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What Is Red Aura - Its Color, Meaning, And Effects On Personality

19 Oct, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

What Is Red Aura - Its Color, Meaning, And Effects On Personality

19 Oct, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

Aura is the energy field that surrounds the physical body of any being. These auras are given colors to determine the intensity of energy, and each color of the aura has a special meaning which constitutes the personality of that aura bearer. Today, we will focus on the red aura to understand how different shades of red represent different red aura color meanings.

So let's get to it without much delay. Anyway, for your information, it is the most commonly seen aura color among all.

Red Aura Meaning

If you have been wondering about what does it mean to have a red aura, you should know, it is the one that shows the bearer's connection with the physical world. It is a clear indication that people having red aura are very well aware of the world around them and are clever enough to make the most out of it. This association of the red aura bearer with the material reality justifies the connection of the red aura with the root chakra, which is the first and foremost chakra that we develop.

Red aura color also represents courage, passion, and physical energy which is why the individuals bearing a red energy aura are mostly impulsive and action-oriented. These are only two of the many personality traits of a red aura bearer. But we will gain in-depth knowledge about this in the next section of this blog.

Red Aura Personality

Red Aura Color Meaning and Personality

Red is the color that shows many emotions where anger and love are the most common ones. People having a red aura personality are actually the living examples to see this. They are passionate lovers and hothead individuals. But this is not it, and there is more when we associate red aura meaning to personalities. In fact, what shade of red they have in their energy field makes a huge difference. So, let's see them individually as it will be more fun.

Cherry Or Bright Red Aura Meaning

People having this shade of red for their aura are considered to be the most energetic souls. They are eager and ready to do anything. This makes them brilliant members of any team. Moreover, their extraordinary work is appreciated by everyone, thus making them great leaders.

Blood Or Dark Red Aura Meaning

Now, if you are looking for the dark red aura meaning, you should know these people are considered to be really angry. It can be said that they do not need a reason to get into a fight with someone, and this even includes road rages. They do not always require an external stimulus to burn their head up and are very argumentative.

These two distinguished personality traits sum up the basic meaning of different red aura colors. Moreover, whatever aura color they have, one thing that cannot be questioned about their personality is their brilliance at manifesting their dreams. It is also called the red aura effect. This works for and against them, depending on the intentions they have.

So this is all about the personality traits of bright and deep red aura. Now let's move ahead to know a little more about the red auras.

Red Color Aura Layer

There are seven aura layers that surround our body. Each layer has an exclusive connection with one of the seven chakras. This basically depicts what will be the function of our aura and how it will impact us.

Here let's keep our focus on answering the question 'what is a red aura?'

Red aura is associated with the physical layer and root chakra located at the bottom of the spine. This layer represents the five primary senses and ensures good health for the red aura bearer. It becomes active while resting and, in a way, vanishes during the state of consciousness.

Other layers above the physical layer, for your reference, are the sacral layer, emotional layer, astral layer, spiritual layer, intuitional layer, and absolute layer.

This is all about the meaning of the red color aura and on what level it impacts the personality. But to utilize this information in the most beneficial ways, one has to have psychic abilities to know their aura. Here it becomes essentially important to understand how these auras can be read.

Reading Auras

During the early times, aura reading was done by experts who specialized in this esoteric practice. But now, with the advancement of technology, it has become as simple as clicking a picture. Yes literally! Now the red aura or any other aura color of people can be identified by getting their snapshot with a camera designed especially for this purpose. They are the ones that catch the vibrational frequencies surrounding the subject.

Now, you only have to put in your efforts to interpret the meaning of your aura. Eventually, you can utilize the information gained in the best possible way for your benefit.


This is all you need to know about the red color aura meaning and how it impacts your personality. If you still have any questions regarding red aura and how it affects your life, book a psychic reading session with our expert astrologers and get all your answers in no time.

The practice of reading people's aura is not as common as other psychic practices. However, it sure is a subtle and convenient method of improving the quality of your life.

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