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What is Your Sun Sign - List of 12 Western Astrology Zodiacs

31 Dec, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

What is Your Sun Sign - List of 12 Western Astrology Zodiacs

31 Dec, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Everytime when you see your horoscope or check your love compatibility with your partner the first thing that you learn about is your Sun Sign. It is the main and most important astrological aspect that reveals who you are and what is hidden in your stars? Your Sun Sign is derived by your date of birth and by calculating your Sun Sign there is a lot more that can be known about you, your personality and your life aspects.

But, have you ever thought, what is the Sun Sign? What does your Sun Sign mean? and How can you know more about yourself with the help of the Sun Sign meanings?

Well! This post includes everything you need to know about your Sun Sign. Read on to explore the secrets. 

What Does Sun Sign Mean?

Sun Sign is western zodiac in which the Sun is positioned at the time of your birth. It is also referred to as the Star Sign or Western astrology sign. There are a total 12 Sun Signs in the Sun Sign astrology or Western astrology system. Astrologers consider these Sun Signs to relate the current planetary movements with each other. They use it to predict the Sun Sign astrology forecasts and define the personality traits of people born under any Sun Sign. 

As per Western astrology, the 12 Sun Signs of the zodiac occupy 1/12 or 30° of the zodiac circle. The Sun passess through the whole zodiac in a year and remains in one Sun Sign degree for a specific time duration. By calculating the Sun Sign degree in each zodiac sign, astrologers predict the Sun Sign and offer Sun Sign astrology predictions.

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List of Sun Signs and their Astrology Symbols

In ancient Greek, the zodiac was referred to as the “zōdiakos kyklos'' or “circle of animals”. They depicted 12 Sun Signs of the zodiac by astrology symbols based on the shape of animals formed by the lunar constellations. Here are the names of 12 Sun Signs that are considered in Western Astrology. 

Sun Sign in English



Aries Sun Sign

The Ram

Taurus Sun Sign

The Bull

Gemini Sun Sign

The Twins

Cancer Sun Sign

The Crab

Leo Sun Sign

The Lion

Virgo Sun Sign

The Maiden

Libra Sun Sign

The Scales

Scorpio Sun Sign

The Scorpion

Sagittarius Sun Sign

The Archer

Capricorn Sun Sign

The Goat

Aquarius Sun Sign

The Water Bearer

Pisces Sun Sign

The Fish

What Sun Sign am I?

Your date of birth can help you know about your Sun Sign. Since the Sun remains in each Sun zodiac sign for a particular duration, you can easily find your Sun Sign by checking the position of the Sun in the Sun Signs chart for your specific time of birth. However, if you are unsure of your Sun Sign and want to know what is your Sun Sign without getting into rigorous calculations, you can refer to the Sun Sign date chart below. It allows you to know your Sun Sign by simply checking the “Sun Sign Date Range” and finding the range in which your birth date falls.

Sun Signs

Sun Sign Date Range


March 21 - April 19


April 20 - May 20


May 21 - June 20


June 21 - July 22


July 23 - August 22


August 23 – September 22


September 23 - October 22


October 23 - November 21


November 22 - December 21


December 22 - January 20


January 21 - February 18


February 19 - March 20

Sun Sign and Elements

Each of the Sun Signs belongs to one of the four elements- Air, Water, Earth and Fire. They represent the energies and traits that are carried by each Sun Sign. Here are the elements and the Sun Signs associated with them. 

  • Air Sun Sign- Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
  • Water Sun Sign- Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
  • Earth Sun Sign-Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
  • Fire Sun Sign- Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

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Does Sun Sign Really Matter?

Yes, your Sun Sign is a significant part of your life. It is the mirror of your personality and by understanding it you can unravel the various aspects of you and your life. Here is why you should know about your Sun Sign and why your Sun Sign is important. Take a look. 

  • By understanding your Sun Sign you can reveal a lot about your personality, interests, likes, dislikes, perspectives, intentions, and so on. 
  • You can know about your life path and explore your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Your Sun Sign can help you figure out your life path and the purpose of your life. 
  • Each Sun Sign is unique and it renders its natives special attributes. 
  • Your Sun Sign can help you find your perfect match. You can check your love compatibility by zodiac signs and know who matches you the best. 
  • You can know about the other people and their intentions by understanding their Sun Signs. 
  • Your Sun Sign reflects your essence and reflects your impulses, fears, and inner traits. 
  • With the help of your Sun Sign, you can understand present circumstances and predict the foreseen possibilities. You may also bring luck and prosperity to your life by wearing sun or zodiac signs birthstones
  • Sun Sign signifies your self-esteem, confidence, and sense of identity. 
  • Understanding Sun Sign and dates can help you find auspicious and unfavorable events that you may encounter in your life. 
  • Your Sun Sign influences your horoscope and the positions of different planets and Ascendant in the 12 Sun Signs impact your daily life aspects. 

How to Find Your Sun Sign?

Calculating your Sun Sign is easy. You can consult an Expert Astrologer or find your Sun Sign by Sun Sign Calculator. For this, you need to have following details of an individual:-

  • Date of Birth
  • Month of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Time of Birth

Note: It is very beneficial to have the exact time of birth but if you don’t know your time of birth and want to know your Sun Sign, then you can submit the approximate time to predict your Sun Sign. 

Remember, the accuracy of the Sun Sign depends upon the accuracy of the shared information. So, always be precise about the details you share. Moreover, the Sun Sign is only a part of unveiling the outer layers of your personality. You can know more about your inner self and emotions by calculating your Moon Sign and finding its meaning.


Do Sun Signs Have Birthstones?

Yes, astrologers suggest wearing gemstones that are based on your Sun Sign. Like birthstones by month, each sun sign relates to one or more gemstones that boost its energy and bring luck, love, and prosperity in the lives of its natives.

Is The Sun Sign Same As The Zodiac?

People often confuse the Sun sign with the Zodiac sign. However, the fact is that the Sun sign is the zodiac sign in which the Sun is positioned at the time of your birth. Whereas, Zodiac signs refer to the 12-star constellations in which the Sun, the Moon, and the planets pass through.

Do Zodiac Signs Have Colors?

Astrology signs such as Sun Signs or Moon Signs are unique. Each sign relates to a sequence of colors that resonate with its energies and empower its natives. By wearing these zodiac colors or using them around, you can tune into your inner power and bring out your true self. For instance, one of the lucky colors of the Sun Sign, Aries, is Red. It is a vibrant, exciting, and life-affirming color that perfectly matches Aries’ fiery and vibrant personality.

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