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Zodiac Elements: A Guide To Zodiac Signs And Their Elements

28 Jan, 2022 by Aditi Gupta

Zodiac Elements: A Guide To Zodiac Signs And Their Elements

28 Jan, 2022 by Aditi Gupta

Do astrology facts excite you? Do you have any interest in astrology? If you have ever studied a little about it then you must be having a clue about 12 Zodiac Signs. And to your surprise, the wheel of Zodiac signs is further divided into 4 zodiac elements: earth, fire, air, and water. Each element is attributed to 3 signs. Zodiac grouped under the same element usually shares a few traits and values with each other.

It is very important to have a little knowledge about astrology elements as they are responsible for how an individual reacts during various situations. Therefore they are known as the foundation of your life. You can gain deeper insight into yourself by knowing which zodiac elements rule you. 

This blog will give you an overview of zodiac signs and their elements. If you want to know which zodiac is ruled by which element then you dive into this post.

Zodiac Signs and Elements

Each element consists of 3 Zodiac signs. Natives grouped under the same element share similar values and qualities. You can know about the signs and their elements via the Zodiac element chart mentioned below:

Zodiac Element Chart:

Fire Element Zodiac

Earth Element Zodiac

Air Element Zodiac

Water Element Zodiac













Zodiac Signs and Their Elements

Fire Signs Zodiac (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Natives born under the fire element are said to be passionate, impulsive, and temperamental. Fire element Zodiac is also a yang element that embodies masculinity in it. 

The fire signs in a relationship are intense lovers and go after their object of affection with passion. It could not be more true for fire signs that a flame that is twice as bright burns half as long. Taking their time in love is important for these natives so they don't burn out.

When it comes to balancing their finances, fire sign natives are most likely to go with their gut while making any monetary decision. Although these folks have a good understanding of balancing their income and savings but their impulsive nature can make them a spendthrift. This can lead to financial instability at times. To overcome these financial instabilities you can ask an Astrologer for various remedial solutions. 

Overall, the Fire zodiac is fun-loving and energetic and this is why they enjoy sports and various other physical activities. They have a competitive spirit which makes them adapt to dynamic situations. 

Earth Sign Zodiac (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The energy radiated by the elements of the earth is tangible, physical, and sensual. Earth sign is believed to exude a yin feminine energy just like the water sign. Earth sign Zodiac is said to be the most grounded and steadiest bunch of people.

Earth signs become dependable lovers in a relationship and are driven by their instincts and senses. These natives are attracted by the luxuries of life. On the same side, they are also good at managing their budgets. They are wise thinkers who keep a long-term vision about investments and returns.

As far as their health and well-being are concerned, they are very consistent with their routine. They love to work out on a daily basis. These natives like to be productive in life and also involve in projects which can help them in growing.

Dealing with hardships in your career? You can talk to astrologer and get the remedial solutions accordingly.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air element radiates energy which is cerebral, mental, and communicative. Master communicators, air signs are known for their intellectual abilities. These people are highly goal-oriented and have innovative ideas. If you ever run out of innovative and brilliant ideas, reach out to these Air Signs Zodiac

When it comes to their love life or relationship, they only feel connected to their soulmate by establishing effective communication. These free-spirited natives like to take slow steps in their relationship rather than rushing into it. 

These folks are very good at dealing with technologies. This helps them in operating their financial apps well. Just like the fire signs, they can also be the impulsive spendthrifts but they spend on their social life like going out with friends or partying. They are highly sociable people which makes them the life of party and thus these natives can also be known as one of the most attractive Zodiac sign elements.

Water Sign Zodiac (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Water sign Zodiac are known as emotional and borderline psychics. Natives ruled by this element are sensitive and tend to take everything on their hearts. They value their family and relationships. 

In addition, these individuals have a strong sense of intuition and can pick up on others' emotions easily, although they are also mysterious by nature. However, they are not always willing to reveal they're true feelings.

Lastly, water signs can be very attached to their partners in a relationship that they start idealizing them. These natives are not fine with the casual things. They take their relationship very seriously and often end up hurting themselves.

If you are also dealing with relationship issues, feel free to chat with astrologers. These experts can provide you with several ways to tackle the situation.

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