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Most To Least Attractive Zodiac Signs As Per Astrology

18 Aug, 2023 by Parita Soni

Most To Least Attractive Zodiac Signs As Per Astrology

18 Aug, 2023 by Parita Soni

"She is not so good looking, but definitely has something in her that attracts everyone" have you ever said this for anyone. As per astrology, the placement of stars and planets not only shapes our personalities but also depicts the charm and physical appearance. Thus, a Zodiac can derive magnificence and unique qualities of an individual. So, it is not wrong to say that we can predict the most attractive Zodiac Signs as per the date of birth of an individual.

In this blog, we shall learn about the most to least attractive zodiac signs, ranked as per the vedic astrology

What Zodiac Sign is The Most Attractive

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Most To Least Attractive Zodiac Signs


Scorpio is the most physically attractive zodiac sign in the hierarchy. They have a natural appeal that draws everyone towards them and are known to have magnetic and intense personalities. For some reason, you will experience them carrying a mystery, the depth that brings them an aura and makes them the center point in any environment. The Scorpions possess an unshakable confidence that adds to their charisma. Moreover, their intense eyes almost makes anybody irresistible to acknowledge their presence. 

most attractive zodiac signs scorpio

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The elegant Libras have set their position gracefully among the top 5 most attractive zodiac signs females and males. Venus, the planet of beauty and love, rules this zodiac sign and hence are innately sensitive to aesthetics. Their overall behavior reflects the symmetry they possess. Moreover, their ability to harmonize with their surroundings is related with their adherence to impartiality and righteousness, which adds to their attractiveness and magnetism and makes them among the most attractive zodiac sign woman and man.

most attractive zodiac signs libra

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Just like the regal lion that symbolizes the Leos, these natives possess confidence and achieve attention. They are naturally blessed to steal the spotlight and leave an everlasting impression to anyone they meet. The physical traits of strong jawline and expressive eyes of the natives boosts their chances to be among the top 5 most attractive zodiac signs male - female. Moreover their personality gets elevated due to their intrinsic generosity and determined loyalty, creating a magnetic appeal.

most attractive zodiac signs leo

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Taurus is another most attractive star sign and is ranked fourth. These natives hold a unique charm due to their directing presence and natural sensuality. Their personal style and appearance reflect their deep appreciation for the finer aspects of life. Their alluring charm is a result of their cultivated conduct and uncompromising reliability, making them stand among the most attractive zodiac sign man woman.

most attractive zodiac signs taurus

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Pisces hold the fifth position in the most physically attractive zodiac sign female male. The governing Neptune, the planet of invention and mysticism, blesses them with reflective charm. These natives instantly establish a connection with you by their kindness and compassion and when you look in their eyes, you will find them holding a whole world of emotions. They undeniably possess an alluring charm that results from their creative inclinations and the power to form deep connections.

most attractive zodiac signs pisces

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The Zodiac Cancer claims the sixth spot in the most attractive zodiac sign female & male. You will find these natives possessing a protective and nurturing aura, which adds to their attractiveness. They can form strong bonds owing to their emotional depth, thus making them emotionally appealing. Their ultimate caring, dedication and tenacious support surpasses the beauty of these natives and gets them the tag of most physically attractive zodiac sign male female. 

most attractive zodiac signs cancer

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Aries secures the seventh position in the most attractive zodiac sign man and woman. You will mark these natives by their assertiveness, dynamic energy, and naturally magnetic charisma. Their contagious enthusiasm and unapologetic confidence makes them the most attractive zodiac sign male female. They hold much readiness when it comes to taking risks or having straightforward approaches to life and enhancing their charm.

most attractive zodiac signs aries

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In the most to least attractive zodiac signs, Sagittarius natives secure the eighth position. Their expansive minds and adventurous spirit makes these natives hold a compelling appeal. You will find these captivatingly alluring natives having an open and candid nature blended well with their intellectual inclinations and optimistic outlook. Also, these individuals like to gain new experiences and explore, which further adds to their attractiveness.

most attractive zodiac signs sagittarius

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Mercury rules Gemini, positioned ninth in the most attractive star signs. The fascinating intellect of Gemini is a source of magnetic enticement. Moreover, their humor, versatility, and power to have compelling conversations make them intellectually captivating. Another add-on to their attractiveness is their exceptional adaptability and curiosity-driven approach to life. 

most attractive zodiac signs gemini

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Capricorns capture the tenth spot among the most attractive zodiac signs male and female, owing to their strong ambition and work ethic. Their relentless endeavor and organized nature is something that contributes to their charm and draws everyone to them. Their efforts are paired with practicality and reliability, thus amplifying their attractiveness even more. 

most attractive zodiac signs capricorn

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These natives secure the eleventh position most attractive male zodiac sign also among most attractive zodiac sign woman. Aquarius holds a unique charm, thanks to their unconventional perspective on life and natural ability to view beyond the ordinary. They are compelling due to their creative thinking and selfless nature and add up to being more alluring because of the intellectual connections they establish.

most attractive zodiac signs aquarius

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The Virgos, ruled by Mercury, grab the last position among the most physically attractive zodiac sign. These natives hold a subtle elegance which results from their thorough attention to detail. Their practical nature and analytical minds make them intellectually appealing, further enhanced by their generosity and readiness to help others.

most attractive zodiac signs virgo

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Wrapping Up

Each individual is born with a unique attribute, and you can see not only the top 5 most attractive zodiac signs females and males, but all others too excel in something to be proud of. However, let us also recall that the question of this influence in making the individuals rank in the most attractive zodiac signs is still debatable and each being is born with a quality bound to attract other beings towards them. Furthermore, true attractiveness is the outcome of inner and external qualities that helps to maintain relationships.

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