Aura: Dirty Gray overlay pertains to blocked energy. It represents a guarded spirit and speaks of pessimism and doubts. People having this shade of Silver aura color are unwilling and unenthusiastic about their goals. 

Silver Aura Personality: What Does It Mean to Have a Silver Aura?

Is the color of your aura silver? If yes, then you are blessed with an amazing Silver aura personality. Read below what does it mean if you have a Silver aura personality.

Silver Aura Personality

 You are gifted with great psychic abilities and can communicate with spirits easily. You are highly intuitive and have a strong sense of awareness about your surroundings. You are a sensitive person and have a comforting nature towards the emotionally weak or meek people. You can easily adapt to any environment and play different roles as per the situation. 

Being a Silver aura person, you have a strong spiritual understanding. Your faith is unshaken and you inspire people to move forward. You are blessed with healing powers and thus can easily help people identify their fears, insecurities and even hidden potentials. You can see through the future and have a better understanding and perspective about everything. 

Silver aura color makes you sharp, disciplined and highly determined. You think of your head and don’t get carried away by emotions in difficult times. As compared to other aura personalities, it is easier for you to pay attention to details and find solutions to problems. Since growth is directly connected to the aura of Silver color, you are blessed with abundance of wealth, intelligence and attractiveness. 

You are bestowed with leadership qualities. Your high intellect allows you to pick up things that often others miss. You have strong decisive abilities and thus make better choices in life. As lovers or friends, having a Silver aura makes you a loyal and supportive companion. You show honesty, kindness and thoughtfulness in your relationships. 

At work, you as a Silver aura person displays great efficiency and hard work. You motivate people and share your knowledge with your coworkers. Your amazing teaching abilities make you a wonderful employee. You leave a mark at everything without any flair and spotlight. Especially, when it comes to growth and development, you are never shy to take chances that lead to change or improve your life. 

Here are some positive and negative aspects of having a Silver color aura.

Positive Silver Personality Traits

  • Adaptable
  • Divine connection
  • Spiritual
  • Enlightened
  • Balanced
  • Intelligent
  • Creative
  • Imaginative
  • Good Teaching ability
  • Intuitive
  • Loyal
  • Hard working and focused
  • Decisive
  • Philanthropist
  • Artistic
  • Graceful

Negative Silver Personality Traits

  • Insincere
  • Dreamer
  • Pessimist
  • Indecisive
  • Stagnated

Is Silver Color Aura Good or Bad?

Aura color doesn't remain the same. It changes every day and thus has different effects over the individuals based on their intensity and shades. If you have a clear and bright Silver aura, then it means you are guided by the spirits and everything that is blocking your way will get eliminated. Whereas, if you have the darker or muddy shades of this aura color, then it means you need to contemplate your ways as your inner fears and insecurities are restricting you from moving forward. 

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