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Zodiac Birthstone | Birthstones According to the Zodiac Signs

06 Jun, 2024 by Swati S. Kumar

Birthstones By Zodiac Signs - Find Your Birth Gems Stones

Know How Your Zodiac’s Birthstone Will Help You

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Zodiac Birthstone | Birthstones According to the Zodiac Signs

06 Jun, 2024 by Swati S. Kumar

Birthstones are the gemstones that correspond to a person’s period of birth which is generally the month or zodiac sign. These are often worn as jewelry or pendant or ring to access the celestial energies. Although Birthstones by birth month and Birthstones by Zodiac Sign work the same, they can be different from the astrological point of view.

Zodiac Birthstones or astral gemstones are the astrological versions of the monthly Birthstones that signify the birth months in the Gregorian Calendar. However, unlike Birthday Birthstones, Zodiac Signs gems are based on the twelve Zodiac Signs. Since Zodiac Signs determine your core personality in Vedic Astrology, Zodiac Birthstones are considered very important and beneficial gems. Read on to know more about Birthstone zodiac gemstones, Zodiac Signs, and Birthstones corresponding to them.

Know What Is The Significance Of Birthstone By Zodiac Signs

Do you know that there are certain traits of each zodiac sign that can prevent their natives from leading a fulfilling life. Here the Birthstones of each Zodiac can help overcome the obstacles. Know how it will affect you and make your life better.

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What is a Zodiac Birthstone?

As per Astrology, there are twelve signs in the zodiac and each sign governs a specific gemstone which is called a Zodiac Birthstone. The zodiac signs are determined by the month or period of your birth and the zodiac signs gems are identified by the traits of corresponding zodiac signs. It is believed that your zodiac signs and Birthstones corresponding to them are aligned with universal energies. One shapes your personality and the other helps you to nurture that by invoking positive vibrations. What is My Birthstone By Zodiac Sign?

What is My Birthstone By Zodiac Sign?

Finding your Birthstone is easy! There is no hard and fast rule to find a suitable stone for your Zodiac Sign. However, there are different zodiac signs gems that fall under the same element or have the same ruling planet. Thus, it is always advisable to Consult a Gemstone Expert before picking up the best gemstone for your Zodiac Sign. 

Below we are sharing a Zodiac Birthstone chart that includes a list of Zodiac Signs and the associated dates as well as the Zodiac Birthstones corresponding to it. This chart is a quick guide to find your Birthstone by your date of birth. You just need to simply check the Birthstone with their zodiac sign to know what your Zodiac Birthstone is.

Zodiac Signs

Dates of Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Birthstone


March 21 - April 20



April 21 - May 20



May 21 - June 21



June 22 - July 22



July 23 - August 23



August 24 - September 23



September 24 - October 23



October 24 - November 22



November 23 - December 21



December 22 - January 20



January 21 - February 19



February 20 - March 20


Birthstones By Zodiac Sign

Want to find more about your zodiac signs and Birthstones? Here is everything you need to know about your Zodiac Sign Birthstones and their amazing benefits. 

Aries Zodiac Stone: Blood Stone

Mar 21- Apr 20

Bloodstone is the Birthstone for Aries zodiac sign natives. People born in Aries are adventurous, courageous., creative and full of energy. They are quick wit and confident. These natives are impulsive and impatient by nature and can lose their temper easily. Bloodstone as Aries zodiac sign stone offers action and vitality to these people.

Taurus Zodiac Stone: Sapphire

Apr 21 - May 21

Taurus people are patient, firm and reliable. They are full of warmth, love and persistence. These natives are highly determined towards their goals and strive for a secure and stable future. Their weakness involves restfulness, inflexibility, self-indulgence and jealousy. Sapphire, the Taurus Zodiac birthstone, helps them to follow the truth and express themselves fully.

Gemini Zodiac Stone: Agate

May 22 - Jun 21

Geminis are versatile, communicative and witty. These intelligent and intellectual people live each moment of their lives and often show tense, superficial and cunning traits. These people should wear the Agate zodiac sign gem for balance and stability in their lives. It is the most effective Birthstone for Gemini Zodiac for them to lead a peaceful life.

Cancer Zodiac Stone: Emerald

Jun 22 - Jul 22

Cancer natives are emotional, loving and intuitive. They are good at the imagination and protecting their loved ones. They exhibit changeable and moody nature. These natives should wear Emerald, the Birthstone of Cancer Zodiac for bringing love and kindness to their lives. 

Leo Zodiac Stone: Onyx

Jul 23 - Aug 23

Leo natives are generous, enthusiastic and open-minded. They are very expansive and creative. These people show pompous, dominating and dogmatic personalities. To overcome their negative traits and attain more strength and solace, they should wear the Onyx, the Leo Zodiac Birthstone.

Virgo Zodiac Stone: Carnelian

Aug 24 - Sept 22

Virgo natives are modest, shy and reliable. They analyze everything and are very diligent and practical in their approach. These natives are usually fussy and over-critical. They tend to be harsh to people due to their perfectionist nature. Carnelian is the best Birthstone by Zodiac for Virgo. It helps them to attain confidence and passion. 

Libra Zodiac Stone: Chrysolite

Sept 23 - Oct 23

Libra natives are diplomatic, urbane and romantic by nature. They are social and peaceful and have an easy-going attitude towards things. Anyone can manipulate them to change their decisions due to their indecisive and gullible nature. These natives are recommended to wear Chrysolite, the Libra Birthstone to have strong confidence and mind to face the complex circumstances. 

Scorpio Zodiac Stone: Beryl

Oct 24 - Nov 22

People born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are very resentful and obsessive. They are known to be secretive and obstinate about their things. However, Scorpions also have a determined, and intuitive ability due to which they achieve their passion. These emotional natives should wear Beryl as Scorpio Zodiac Birthstone for attracting positive energy and enhancing courage and inner peace.

Sagittarius Zodiac Stone: Citrine

Nov 23 - Dec 21

Sagittarius natives are optimistic, jovial, honest and witty. They love their freedom and are very straightforward. These intellectual and philosophical people are very careless and irresponsible about their tasks. They at times tend to behave superficially and restless in complex situations. These people should wear Citrine as the Sagittarius Zodiac Birthstone to bring abundance and happiness into their lives.

Capricorn Zodiac Stone: Ruby

Dec 22 - Jan 20

Capricorn natives are practical, prudent and ambitious. They are very disciplined and show a careful and structured approach to their work. The main weakness of these natives is their pessimistic nature. They hold grudges and show a strong nature when it comes to money. They should wear Ruby, the birthstone of Capricorn to boost positivity, confidence and concentration. 

Aquarius Zodiac Stone: Garnet

Jan 21 - Feb 18

Aquarius natives are known for their friendly and humanitarian nature. They are honest about their views and mostly spend time in innovative and creative activities. These people are unpredictable and unemotional. They seek freedom and are hard to control or deal with. Garnet is the suitable Birthstone or Zodiac Sign Gemstone for Aquarius. It is good to attract vitality and activate passion. This Aquarius birthstone has great healing and spiritual benefits.

Pisces Zodiac Stone: Amethyst

Feb 19 - Mar 20

Pisces are emotional and creative individuals. These people are full of love, compassion and kindness. They are generous to people and can sense danger before anything bad happens. Escapism and vagueness are their main negative traits. These natives should wear Amethyst, the Pisces zodiac birthstone for attaining inner solace and immense healing benefits.

Significance of Zodiac Birthstones

Zodiac Birthstones have been around since the 5th century. As per the History of Zodiac Sign Stones, the tradition of Birthstones goes back to the Book of Exodus. During that period, the high priest of Israel or Aaron used to wear a breastplate with 12 stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel. It was believed that this breastplate was possessed with magical powers and high spiritual energies. As time went on, this tradition was carried out by Christians and they started wearing stones to heighten their inner powers. Moreover, the mention of zodiac signs and Birthstones can be found in the Hindu scriptures. As per Vedic texts, zodiac signs and stones have a close connection. There is a specific gemstone for a planet ruling zodiac sign and days of the week. One can wear the Gemstones by Zodiac or Birthstones by Zodiac to align with cosmic energy and reap immense benefits. 

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Advantages of Zodiac Sign Gemstones

Birthstones by your Zodiac Sign exhibit spiritual energy and vibrations. The signature zodiac sign stones for each zodiac offer different advantages to the wearer or the native. Here are some of the major benefits that are gained by wearing astrological gemstones in astrology. 

  • Zodiac Sign stones exhibit powerful healing properties.
  • Different Birthstones or zodiac gemstones ignite the Chakras present in the body. These zodiac signs stones regulate and balance the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha of an individual. 
  • The spiritual energy of Zodiac Birthstones stabilize the natives’ minds and suppress the negative energies. 
  • It attracts positive energy and helps the native to align with cosmic alignments. 
  • Gemstones based on zodiac signs pacify the planets and channels the flow of positive vibrations in your life. 
  •  These zodiac signs gems work in harmony with body and soul. 
  • By wearing Zodiac Sign Gemstone, one can tap into their hidden power and manifest their goals. 
  • Zodiac Signs Birthstones bring deep positive vibrations and attract love, happiness, good luck, well-being and prosperity into life.

Final Thoughts On Zodiac Birthstones

Looking for the best gemstone for your zodiac? Chat with an Online Astrologer and gain more insights into your astrology stones and Zodiac Signs. Our astrologers can help you with lucky gemstones for your Zodiac Sign and share the right way to adore it. They may also suggest remedies to enhance the power of your Zodiac Birthstone and make your life bright and prosperous.

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