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May Birthstone: Meaning, Color and Benefits for May Born People

20 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

May Birthstone: Meaning, Color and Benefits for May Born People

20 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Were you born in the month of May? Do you want to know what is the Birthstone for May? Well! Birthstones are the gemstones that signify a person’s birth month or zodiac. There is a birthstone for every month that empowers the energy of that month’s born people. May, the fifth month of the Gregorian Calendar also exhibits a birthstone, called May Birthstone or May gemstone or May birth crystal. 

Read on to know what stone is May birthstone and How lucky the birthstone for May month is. From May birthstone color to significant May birthstone meaning and benefits, you can find all you need to know about the amazing stone for a May birthday.

What is the Birthstone for May Month?

Apart from May month and May zodiac signs, Birthstones are categorized mainly into two categories- Traditional and Modern Birthstones. Traditional May birthstone is the stone labeled for May month in 1900 while the Modern May birthstone is a transparent gem periodically updated in 1950 by renowned association, Jewelers of America. 

The May month birthstones according to traditional and modern birthstone classification are:

  • Traditional May Birthstone: Emerald
  • Modern may Birthstone: Emerald

Thus, Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May as per both Modern and Traditional Birthstones classification. Know more about this May Birthstone and find interesting yet significant information about Emerald by reading further. 

May Birthstone: Emerald Stone Meaning, History and Benefits

Learned what gemstone is for May-born people! Read on to explore more facts about Emerald and know how useful is wearing this May Birthstone. 

May Birthstone Meaning: Emerald

Known as “ The Jewel of Kings”, Emerald has been the most treasured stone among gemstones. It is one of the four precious Birthstone gems that are favored by the rich and famous people to wear as style statements or jewelry. As the birthstone for May, Emerald is known to bring good luck, fortune and immense benefits to May-born natives. The word “Emerald” was derived from an ancient Greek word called, “smaragdos” which means “Green Stone”. Astrologically, it brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation. Emerald symbolizes spiritual awareness, protection, love and wisdom. The May birthstone is the sign of happy new beginnings, and eternal relationships. It represents loyalty in a relationship and a strong emotional connection with the partner. Some believe that by placing this May birthstone under the tongue one can see the future and gain magical powers. 

May Birthstone History: Emerald 

Emerald has been revered by royalty for its hue and beauty. In ancient times, it was considered the gemstone of fertility and immortality. From Egyptian Pharaohs to Inca Emperors, various cultures worldwide honored this crystal for May. The Egyptian Pharaoh, Cleopatra was passionate about Emerald and known to adorn herself and her palace with Emeralds. She used to display her wealth and power by gifting this May stone to foreign dignitaries. Likewise, Inca Emperors over 500 years ago believed Emerald as a source of eternity. It is believed that Arab, Hindu and Spanish physicians used this May gemstone against poison, dysentery and infection. Some also used it as mystical talismans against demon possessions. In ancient Greece, Emerald was considered the gemstone for the love Goddess, Venus. It was called the stone of intuition and used for revealing foreseen events by expert psychic readers.

What Color is the Birthstone for May?

Ideally, vibrant green is the color of May gemstone, Emerald. As per Gemstone experts, the more intense and vibrant the green color of the May gem is, the more valued and expensive it is. The most popular Emerald May stones are bluish or pure deep green. This green color doesn’t exhibit an overly dark tone. The May gemstones having evenly distributed color are considered high-quality. Moreover, the May gemstone color varies from place to place. The mines and countries from where these stones are dug impact the May gemstone color. For instance, Colombia May gemstones are of pure intense green color while those dug from Zambia have a blueish tinged green color. 

Benefits of May Birthstone: Emerald

Emerald has been prized for its amazing and unique properties. Legends say that this May Birthstone has immense mystic powers that can prove very beneficial. Check out the May birthstone properties that can help you gain various advantages by wearing this May Birthstone. 

  • Emerald can be used to cure diseases such as cholera and Malaria.
  • This May birthstone enhances loyalty and increases unconditional love and harmony.
  • Gemstone Experts suggest keeping the May gemstone close to pillows to bring balance and harmony in the relationship.
  • Use of May stone or birthstone can help in revealing true love and getting your soulmate close. 
  • Emerald balances the heart Chakra and heals vision ailments. 
  • The soothing May birthstone color offers relief to the eyes and eases off the stress. 
  • This May gem has mythologically rejuvenating properties and are thought to rejuvenate tired organs and parts such as kidneys, immune system and pancreas.
  • It offers success in new ventures, renewed life force, good luck and well-being. 
  • Emerald has detoxifying effects on diabetes and the liver. It can be used to treat diabetes and rheumatism. 
  • May birthstones are good in improving insights, growth and tolerance.
  • It boosts confidence, creativity, focus, patience and compassion into the lives of natives. 
  • It is said that Pregnant women can wear an Emerald to endure prolonged labor. 
  • By wearing this May stone as a Birthstone you can maintain friendships with your business partner and life partner. 
  • Wearing a May birthstone improves the outcomes in competitive examinations. 
  • It improves concentration power and protects the May-born people from all the negativity and evil eye. 
  • May birthstone brings out possibilities of being a natural traveller, scientist and explorer. 
  • People afflicted with Mercury can use this May birthstone to alleviate the effects of Mercury in their life. 
  • Emerald as the birthstone for May month helps the wearer see things clearly and logically.

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Care and Cleansing of May Birthstone

Emerald is more susceptible to scratching due to the hardness of 7.5-8 on Mohs Scale. Thus, one should avoid the exposure of the May birthstone to heat, harsh chemicals and Air pressure changes. The exposed points of Emerald should be secured against the impacts with other objects. To clean your May Birthstone, gently scrub the stone with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Make sure you store this May stone separately from other gemstones. Using a Steam cleaning machine to clean Emeralds should be avoided.

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Lucky Gemstones For Good Luck and Happiness

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