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Libra Zodiac Sign: Symbol, Dates and Core Personality Traits

30 Apr, 2021 by Somya

Libra Zodiac Sign: Symbol, Dates and Core Personality Traits

30 Apr, 2021 by Somya

About Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac is the sign of balance, romance, and justice. The word Libra is a latin word which means balance. It was inspired by Themis’ scales of Justice. Themis was the Greek representative of law and custom. There are twelve signs in astrology including Libra. These signs are allotted with a natural element like air, fire, earth or water. The Libra sun sign is associated with air. 

Person born with the Libra star sign is called Libran. A part of the traits of Libra zodiac personality is partnership and fairness. Librans are romantic idealists in astrology. They are intelligent, kind and selfless. Libra zodiac sign strives for equality and fair decisions. It believes in the mantra of “give and take”.

The sun signs in astrology are also connected with a cardinal, fixed or mutable polarity which is a zodiac sign’s symbol of expression. The polarity or modality of Libra is cardinal. The air in its element describes its adventurous nature , Libra is adept at making big plans but sometimes manifesting them is a struggle for them. The cardinal as its polarity represents leadership traits and trendsetting qualities. Venus as their ruling planet is the planet of love and beauty. It describes that Libra values beauty in life.

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Symbol of Libra Sun Sign

Most of the zodiac signs in astrology are depicted by the face of an animal but Libra is an exception. Libra is the only sun sign in astrology which is represented by a non living thing which is the Scales. The Symbol of Libra or Libra’s Glyph represents weighed scales of Justice producing balance and harmony. The Libra symbol signifies the connection of this sun sign with equality and fairness. 

The ruling planet of the Cancer sign is Venus. Venus is represented by a circle and a cross. The circle is connected with spirit and the cross with matter which represents feelings and sensuality are more important than logical thoughts.

Libra Dates

In astrology, the twelve zodiac signs are bifurcated in accordance with date and month of the year. A person is allotted with his/her own zodiac sign according to their birthday. The Libra birth month is from September to October. Libra horoscope dates fall between September 23 to October 22.

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Facts About Libra Zodiac Sign:-

  • Element of Libra zodiac sign- Air
  • Nature of Libra- Positive
  • The planet which rules the Libra sun sign- Venus
  • House which rules Libra sign- Seventh
  • Quality of Libra zodiac sign- Cardinal
  • The flower associated - Rose
  • Most Love compatible with- Gemini
  • Gem for fortune- Sapphire
  • Lucky Color- Blue

Libra- Core Personality Traits

Libra zodiac personalities are arbiters of astrology. They are intelligent people who value harmony more than anything else. They are extremely compromising and diplomatic people who use the power of communication to understand anyone’s point of view as well to convince others about their own. 

Libran is a gem of a person. Their life is surrounded by many aspects, yet they do not forget to give their attention and care to other people. They love big groups of friends, family and colleagues who are available for them whenever they are in need. 

Libra zodiac personalities love using their imagination to make great plans but they often struggle to manifest them. At the workplace, signs like Virgos or Capricorns might help them to provide shape to their dreams. Their imagination is in fact their biggest gift as it aids their creativity and helps them excel their careers in fields like art or literature. 

Just like scales, they like to have a balance in their schedule so that their personal growth and self care is not hindered. Individuals born with Libra sun signs like to keep control of their own lives. They spend lots of time contemplating what is missing from it. They like to give their attention to every important aspect, if any part of their life whether it is work or their relationship or their family is taking their more energy, it upsets them. 

Libra zodiac personality is a passionate lover. They love with all their heart. On the negative side, the concept of one true love for life does not exist for them. If their relationship is not working due to any aspect, they do not hesitate to leave it behind.

One aspect of their personality is insecurity. Although they look confident from outside, they spend most of their time contemplating the purpose of their existence. If they are spending too much time with any person or at any place, it bothers them. They need alone time to hear their internal voice and feel confident.

Individuals born with Libra sun signs get attracted to intelligent people. Intelligence and attractiveness are the two traits they seek in their partners. When in a relationship,they do not like a pattern in their physical connection rather they like to spice up things in their love lives. 

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Libra- Strengths They Are Born With 

The biggest strength a Libra personality is born with is compromise. Librans are very adjusting and do not leave anyone behind in their journey. They care for other people’s feelings and thoughts, they do not like it when someone is unhappy with them. They are very fond of communicating and use it to convince people to see another face of a coin. The best ability of the Libra zodiac sign is that they do not implement their beliefs forcefully, rather use communication to show people different perspectives. 

Challenges Libra Might Face

Libra zodiac personality can easily make everyone happy but sometimes they themselves are left alone feeling uncontented. They are the most selfless people who give all of their energy and resources to other people but in the race to please everyone they ignore their own needs. This giving nature is surely kind and generous but in the long term it starts attacking back the individuals born with Libra sun sign.

Hidden Weapon of Libra

Librans are blessed with the secret weapon of imagination. Their best trait is they use their imagination for fulfilling good purposes. The imagination power of a libra zodiac personality is unique and unmatched. They try to see any issue from an unconventional approach and try to solve it with their intelligence. The other secret weapon individuals born with Libra birthday possess is creativity. They use their creativity in the best way possible and using it they can turn even a boring job into the most interesting one. Libra zodiac personality does a pretty good job in using their creativity to boost productivity.

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Positive Traits of Libra Personality

Some positive traits of people who are born in Libra Sun Sign are:-

  • Individuals born with the Libra sun signs are lovers. They love the idea of love and all things around it. With their extremely romantic personality, they do not shy away to enjoy some flings. But, when it comes to committed relationships, they behave responsibly towards their partners. When it comes to their partners, they are very picky. Their partner should be romantic, quick witted and beautiful.
  • The Libra sign is one of the most platonic signs in the zodiac. Librans are fun loving as well as they love to experience new things. They make sure that everybody around them enjoys their company. 
  • They inspire people to be open minded and content with their lives. Librans are idealist and outgoing by nature.
  • Libra zodiac personalities are extremely social. They love being with people who inspire them to do new things. 
  • They are blessed with smartness and wittiness. With their extraordinary imagination and active personality, they can solve any problem in a snap.
  • Just like scales symbolise, Libras love justice and fairness. They make sure that everyone’s voice is being heard. They also try to keep a balance in group events.
  • They have a diplomatic instinct that pushes them to walk an extra mile to keep everyone satisfied. They keep a tab on their words, use them wisely to make sure everyone in their group is on common ground.

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Negative Traits of Libra Personality

Some negative traits of people who are born in Libra Sun Sign are:-

  • Librans sometimes struggle to deal with their overly self absorbing nature. Sometimes, when things don’t work out according to their plan, they become depressed and engage in self pitying.
  • Libra zodiac personalities are peacemakers. It is a strength but on the negative side, their diplomatic ability and people pleasing nature restrict them to face problems. They struggle in having difficult decisions with people and keep procrastinating.
  • The sign of scales loves balance but this balance can be the reason for their indecisiveness. They spend hours thinking about pros and cons. Their trait to please everyone, restricts them to make quick decisions.
  • They are extremely unreliable when it comes to plans and outings. 
  • Librans love beauty not only in things but in people too. While choosing their friends and partner, they are extremely particular about how they look.


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