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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Symbol, Dates and Core Personality Traits

04 May, 2021 by Somya

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Symbol, Dates and Core Personality Traits

04 May, 2021 by Somya

About Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius, the ninth sign in the zodiac is the sign of adventure, wisdom, independence and outspokenness. The word Sagittarius comes from latin word “Sagitta” which means an arrow. It was inspired by Chiron and he is also the symbol of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Chiron was a centaur whose physical appearance was of half horse and half human. He was the child of God Titan and a Nymph. He was kind, nurturing and knowledgeable. 

In astrology, there are a total twelve sun signs including Sagittarius zodiac sign. These signs are connected with four pious elements which are the foundation of life. These are air, water, fire and earth. The Sagittarius sun sign is associated with Fire.

Person born with the Sagittarius star sign is also called Saggitarian. A part of the traits of Sagittarius zodiac personality is compassion. Sagittarius zodiac sign is very kind and compassionate and offers their emotional support to anyone who needs it. Just like an experienced archer, their arrow always hits the target as they are filled with intelligence and determination. 

In modern astrology, twelve zodiac signs are associated with a polarity or a modality. This modality is a symbol of expression for any zodiac sign personality. The polarity of Sagittarius zodiac sign is Mutable. The fire in its element describes its passionate personality. The mutable as its polarity represents its adaptability and perfection. 

Symbol of Sagittarius Sun Sign

Most of the zodiac signs in astrology are depicted by the face of an animal but Sagittarius zodiac sign is an exception. The Sagittarius sun sign symbol is guided by an Archer or Centaur. The Symbol of Sagittarius or Sagittarius’s Glyph represents aiming for a heavenly ideal which is at higher position and philosophy. It also represents having an optimistic attitude. These all are depicted by an upward pointing arrow. The Sagittarius symbol signifies connection of this zodiac sign with wisdom and honesty. 

The ruling planet of the Sagittarius sign is Jupiter. Jupiter is represented by the crescent and a cross. This crescent is receptive and the cross is connected to matter. It signifies our awareness which goes way beyond the physical world and motivates us to expand our boundaries and use our full potential. 

Sagittarius Dates

The twelve zodiac signs in modern astrology are bifurcated according to dates and months. These sun signs are assigned to a particular individual according to his/her birthday. The Sagittarius birth month is from November to December. Sagittarius horoscope dates fall between November 23 to December 21.

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Facts About Sagittarius Zodiac Sign:-

  • Element of Sagittarius zodiac sign- Fire
  • Nature of Sagittarius- Positive
  • The planet which rules the Sagittarius sun sign- Jupiter
  • House which rules Sagittarius sign- Ninth
  • Quality of Sagittarius zodiac sign- Mutable
  • The flower associated - Crocuses and Carnations
  • Most Love compatible with- Aries Zodiac Sign
  • Gem for fortune- Topaz
  • Lucky Color- Light Blue

Sagittarius- Core Personality Traits

Sagittarius is the most honest sign in the zodiac. Individuals born with the Sagittarius zodiac sign are dedicated to uncovering truth . They are honest individuals and expect the same from others.

Sagittarius zodiac personalities are independent and determined individuals. They are natural born leaders who move according to their own plans and strategies without waiting for anyone’s approval. Due to their curiosity, they are adventurous and they love exploring their mind on a deeper level. They love to explore new places and travel independently. They often get inspired from a nice book or movie and try to push their limits.

Individuals born with Sagittarius sun signs are open hearted individuals. They offer their kindness and generosity to needy people. On the negative side, they are truthful and end up hurting people by presenting truth without showing empathy. They are also loyal secret keepers, you can trust a Sagittarius with your smallest to even darkest secrets. Sagittarius zodiac personalities are also upfront individuals, who present their thoughts and beliefs clearly without beating around the bush. 

When in a relationship, Individuals born with Sagittarius sun signs are adventurous and down to new experiences. Due to their honesty, they can't ignore the signs that show that their relationship is not working anymore. They move on from a relationship very easily if it is not serving them and end up hurting the sentiments of their respective partners. Also, you cannot emotionally blackmail a Sagittarius personality.

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Sagittarius- Strengths They Are Born With 

The biggest strength a Sagittarius personality is born with is finding their way even if they are alone. Individuals born in Sagittarius birth month can recognize even those potential opportunities that others struggle hard to see. They can easily rationalize ideas unlike others. Sagittarius believe in themselves and they do not need approval of others to feel confident on any topic. Even if everyone in the room is unsure or insecure about any move, they know exactly what to do and they fearlessly start working in that direction.

Challenges Sagittarius Might Face

Sagittarius zodiac personalities sometimes struggle to get along with others. They are blunt people who put their own needs above everyone else. Sometimes, when they need to compromise their values and beliefs in order to save the group, they hesitate to do it. They like to move ahead independently and forget the fact that being a part of the group proves to be more helpful in most of the cases. Although they are adept at completing tasks independently, doing the same task in a group can help them to finish that task smartly and in a timely manner as well as while having fun.

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Hidden Weapon of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is blessed with the secret weapon of independence. Although this secret weapon is unknown to most people, Sagittarius zodiac personality likes to spend alone time in their own company. This time helps them to connect more with their inner self. They use this time to reboot themselves. While other people get irritated when they are left alone, Sagittarius zodiac personality loves it and uses this time for self pampering. They also do not wait for approval, opinion or advice of others for getting surety about their moves. 

Positive Traits of Sagittarius Personality

Some positive traits of people who are born in Sagittarius Sun Sign are:-

  • Individuals born with the Sagittarius sun sign have a great sense of independence. They like to trail their own paths and listen to only themselves when it comes to pursue their goals. They set their own timeline and work in that direction according to their own strategies.
  • Their extraordinary emotional intelligence is a very attractive trait. They perceive more than what eyes can see and due to this trait , they are great philosophers and pure souls. They stand firm emotionally for their friends and loved ones and work as a life coach and emotional support if they are in problem.
  • The Sagittarius sign is one of the most compassionate signs in the zodiac. Sagittarians are open to new experiences, they are compassionate about other people’s situations and that is why they merge in any new group very easily. They remain warm and generous towards other people and make efforts to ensure other people’s well being.
  • One of a kind trait of Sagittarius zodiac personality is their truthfulness. They value truthfulness and integrity in their lives and expect others to reciprocate in the same manner. 
  • Just like a Sagittarius sign symbol which is an archer, Sagittarius personality is a hunter of knowledge. They are extremely curious and intelligent people who want to know all the details. They love new experiences as it soothes their curiosity.

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Negative Traits of Sagittarius Personality

Some negative traits of people who are born in Sagittarius Sun Sign are:-

  • Due to their independent approach, Sagittarius zodiac personality cannot work in a group efficiently. Sometimes they struggle to take orders even if they are coming from an authoritative person.
  • Sagittarius sometimes become egoistic due to their over confidence. They think their abilities are best and become sloppy and stubborn if someone offers them help. 
  • Sagittarius cannot take healthy criticism. They also lack humility. 
  • When it comes to their compassion, they think that they should be kind to anyone and everyone. Due to this trait, sometimes people take advantage of them and break their heart. 
  • The sign of arrows is very insensitive. They speak bluntly when it comes to truth without caring about the feelings of others.
  • One thing they struggle with is boredom. They love new experiences and that is why they get bored easily with ongoing tasks and leave them unfinished. This trait applies in their relationships too. When they meet with new people, they tend to ignore their old friends and end up hurting them. 


So, here is a short and crisp insight for people born in Sagittarius birth month. It gives a good glimpse of strengths and weaknesses of Sagittarius zodiac personality, but it is not all. A Zodiac sign can tell you just one aspect of an individual’s personality. For getting a whole analysis of your inner capabilities, abilities, potential goals and future opportunities, you should visit Anytime Astro. At Anytime Astro, our Astro-psychics and Astrologers give an insightful analysis about your inner and outer personality as well as future possibilities on the basis of your personalized birth chart. Chat with a Psychic now!

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