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Different Types of Psychic Abilities - All Psychic Powers List

05 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Different Types of Psychic Abilities - All Psychic Powers List

05 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Psychic reading is a popular source of guidance and advice. With the help of trusted psychics online, one may easily unravel their future and discover the foreseen possibilities. However, there are various things that are still unknown about psychic power networks and psychic reading. One such thing is the psychic abilities of psychic readers. 

Psychic ability is the ability to tap into the energy of an individual to see things about their past, present and future. There are different types of psychic abilities that are exhibited by psychic readers. These abilities differ from one person to another and are developed by great meditation and spiritual rituals. In this post, you may learn about the different types of real psychic powers and the signs of psychic abilities that are possessed by psychic readers. 

List of Psychic Abilities

All psychic abilities are different and unique. However, there are seven psychic abilities that are mostly seen in psychic readers. Check out the different types of psychic powers and learn about the way of developing psychic powers. 

1. Clairvoyance

  • Ability to See

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things of the past, present and future of an individual. There are various psychic readers who exhibit clairvoyance abilities. They possess the “third eye” or the Mind’s eye which allows them to see things presented in the future. They develop their clairvoyant ability through meditation and spiritual practices. By developing this psychic power, they become able to see things such as people, scenes, places, objects, spirits, symbols and colors. 

2. Clairaudience

  • Ability to Hear

This is the ability to hear things. This may be a message from the spiritual world or anything that is shared by the guardian angel. It is believed that in psychic readings messages are being transmitted from mind to mind. This may be felt like nondescript voice calls or mixed voices heard in radio audio. 

3. Clairempathy

  • Ability to sense emotions

Clairempathy is the real psychic ability to sense emotions. People with such psychic ability can feel the emotions or feelings of an individual. Some psychic readers also can feel spirits dwelling in people. Psychic readers with this ability can feel the happiness, joy, pride, elation, anger and fear of the people and can predict the intentions of people with their Clairempathy psychic power. 

4. Clairsentience

  • Ability to sense feelings

Clairsentience is the ability to predict possibilities with intuition. People with this type of psychic ability have an evolved sense of gut feelings. They may sense dangers and foreseen challenges or opportunities by sensing them before. Such psychic readers can feel both positive and negative emotions owing to their inner instincts. For developing psychic abilities like this, one needs to meditate and practice psychic readings regularly. 

5. Clairalience

  • Ability to smell

Clairalience is a very unique psychic power to smell an odour or fragrance. Psychic readers with this ability can smell the odour transmitted by the spirit. As per Psychic reading, when the people around cannot sense any odour, then it can be related to spirits who may be sending the messages such as the smell of cigarettes or pipes of tobacco.

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6. Clairgustance

  • Ability to taste

This type of psychic ability allows the reader to taste the essence that is transmitted by the spirit. It is believed that a spirit can transfer the character or behavior to people and sometimes it influences their sense of flavor. This is usually because of something that the spirit liked or loved when it was in a body. 

7. Clairtangency

  • Ability to Touch

Also referred to as Psychometry, this type of psychic ability involves the power to receive messages by touching or holding objects. During psychic reading by using this power, the object should be personal. It should have the vibration of the owner in the composition or material of the item. Psychic readers may use the object to see, hear or feel situations that are experienced by the person. 

8. Cartomancy

  • Ability to predict using cards

Cartomancy is the psychic ability to predict the future with the help of a deck of cards. Cartomancers or such psychic readers draw the cards from the deck and interpret the images and symbols on the card to provide solutions to the problems. They use their intuitive powers and also relate the situations of an individual to predict the foreseen possibilities. Usually, cartomancy uses tarot cards to make predictions and offer guidance to the people. 

9. Telepathy

  • Ability to communicate

This is a unique psychic power that renders the readers the power to communicate without words. Due to this ability, psychic readers can communicate through thoughts. They can share their messages with others mentally eliminating the need for physical interaction. Although developing this psychic ability is possible with meditation and spiritual practices, it is rare to find a telepathy psychic reader. 

10. Mediumship

  • Ability to communicate with spirits. 

This psychic ability allows the person to communicate with dead spirits. It makes the psychic reader a medium to communicate between dead and living beings. With this ability, psychic readers can attain any information and predict the foreseen possibilities related to the spirit. However, the evidence of having this psychic ability and exhibiting it is very less and rare.

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Psychic abilities are very beneficial for predicting the future and unveiling the information that is hidden at present. It can offer solutions to your problems and can give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. If you are looking for guidance and answers to the most pressing questions of your life, you should consult the psychic readers that are genuine and experienced.

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