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Virgo Zodiac Sign: Symbol, Personality Traits and Sign Dates

26 Dec, 2023 by Somya

Virgo Zodiac Sign: Symbol, Personality Traits and Sign Dates

26 Dec, 2023 by Somya

About Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo, the fourth sign of the zodiac is the sign of logic, practicality and system. The word Virgo is derived from the Latin language and it means virgin. This word is related to virga , which is basically a young shoot. All the twelve signs in astrology are associated with a natural element. These natural elements are air, earth, water or fire, Virgo is associated with Earth. The Earth sign describes their connection to the material world.

People born with the Virgo star sign are perfectionists. They are kind, gentle and hard working who apply their sincere efforts to manifest a goal. They do not hesitate to apply their consistent efforts to improve their skills. They are curious people who want to know about anything and everything.

The zodiac signs are also assigned with a modality or symbol of expression. These modalities are cardinal, fixed, or mutable. The symbol of expression of Virgo Sun Sign is mutable. The house assigned to Virgo sun sign is sixth and their ruling planet is Mercury. The Mercury as their ruling planet represents communication.

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Symbol of Virgo Sun Sign

Most of the zodiac signs in astrology are depicted by the face of an animal, but Virgo is an exception just like Gemini and Libra. The Virgo sign symbol is guided by The Maiden or Virgin. In the Virgo sign symbol, you can see a bird which is Maiden carrying a shaft of wheat. The Symbol of Virgo or Virgo’s Glyph represents virginity or sexual modesty by the alphabet ‘M’. This ‘M’ figure is curled on itself which shows the Virgo’s ability to distinguish between right and wrong , moral and immoral. 

The ruling planet of the Virgo sign is Mercury. Mercury is represented by a circle with a cross that makes a crescent. The circle represents the spirit, the cross signifies the matter, the combination of them i.e. the crescent symbolizes communication and reception. 

Virgo Dates

The twelve zodiac signs in modern astrology are assigned to individuals according to their birthdays. These sun signs of modern astrology are divided according to date and month of a year. The Virgo birth month is from August to September. Virgo horoscope dates fall between August 23 to September 22.

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Facts About Virgo Zodiac Sign:-

  • Element of Virgo zodiac sign- Earth
  • Nature of Virgo- Negative
  • The planet which rules the Virgo sun sign- Mercury
  • House which rules Virgo sign- Sixth
  • Quality of Virgo zodiac sign- Mutable
  • The flower associated - Marigold and Sunflower
  • Most Love compatible with- Cancer
  • Gem for fortune- Peridot
  • Lucky Color- Silver

Virgo- Core Personality Traits

Intelligent, sophisticated and generous are the three words that perfectly describe a Virgo zodiac personality. Virgos are hard workers who complete their job dedicatedly without complaining about it. They are great planners who like to plan everything from their vacations to their whole life, it gives them a sense of control and completion. 

Individuals born with Virgo birth dates are passionate lovers who do not leave a single chance to make their partner feel special. They may look shy from their exterior personality but they are generous and passionate lovers from inside. 

One aspect of their personality is loyalty. They are extremely responsible and loyal about other people’s feelings. It is difficult to earn a Virgo’s trust but if you manage to do it, they will never leave you alone in your hardships. They are extremely particular about their plans and if someone spoils it, it infuriates them. 

Individuals born with Virgo birthdays are admirers of beautiful things. Virgo zodiac personalities take extreme care of what they are wearing or how they are presenting themselves to the world. Perfection in their work, home as well as life works as a fuel for their happiness. 

Virgos are intelligent and avid learners. They are curious about learning new things. They keep a balance between their social and personal life. They are hard working individuals who keep applying efforts to do their best.

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Virgo- Strengths They Are Born With 

The biggest strengths a Virgo personality is born with is grace, harmony and urge to make things better. Virgo has an obsession of transforming things to make them better because they know that nothing is perfect in this Universe but it can become better if one applies their sincere efforts. Virgo zodiac personalities are filled with smartness and curiosity. Their friends call them encyclopedia due to their passion of getting knowledge about anything and everything.

Challenges Virgo Might Face

Virgo zodiac personalities have an itch to make everything perfect. Sometimes when they cannot transform something according to their unrealistic expectation, they become frustrated and disappointed. The other challenge individuals with Virgo birthdays face is wastage of time and energy. Due to their obsession with perfection, they take forever to complete even a simple job. They cannot settle for less and this is the biggest challenge for them.

Hidden Weapon of Virgo

Virgos are blessed with the secret weapon of unmatched hard work. Once they set their eye on their goal, they do not stop until they manifest it. Virgo zodiac personality is also very creative and artistic. They love art and craft and decoration projects. They are also great cheerleaders who inspire people around them to give their best. They work hard to manifest their goals and successfully set themselves as an example for everyone else.

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Positive Traits of Virgo Personality

Some positive traits of people who are born in Virgo Sun Sign are:-

  • Virgos are extremely hard working, they aren’t afraid to devote their sincere time and efforts to manifest their goal. They can work for day and night to include perfection in their work.
  • Virgo zodiac personalities are very creative and artistic. They are very much passionate about recreational activities like art, music, dance and writing. 
  • Virgos are the most reliable and responsible people you will ever meet. They do not take their responsibilities lightly, they apply their sincere efforts to their work no matter how small or huge it is. 
  • They are blessed with great patience. They believe in quality rather than quantity. If their subordinates ask time from them to improve, they never deny them. 
  • Virgos are filled with affection and humbleness. They are very kind towards others and do not hesitate once to offer their help if someone needs it.

Negative Traits of Virgo Personality

Some negative traits of people who are born in Virgo Sun Sign are:-

  • Virgos are extremely hard working and perfectionsists but their over expectations can make them judgemental and critical towards people who do not live up to their expectations.
  • As a Virgo zodiac personality applies all their efforts and time to manifest their goal, they can be extremely stubborn especially when it comes to changing their ways or mind regarding any project. Due to their extreme dedication, they think they know everything and resist to accept someone else’s suggestions. 
  • They are overthinkers as well. They keep their mind engaged almost all the time thinking about their relationships or their projects. This overthinking can even take a toll on their mind and make them paranoid. 
  • They are extremely picky about their ways and plans.
  • One aspect of Virgo’s personality is worrying. They keep bothering about things or people and in this restlessness, they destroy their own peace.


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