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Libra Best and Worst Matches for Marriage - Find Your Perfect Partner

17 Aug, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Libra Best and Worst Matches for Marriage - Find Your Perfect Partner

17 Aug, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Are you a Libra zodiac native? Want to know who can be the best or worst partner for a Libra?

Born between September 23 to October 22, the Libra zodiac personality is obsessed with symmetry and balance more than anyone else. Their tactfulness, eloquence, and charming personality can sweep anyone off their feet. However, Libra’s indecisiveness, mood swings, and shallowness are hard to handle. The best partner for Libra is the one who alleviates these negative traits and at the same time fulfills Libran’s expectations.

Curious to know, what are these expectations? Let’s find out what you need to be a Libra perfect match.

What Does It Take To Be A Libra Best Match? 

Wondering what Libra looks for in their perfect partner? Libra zodiac natives love making new connections. Whether it’s for love, friendship, or work, they look for an interesting partner. Usually, they get along with others very easily but there are several traits they look for in the Libra perfect match. These qualities are:-

1. Affability

Libras are the showstoppers of the party. They are the most sociable sign as they never hesitate to hang out with their old chaps as well as plan dinner dates with the new ones. While looking for the Libra best match for marriage, outgoing and affable qualities are their main preference. 

2. Honest

The Libra zodiac sign is symbolized by a set of balanced scales which shows Librans’ love for justice and fairness. 

3. Strong-minded

Opposites attract, they say. Libras prove it to be true as to balance their indecisiveness and flightiness, they look for a determined and decisive person.

4. Encouraging

Who doesn’t like a partner who reminds you of your worth from time to time? Libras appreciate compliments. For them, the best partner for Libra is the one who displays affection and appreciation from actions as well as words.

These are the traits of the best match for Libra man and of course the best match for Libra woman. However, to understand Libra compatibility completely, you also need to understand the traits of the Libra worst match.

Traits of Libra Worst Match

1. Argumentative

Libra zodiac natives try to stay away from drama as much as possible. Thus, confrontational and argumentative partners are Libra's worst matches. 

2. Austere

The other personalities, a Libran cannot see eye to eye with, are boring and strict. They dislike people who are not fun to be around.

Not sure if you can be a Libra woman best match for marriage or a Libra man best match for marriage? Your zodiac sign can help you. 

I hope you are aware by now of what Libras look for in their perfect match. Now, I will tell you which sun sign checks this list and makes the best partner for Libra or best match for Libra man and woman.

In the later part of this blog, I will also tell you about the worst matches for Libra men and women and of course all about the Libra Soulmate.

Libra Best Match For Marriage

Looking for the best wedding dates? Just kidding! I know you are here to find your Libra perfect match. But, who knows, after reading this list, you might need them. 

Coming to the point, as per astrology, Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini are Libra's best matches.

Let’s zoom in and know more about the bonding of these zodiac signs with the Libra zodiac natives.


Both being the gregarious signs, Libra and Leo perfectly complement each other. Whether it is behind closed doors or out in the world, these two signs remain true to each other. While Leo values fairness and confidence more than anything, Librans drive through grace and glamour. That is what makes Leo man the best match for Libra woman. Together, they are the life of the party as they celebrate every day of their lives like it’s the last.


At first glance, you might find the bond of Aquarius and Libra a bit odd. Aquarius is a bit shy in contrast to the outgoing Libra. However, none of that matters when they both connect because of their intellectual traits. The unconventional personality of Aquarius attracts Libra and thus Aquarius is considered Libra's perfect partner.


Can anyone outshine Libra in the art of conversation? 

The answer is none other than Gemini. The chatterbox and curious Gemini attract lively Libra and is considered the best partner for Libra. However, there is a slight complication. Gemini zodiac natives behave a little wavering in their relationships. Libra might face some relationship complications in this bond. Being a Libra native, to ensure harmony in your bond you should wear a Libra Birthstone.

Libra Worst Match For Marriage

Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn are the three zodiac signs which face trouble sailing on smooth waters with Libra.


Scorpio is considered Libra's worst match. Out of twelve signs in the zodiac, Libra faces the most trouble in getting along with Scorpio. While Scorpio is combative and upfront, Libra always seeks diplomatic ways to settle an argument. Moreover, Libra is all about courtesy and harmony, they do not hesitate to lie once in a while to keep peace intact. However, Scorpio values honesty more than anything. All these differences make it hard for the two signs to get along well and thus Scorpio man is considered as the worst match for Libra woman. It goes without saying that the reverse is also true. I mean, Scorpio woman will likely become the worst match for Libra man.


Intimately, Cancer might be Libra’s best match but emotionally it is the worst partner for Libra. At times, Cancer, the worst match for Libra man and woman, may behave unfriendly and fickle-minded. No matter how much Librans try, they just cannot truly understand the reason for Cancer’s emotional instability. The other reason for conflict between these two signs is their way of communication. They both avoid confrontation and conflicts. Hence, their arguments remain unresolved and they struggle to make their relationship work.


Just like Cancer, Capricorn also gets along physically well with Libra but the other aspects introduce friction in their bond. Being with workaholic Capricorns, Librans feel like they are being ignored and thus Capricorn men are considered the Libra women's worst match for marriage.

Now, you know that the above three sun signs make the worst match for a Libra man and woman. That being said, one cannot rely on just one aspect of astrology to get insights into their love life. A love expert astrologer can tell you about your love life in detail by analyzing all the aspects. At Anytime Astro, you can chat with an expert astrologer and get in-detail insights about your love life. They can also offer you life partner predictions by date of birth to help you find your perfect match. Chat now!

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