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Houses in Astrology And Their Meaning

17 Apr, 2024 by Chintamani Khetawat

Houses in Astrology And Their Meaning

17 Apr, 2024 by Chintamani Khetawat

In Vedic Astrology, the Kundali of a person is divided into 12 houses. A Kundali is derived by the position of planets in the cosmic sky at the date, time, and place of birth of a person. It is a roadmap of one’s life in accordance with the universe, representing the personality, career, wealth, marriage, and luck in one’s life.

There are twelve Astrology houses in a Kundali divided on the basis of 12 zodiacs. Zodiacs are 360 and each house holds two and a quarter constellations. Every house in a Kundli has its own significance and influence on an individual’s life. It is important to understand the meaning and effect of each house in a Kundali to analyze the personality of a person and make fruitful decisions in life.

The twelve Kundali Houses in Vedic Astrology with their influence and ruling signs according to Vedic Astrology are detailed below to get a gist of life secrets:

House in Kundli and Their Meaning

First House in Astrology: House of Self

This is the house of ascendant or presentation of self. The first house represents one’s personality, looks, attitude towards life, actions and reactions towards situations, and adaptation to change and environment. The first house in janam Kundali exhibits the temperament of a native and the way others perceive them. It is about the first impressions they make, their physical appearance, and nature. The first house starts with you and is ruled by Aries. 

Second House in Astrology: House of Wealth

The Kundali house number two is related to wealth and possessions. It reflects one’s potential to earn wealth, sources one will choose to make money, and how they will ultimately associate themselves with their possessions. It also presents self-growth and determination to achieve ambitions. It defines the relationship with material possessions and finances, including investing and expenditure habits. A weak second house in a Kundali reflects overspending habits of an individual. This Kundali house is ruled by Taurus. 

Third House in Astrology: House of Communication

The third house in Kundli exhibits intellect, communication style, and relationship with family and relatives. It represents one's attitude towards others and oneself and how they reflect it through their behavior and communication. The interaction is not limited to family, but also includes neighbors, friends, and social media. It is also associated with relationships with siblings and early education of a person. If you choose the right career path, this house helps in setting a strong foundation for professional life. According to the Kundali house chart, the ruling planet of the third house is Gemini. 

Fourth House in Astrology: House of Emotions 

The fourth House in Vedic Astrology is the house of emotions, relationship with parents, and upbringing. It represents relationships with parents, roots and ancestors, upbringing, and karmas from previous births. This house in Kundli denotes attachment, emotional security, and sense of belongingness. It also represents the family you are gifted with and the one you will make your own. The fourth house is ruled by Cancer.

Fifth House in Astrology: House of Inner-self

The fifth house in kundali relates to creativity, fun and frolic, love affairs, and playfulness. This house does not relate with marriage but can affect your married life (the seventh house) according Vedic Astrology. This house is also associated with fertility and children. It also affects gambling and risk taking habits of an individual, affecting other houses in Kundali relating to career, wealth, and growth. The fifth house is dominated by Leo.

Sixth House in Astrology: House of Health and Routine 

The sixth house in astrology exhibits health and daily routine. It reflects the manner in which one carries out their daily routine activities and the impact of these activities on a person’s health. It helps to understand the health status, possibilities of health ailments that a person can face and the solutions to mitigate the same. It includes cohesive health status of an individual including physical, mental, and spiritual health. This house is governed by Virgo.

Seventh House in Astrology: House of Partnership

The seventh house in the Kundali chart is usually associated with marriage but it is also related with relationships shared with friends and coworkers. It exhibits relationships with spouses and the attitude of an individual towards married life. It is also a reflection of bond with colleagues and business partners. Additionally, attitude towards enemies is also reflected by the seventh house in Kundli. 

This house is ruled by Libra.

Eighth House in Astrology: House of Death

The eighth house astrology signifies death and rebirth and thoughts of native about the same. It reflects inheritance, debts, and legacy. This is the house of regeneration, transformation, change, and addiction and attitude of a native towards these processes. It is also associated with debts, inheritance, and alimony that one is entitled to receive after death or separation from the partner. The Kundali house number eight is ruled by Scorpio. 

Astrology Houses and Their Significance

Ninth House in Astrology: House of Fate

The meaning of ninth house in kundali is associated with luck, further studies, learning, philosophy, and spirituality. It rules a native’s learnings with time and the outlook they develop towards life with experiences. It also concerns with foreign travel, learning foreign language and culture, and business and trade cross borders. The strong ninth planet bestows the native with good luck and chances to travel abroad. The ruling sign for this Kundali house is Sagittarius.

Tenth House in Astrology: House of Fame

It is the highest house in a Kundali house chart. It is an indicator of an individual’s public image and name in the society. It is also associated with relationships with people in authority, like one’s father and officials at high posts. Tenth house in Vedic Astrology is also associated with career success and professional achievements and reputation. It also defines one’s spiritual interests and the ultimate purpose of their lives. The tenth house is ruled by Capricorn. 

Eleventh House in Astrology: House of Friends

Eleventh house in a Kundali exhibits networking and community connections. It reflects a person’s position and authority in own circle and community at large. The eleventh house rules personal goals and desires that an individual wishes to achieve. It reflects deep desires, inner goals, and ultimate purpose of a native’s life that one is keen to achieve. A strong eleventh Astrology house is an indicator of prosperous personal and professional life. This house is ruled by Aquarius. 

Twelfth House in Astrology: House of Spirituality

The twelfth house in birth chart relates with self-knowing, karma, and spirituality. It is the house of suffering, evolution, and unconsciousness. It relates to an individual’s unconscious fears and nightmares. It concerns self-realization, spiritual growth, and salvation. This Kundali house reveals untapped and hidden talents and desires. Pisces is the ruling sign for the last house in Kundali.

The understanding of individual Astrology houses is not sufficient to decide the influence of the position of planets on a person’s Kundali. The combination of all the twelve houses and their effect on one another is imperative to derive the true inferences of what they truly reflect about an individual’s life. Chat with an astrologer to get a detailed Kundali analysis to predict the future uncertainties and their remedial solutions. An expert astrologer will also help you in taking righteous life decisions, leading to a fulfilling life. Leave your worries in the hands of Vedic astrologers and enjoy a successful life under their guidance. 

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