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Sun in 3rd House in Vedic Astrology: Meaning, Impact on All Zodiac Signs And Remedies

14 Sep, 2023 by Parita Soni

Sun in 3rd House in Vedic Astrology: Meaning, Impact on All Zodiac Signs And Remedies

14 Sep, 2023 by Parita Soni

Sun is referred to as the ‘soul’ of the birth chart and is the planet of energy, inner self, identity, and creative pursuits. While the 3rd house, also known as 'Bhava', represents authority, ego, courage, siblings, self-expression, and short journeys, it also depicts hobbies and skills. Thus, the placement of the Sun in 3rd house of Kundali has a significant, intense impact on an individual's life.

Let us explore, in detail, the meaning, positive and negative effects, impact on all zodiac signs, and remedies associated with the Sun in third house.

Sun in 3rd House: Meaning

The placement of Sun in 3rd house means the individuals shall possess strong communication skills as they can express themselves very confidently and clearly. Moreover, it reveals the natives' connection with their siblings, thirst for knowledge, and short journeys that might be education, work, or family-related.

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Positive Effects of Sun in Third House

The below-mentioned are the importance of Sun in 3rd house -

  • These individuals are outstanding communicators as they can express themselves much more effectively, which can be a significant asset in their personal as well as professional lives.
  • Sun in 3rd house in Navamsa Chart makes the natives assertive and confident. You will find them standing for their beliefs and overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals. 
  • Sun in third house makes these natives innate leaders and shall often witness them excelling in roles requiring decision-making and leadership skills.
  • These natives possess a thirst for knowledge, as this placement of the Sun elevates a strong interest in philosophical pursuits. Hence, they might excel in research, academics, writing, or intellectual endeavors.
  • A positive relationship with siblings is created due to this placement, and the natives shall have a very supportive and close bond with their brothers and sisters. 
  • With the Sun in 3rd house, as per Vedic astrology, the natives might take short trips frequently, which presents them with enriching and enjoyable experiences.
  • They are skilled at networking and making friends, which benefits them in multiple aspects of life.

effects of sun in the 3rd house

Negative Effects of Sun in Third House

While in astrology, Sun in third house has numerous positive traits, it can also pose some challenges:

  • As these natives might dominate or become unduly authoritative in communication, misunderstandings might prevail.
  • The strong personalities of these natives can create conflicts and sibling rivalry, too. 
  • Sun in third house makes the natives impulsive, and they might make hasty decisions or get involved in arguments.
  • At times, these natives lose focus as they constantly look for new challenges and experiences. 
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Impact of Sun in 3rd House on All Zodiac Signs


As per vedic astrology, the natives of the Aries Zodiac Sign get enhanced leadership qualities, become assertive, and can openly express their opinions due to the importance of Sun in 3rd house. Competitive relationships with siblings might prevail. They excel in fields requiring powerful communication skills like marketing, sales, or public speaking.


The Sun in 3rd house makes the natives of Taurus hold a strong urge for security and stability in their immediate surroundings and draws them towards practical and hands-on learning experiences. They are determined, patient, and have a steadfast approach. These natives can thus become excellent researchers, educators, or professionals in fields requiring attention. 


Sun in the 3rd house enhances the public speaking, writing, networking, and communication skills of Gemini natives. You will find them having engaging and lively interactions with their siblings. They might excel in publishing, journalism, or public relations. These natives have an unquenchable curiosity and are skilled at gathering and transmitting information.


The natives of the Cancer zodiac sign hold a harmonious and nurturing approach to communication and a powerful emotional bond with siblings. They are empathetic and thus excel in fields where their compassionate nature can be an asset, such as counseling, caregiving, and teaching. Their family is a vital source of emotional support and security.


In astrology, Sun in third house of the Leo natives holds a natural flair for leadership in their immediate environment, which makes them confident communicators. They can make influential teachers and mentors, take pride in their ideas, and often look for admiration. You will further find them protective and caring towards their siblings.


The Sun in 3rd house in Navamsa Chart makes these natives interested in learning and practical knowledge. These natives stand to be beneficial problem solvers, as they excel in analytical and research work. They are focused and precise in their communication and favor systematic and structured approaches to teaching and learning. They often have a strong sense of responsibility towards their siblings.


In Vedic astrology, Sun in 3rd house makes the Librans seek harmony and balance in their communications. They have an eloquent and refined style of communication, making these natives effective mediators and negotiators. They are talented diplomats, own a natural sense of fairness, and might get drawn to areas such as diplomacy, law, or counseling.


Scorpio natives might experience extreme and transformative interactions with siblings or close people. They are committed communicators and much interested in mysticism, psychology, or the occult. They are excellent investigators, researchers, and detectives and shield their loved ones but may have complicated affinities with siblings.


Sun in third house makes the Sagittarians good learners as well as adventurous. They undertake a physical and intellectual journey to expand their horizons and can be excellent travel writers, teachers, or philosophers. As gifted storytellers, they might excel in fields where they can share experiences and knowledge. You will find them maintaining a wide circle of friends.


Sun in 3rd house makes the natives of the Capricorn Zodiac Sign communicate with responsibility and discipline. They are committed educators, excel in a structured learning environment, and prioritize their long-term goals. They hold a traditional approach to communication and value tradition and wisdom. As siblings, they are trustworthy and dependable.


In astrology, Sun in third house makes the Aquarius natives innovative and forward-thinking communicators. You will find them having a unique outlook and often challenging traditional thinking. They are pioneers in science, technology and social activism. Being open to new ideas and relishing intellectual debates, they maintain a diverse network that shares their progressive pursuits.


Sun in 3rd house in Navamsa Chart makes the Pisceans harbor a deep connection to their intuition and creativity. They excel in artistic or spiritual pursuits, thus making them gifted writers, artists, and poets. These natives often have an imaginative approach to learning and get drawn to subjects related to metaphysics or spirituality. They are compassionate and empathetic and become supportive friends and siblings.

Remedies for Sun in 3rd House

The unfavorable effects of Sun in 3rd house can be mitigated by remedies, as per Vedic astrology. Below-given are some that one can follow for the same -

  • Practice meditation and yoga regularly as it enhances mindfulness and self-awareness.
  • To strengthen the positive facets of the Sun, after seeking guidance from expert astrologers, wear ruby gemstones.
  • Chant the Mantra of the Sun regularly, 'Om Suryaya Namaha' for achieving confidence and clarity.
  • Do charity and service to promote humbleness and balance ego, thus fostering better sibling relationships.
  • Apart from the above, you can also consult expert astrologers for personalized suggestions and remedies.

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