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Diamond: April Birthstone Meaning, Color and Benefits

01 Mar, 2024 by Somya Shrimal

Diamond: April Birthstone Meaning, Color and Benefits

01 Mar, 2024 by Somya Shrimal

Were you born in the month of April? Want to know which is the lucky Birthstone for April month?

April month marks the arrival of the summer season. It brings a new ray of light within itself. With the fourth month of the year, two zodiac signs are attached. According to astrology, Aries and Taurus are the two zodiac signs attached with April month. That is why people born in this month are extremely emotional. They are creative, kind, smart, and fearless. But, most of them are also fickle-minded. And, that is why Astrologers recommend wearing lucky April Gemstone for bringing stability to their life. Birthstones for all months act as a good luck charm for the native’s life. April Birthstone gem is no different. This one-of-a-kind Birthstone is durable, resilient, and truly unique. 

Let me put an end to your curiosity and tell you what’s the Birthstone for April.

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What Is The Birthstone For April?

There are two ways to determine the lucky Birthstones for an individual. It can be determined according to the Traditional list as well as the Modern list. For the month of April, 

  • Traditional Birthstone for April- Diamond
  • Modern Birthstone for April- Diamond

Thus, the Lucky Birthstone for April month is Diamond. 

People imagine Birthstones to be beautiful sparkling stones. Let me assure you that Diamond is no different! It is one of the most pretty things in the Universe.

April Birthstone Meaning And History - Origin of Diamond

The word “Diamond” is derived from the Greek word “Adamas”. It means unbreakable which truly depicts the nature of a real diamond. 

Talking about its origin and history, there is hardly any person in this world who has not heard the word “Diamond”. After all, it has a vivid history in its account. In all these years, Diamonds were being stolen, hidden, and conquered million times. 

With respect to its origin, an ancient story is attached. Folklores determine that the God of Mines ordered its subordinates to bring him a variety of gems like Rubies, Sapphires, etc. After receiving them, he crushed all these stones and mixed them together. His motive behind it was to combine the beauty of all of these together. As a result, he got a Diamond and that is why it is also called the “Stone of Invincibility”.

Wondering, What is the color of the Birthstone for April?

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April Birthstone Color- Color of Types of Diamond

April stone color symbolizes holiness and cleanliness. Traditionally, the April gemstone color ie. the color of the diamond is clear or colorless. In reality, one can find Diamond in multiple colors. Let me help you get clarity about April Birthstones, major types of Diamonds, and their colors through the below-mentioned table. 

Types of Diamond

April Gemstone Color


Pink Champagne Diamond

Secondary pink color

Mostly found in Argyle mines in Western Australia

Yellow Diamond

Rich canary colors to Light yellow

Also called Canary Diamond

Blue Diamond

Sky Blue to Sapphire

Extremely rare to find

Green Diamond

Natural Green

Mostly found in Kollur Mine in Andhra Pradesh, India

Purple Diamond

Purple to violet

Comes from mines in Australia. It symbolizes serenity, courage, and honor. 

Synthetic Diamond

Multiple colors

Created in labs

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Properties of the April Stone- Properties, Significance, and Benefits of Diamond 

Do you know the hidden secrets of your Birthstone ie. April Gemstone?

With all Birth Gems, there are some benefits attached. You know that Diamond is one of the most beautiful April stones. It is a scintillating and glowing gem but what you do not know is that Diamond is not just about outer appearance. It has exceptional properties that can benefit April natives in magical ways. Let me tell you all about its benefits and significance:-

Health Benefits of Diamond Birthstone for April Born

Do you know what stone is beneficial for April’s born or what stone is suitable for individuals having a birthday in April?

You certainly do! But, have you wondered why? 

Well, because apart from being a good luck charm for April born, Diamond has health benefits too. Astrologers believe that Diamond can attract positive rays from the Universe. These rays can be beneficial for the reproductive system, excretory system, and skin of the wearer. Some astrologers claim that natives can cure their diabetes, throat, and chin-related problems by wearing April stone. 

Now let us see what is the significance of Diamond in day to day life. 

Significance of Diamond in Day to Day Life

Endurance, Courage, and Resilience are the three things April Birthstone is indicative of. It benefits the wearer in magical ways. Those who wear April stone never slows down. They shine bright like a Diamond after overcoming all their hurdles courageously. April stone’s color indicates love, eternity, and affection which makes it the best gift for loved ones. The April gemstone brings balance, abundance, and good luck to the lives of the wearer. It can get rid of uncertainty and bring new hope to the life of the native. April gemstone, also known as Birthstone attracts success in the life of the wearer. 

Hardness and Availability of April Gemstone 

Diamond ranks 10 on the Mohs scale which makes it the hardest Birthstone. Diamonds are mined in nearly 35 countries in the world. But, South Africa, Russia, and Botswana are its biggest producers. 

Care and Cleansing of Diamond

Diamonds are very sturdy and robust. That doesn’t mean, they do not require proper care. You must have heard “Diamond cuts Diamond” and that is each of your diamond jewelry should be stored separately in a jewelry box. For cleaning Diamond Birthstone at home, one can use a lint-free cloth, detergent, or jewelry cleaning liquid. 

Note To Remember- Some of you must have read somewhere that there are two Birthstones for April month. 

Let me clear your doubt! There are two ways to determine Birthstones for an individual:-

Diamond is the lucky Birthstone for the month of April.

However, there are two April zodiac signs- Aries and Taurus. According to them, the April Birthstones can be Bloodstone and Sapphire. 

For better results, I would recommend firstly choose from which method you want to wear your Birthstone. And, then choose the suitable gem. 

Final Thoughts on Birthstone For April 

Diamonds are known to bring abundance and peace to the wearer. Its luster can sweep anyone off his feet. However, it is not recommended to wear the lucky crystal for April or any other month without consulting a knowledgeable astrologer. You know what gemstone is April’s Birthstone, now Talk To An Expert Astrologer to find out the right time and way to adore it. They can also help you find about your strengths, challenges you might face, and future possibilities, Chat with a Psychic now!

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