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Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Symbol, Dates and Core Personality Traits

07 May, 2021 by Somya

Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Symbol, Dates and Core Personality Traits

07 May, 2021 by Somya

About Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac is the sign of technology, teamwork and social fairness. The word Aquarius is derived from the Latin language. This word is related to aqua which means water. In contrast, the Aquarius is the air sign. The Air as the element of the Aquarius zodiac sign describes authority and conventionality. 

People born with the Aquarius star sign are innovators. Aquarians like to do things in their own way. They value independence as they are a little bit rebellious by heart. They are revolutionists, friendly, eccentric but also emotionally detached. 

The symbol of expression assigned to the Aquarius out of cardinal, fixed or mutable is Fixed. The Fixed as modality of Aquarius zodiac sign represents stubbornness and enthusiasm. The house assigned to Aquarius is eleventh and their ruling planet is Uranus. The Uranus is the ruler of innovation, technology and unexpected circumstances. It represents non-traditional and distinctive nature of Aquarians. 

Symbol of Aquarius Sun Sign

Most of the zodiac signs in astrology are depicted by the face of an animal, but Aquarius is an exception. The Aquarius sign symbol is guided by the Water Bearer. In the Aquarius sign symbol, you can see water or electricity waves. The Symbol of Aquarius or Aquarius’ Glyph represents the humanitarian nature of this zodiac sign. 

The ruling planet of the Aquarius sign is Uranus. Uranus is represented by a cross over a circle. The circle signifies the spirit and the matter is depicted by cross, the combination of them symbolizes receptivity. Uranus also rules technology.

Aquarius Dates

In modern astrology, there are twelve sun signs including Virgo, Libra, Aquarius etc. These zodiac signs are bifurcated according to birth date and birth month and assigned to individuals according to their birthday. The Aquarius birth month is from January to February. Aquarius horoscope date falls between January 20 to February 18.

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Facts about Aquarius Zodiac Sign:-

  • Element of Aquarius zodiac sign- Air
  • Nature of Aquarius- Positive
  • The planet which rules the Aquarius sun sign- Uranus
  • House which rules Aquarius sign- Eleventh
  • Quality of Aquarius zodiac sign- Fixed
  • The flower associated - Orchid
  • Most Love compatible with- Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
  • Gem for fortune- Amethyst
  • Lucky Color- Sky Blue

Aquarius- Core Personality Traits

Innovative, Independent and Enigmatic are the three words that perfectly describe an Aquarius zodiac personality. Aquarians are innovators of zodiac. It would not be appropriate to generalise their personality because every Aquarian is one of a kind. Even Aquarius’ individuals themselves do not like labels. 

Individuals born with Aquarius birth dates believe that the purpose of their existence is to bring change in the world. They value social justice and work sincerely for it. They are very kind and compassionate individuals who treat others with extreme respect no matter what they are getting in return. 

One aspect of their personality is uniqueness. And, to flourish this uniqueness, freedom is extremely important to them. They have a knack to make the world a better place. They are humanitarians whose ultimate goal is to bring justice and fairness in society. 

Individuals born with Aquarius birth day are people pleasers. They want everyone to be joyful. They walk that extra mile to bring happiness in other people's lives. They are natural leaders as they inspire people with their good deeds and visionary knowledge. Aquarius zodiac personalities are surrounded by friends as they have good communication skills. 

The one of a kind trait of Aquarius zodiac personality is Intuitive power. They believe in their gut feeling and trust it even if it seems odd. They know that their intuition is the best guide they can ever have.

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Aquarius- Strengths They Are Born With 

The biggest strength an Aquarius zodiac personality is born with is Passion. Aquarius are intellectual and analytical but that doesn’t mean they are disinterested. They may think twice before jumping into any new experience but they are also filled with passion. They just take their steps wisely by analyzing pros and cons. They are filled with energy, warmth and a drive to manifest their projects. Aquarians are big picture thinkers who feel that there is a bigger purpose behind their existence. Aquarius zodiac personalities are idealistic individuals.

Challenges Aquarius Might Face

Aquarius zodiac personalities have an itch to change the world. Sometimes they ignore their personal relationships thinking that there are more important things to do. An Aquarian may cancel on a friend, family member or any close one at the last minute even if they need his/her support. Sometimes, individuals born with Aquarius' birthday prioritize any second individual leaving the first one in the middle. It is not their fault, their value system works like this. Avoiding miscommunication is important for avoiding these problems.

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Hidden Weapon of Aquarius

Aquarians are blessed with the secret weapon of belief. They believe in the goodness of other individuals even if others are sceptical about that. Aquarius' zodiac personality is the best cheerleader and emotional supporter. They can easily lighten up the mood of their friends by reminding them of their capabilities which they were unaware of. 

Positive Traits of Aquarius Personality

Some positive traits of people who are born in Aquarius Sun Sign are:-

  • Aquarians are blessed with unmatched ambitious vision. They use their visionary trait not just for shaping their future but also to bring a change in society. They are the environmentalists who actually care for big issues like climate change and poverty.
  • Aquarius zodiac personalities are progressive, compassionate and justice lovers. 
  • They cherish independence not just in their lives but in other people’s lives too. 
  • Aquarians are brilliant minded. They use their unique thinking to solve the problems unbiasedly. They believe that anything is possible. They keep doing brainstorming until they find the solution. 
  • They are the most unique and genuine mates you will ever come across. They are innovative and creative and use these traits to bring better changes in society. 
  • They are extremely artistic and affluent in creative projects like painting and writing.

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Negative Traits of Aquarius Personality

Some negative traits of people who are born in Aquarius Sun Sign are:-

  • People often find Aquarians as cold and insensitive as they have a non emotional way of doing things. They also over analyze anything which makes other people uncomfortable. 
  • Aquarians are condescending. They believe that the truth is the one which they perceive and everything else is false. They are not open to new opinions and ideas.
  • They are overly idealistic as well. They want perfection and if they do not get it, they feel dissatisfied, depressed and frustrated. .
  • One aspect of Aquarius’ personality is unpredictability. One moment they are happy and in another moment they become extremely furious.
  • They struggle with their anger issues. With extreme pressure, they tend to lose their temper and end up having a breakdown.


So, here is a short and crisp insight for people born with Aquarius birthdays. This gives a pretty good view of your personality traits, but it is not all. A sun sign is just one aspect of your inner personality. For getting a whole analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, outer and inner personality, you should visit Anytime Astro. At Anytime Astro, Astropsychics gives an insightful analysis about your compatibility, personality, future opportunities on the basis of your personalized birth chart. Chat with a Psychic now!

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