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What Are Aura Readings And Different Aura Meanings?

01 Oct, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

What Are Aura Readings And Different Aura Meanings?

01 Oct, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

Aura is a commonly used word these days. I would rather say, misused! More often than not, it is synonymously used with the vibe of anything, living or nonliving. This makes you misunderstand your aura's meaning and how it can actually be used for your benefit. The first thing you must know is that aura is only for living things. And it is not limited to just humans when we say living beings. Anything that has life has an aura.

Today, I will tell you the true meaning of aura and how it can impact your aura personality. We will also know a fascinating concept of aura photography.

So let's get started and understand different aura meanings.

Aura Meaning

Aura is the spiritual energy field covering the physical body, which cannot be seen with naked eyes. It requires practice and patience to be able to see people's aura. This was the situation at least back in time. However, now, with the advancement of technology, there are the most convenient ways in our range to read auras. One of the most used ones is aura photo reading. We'll see what it is in detail in the later sections of this blog. But the point here is that now we only have to put in our efforts in decoding the meaning of different auras and make meaningful interpretations. This takes us to our next topic, aura reading.

What Is Aura Reading?

We know that there is specific energy that surrounds our body that depicts the emotional and psychological state. But how do we know who owns what kind of aura? Well, it's as easy as playing with colors. Quite literally! Every person is blessed with different colored auras which represent their mood and energies. An aura reader is the one who decodes the meaning of these colors while relating it with other factors. This is used to depict one's overall aura personality and their current mental and emotional state. So now, are you curious to know which are these colors and what are their primary meanings? Let's get an overview for your reference.

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Different Aura Meanings

Different Aura Meanings

Let's quickly understand what is aura meaning in regards to their colors.

Blue Aura

Blue aura is indicative of communication and expression. It is related to the throat chakra, where it is believed that the intensity of the color is inversely proportional to the aura bearer's peace.

Purple Aura

Purple is the color that belongs to the divine powers. In the aura reading practice, it is related to the higher self and dreams of an individual. It also indicates the desire to do something for the greater good.

Green Aura

Green is the color that is connected with the heart chakra. Green aura depicts a strong connection with the self. It also indicates that the bearer has a brilliant sense of love and empathy.

Yellow Aura

Yellow aura is associated with the solar plexus chakra. It is a clear indication of happiness, joy, and motivation. People with yellow auras are brilliant at encouraging others.

White Aura

White aura is the rarest of all. It shows the bearer's connection with the higher realm. This is something that is not an easy thing to achieve. It establishes a direct relationship with the higher frequencies.

Red Aura

Red aura is the aura color that is connected to the root chakra. It shows a deep understanding and acceptance of the physical world, thus making its bearers fearless individuals.

Pink Aura

Pink aura has its association with the heart chakra. It shows a deep sense of love which can melt the heart of even the most stubborn person. It also depicts brilliant intuitive abilities.

Black Aura

Black aura is indicative of the collected and lingering emotions that may affect an individual's health adversely. It may also mean some energies related to a past life.

Indigo Aura

Indigo aura has its connection with the third eye chakra. Individuals having this type of aura are mostly blessed with the power of seeing things before they occur. Also, they are amazingly empathetic.

Violet Aura

This aura is related to the crown chakra, which indicates strong intuitive and psychic powers. It is also considered the wisest of all colors, thus making its bearers more intelligent than others.

This is just an overview of the aura color meanings. But that information is more than enough for you to move ahead to the next topic, which is aura photography.

Aura Photo Reading

Aura photography is literally the practice of capturing the aura of an individual in a picture. It is done by specific cameras that can catch and present the aura colors in a photograph. If you have this question, 'what does my aura mean?' in your mind, getting an aura photo reading is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It also identifies the various body parts showing these colors, thus helping the aura readers get more specific and accurate interpretations. Here, please understand that knowing just the meanings of these primary aura colors does not make you an aura reader. Many things are considered while analyzing one's aura.


This is all about the meanings of auras of different colors. Here, rather than being experimentative in seeing your aura and reaching the wrong conclusion, ask a trusted psychic. They have expertise in seeing people's auras that can get you the most authentic interpretations.

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