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Virgo Best and Worst Match for Marriage - Find Your Perfect Partner

15 Aug, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Virgo Best and Worst Match for Marriage - Find Your Perfect Partner

15 Aug, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Are you a Virgo who is looking for a perfect match for themself? If yes, this post can help you find the best and worst matches for Virgo men and women. 

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. People who are born on and between August 23 and September 22 are ruled by this zodiac sign. Referred to as Virgos, these people are loyal, humble, and practical. They are born perfectionists and are known to never settle for anything less than perfect. Especially when it comes to love, Virgos look for someone who may match their personality in every aspect. 

Fortunately, finding Virgos’ best match for marriage is no more a problem. With the help of Western astrology, you can find the best match and worst matches for the Virgo zodiac sign.

All the Virgo natives, are you curious to know who will be your life partner and who is your perfect match according to Astrology?

Explore the post and find about the Virgos’ best and worst matches for marriage.

What Signs Are The Best Match For Virgo Men And Women?

Virgo best matches for marriage (Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn)


Taurus is the best match for Virgo men and women. As an Earth sign, Taurus makes Virgo feel very comfortable. They both understand each other and handle the nitty-gritty of relationships perfectly. A Taurus person knows how to motivate Virgo and soothe their nervous streak and worrying tendencies. They support the rational ideas of Virgos and offer the stability and perseverance that they need. The best thing about a Taurus and Virgo relationship is that they both feel content with their established routines. They don’t feel bored with each other and work consistently to build an exciting and long-lasting relationship.


Cancer tends to complement Virgo’s personality very well. As per Western astrology, Virgos are gentle and caring. They offer immense love and respect to their partner. Their affectionate nature and patient attitude are their drawing cards. It’s the humble and cheerful appearance of Virgo that wins the heart of a Cancerian. On the flip side, Virgo likes the family-oriented approach of Cancer. They find them reliable and loyal partners. They both live a lovely, sensual, and romantic partnership with each other from the beginning of the relationship. Their love may seem old school, but their commitment and trust over each other are beyond anything. Moreover, due to the association with Earth and Water signs, they both tend to worry and create a fuss. But, they know how to deal with anxiety and tolerate and soothe each other in stressful situations. 


Scorpios are the best partners for Virgo. A relationship with Scorpio is full of fun and excitement for a Virgo native. As far as Virgo’s compatibility with Scorpio is concerned, they both are mysterious and intrigued by each other’s secretive nature. They love having deep and meaningful conversations and spend most of the time analyzing people, situations, and things. Since these two signs value perfection, they don’t let any issue remain an apple of discord for a long duration. However, for a long-lasting and peaceful relationship, they must adjust and compromise according to the needs of the situation. Their dominating nature and desire to seek control over each other may create rifts and arguments in their relationship.


The list of Virgo’s perfect matches is incomplete without Capricorn. They make a brilliant pair with Virgo and do not need an extra effort to be a Virgo soulmate. Their relationship with Virgo is based on love and mutual understanding, which makes them feel unique and super comfortable with each other. Associated with the same element, Earth, the natives of both Virgo and Capricorn, crave stability and security in the marriage. They work hard to build a strong bond and motivate each other to grow and excel. As per astrologers, Capricorn’s sober nature and practical approach are the strong points that put Virgo at ease. They feel safe to open up their heart and pour out their deepest emotions in front of a Capricorn.

What Signs Are The Worst Match For Virgo Men And Women?

Virgo worst matches for marriage (Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius)


Aquarius is not the best match for Virgo men and women. They are, in fact, Virgos’ worst partner as far as love and relationships are concerned. Although they are similar to Virgo in intelligence and rationality, they tend to behave differently when in a love relationship with Virgo. Aquarius finds Virgo fussy and nitpicky while Virgos face difficulty in expressing their emotions to Aquarius natives. Both of them lack anything to connect. Hence their relationship is usually dull and unfulfilling. At most, Aquarius can be a good colleague for Virgo, but for having a long-lasting and blissful marriage, they need to make considerable adjustments. 


Leos are one of the worst partners for Virgo men and women. Like Aquarius, they fail to make any connection with Virgo. Their differences are dominant, and their similarities are insignificant to establish any connection. In the relationship, Leos like to gain attention and admiration, while Virgos prefer to stay away from the spotlight, thus keeping everything humble and modest. Virgo natives find Leo natives arrogant and dominating. Whereas Leo sees Virgo as an insignificant and critical person in life. To strengthen the relationship with Leo, Virgo natives should wear Virgo birthstones recommended by an experienced astrologer. 


Virgo and Sagittarius are like two opposite poles that can never come together. They both exhibit two different personalities and are less likely to marry. Even though Virgo and Sagittarius show powerful romantic feelings, their relationship is not meant to go places. They have a difficult time understanding each other and creating good coordination in the daily routine works. As a couple, Virgo’s desire for perfection frustrates Sagittarius, and the careless handling of things makes Virgo believe that Sagittarius is rude and negligent. In a nutshell, Sagittarius is the worst match for Virgo men and women. Still, if a Virgo wants to bond with a Sagittarius, they should talk to love experts online for astrological solutions.

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