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What Is Libra Birthstone, And Everything You Need To Know About It

25 Jul, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

What Is Libra Birthstone, And Everything You Need To Know About It

25 Jul, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

If you are the person who is fascinated by the shine of the gemstones and also considers their cosmic powers, Libra birthstone is for you.

Like every matter in the universe, the birth gems also vibrate on their specific frequencies. These vibrations, resonating with the people of a similar community, get along well with them. This helps in eliminating or minimizing the drawbacks or ill effects of something bad on their life. They, in a way, complement each other. This is how birthstones for every zodiac sign works for the natives of that particular sign.

In this blog, we will talk about the Libra zodiac stone - Chrysolite.

What Is Libra Birthstone

It is the beautiful goldish-green gemstone ‘Chrysolite’ famously known as ‘Peridot,’ given the authority to be the primary birthstone for the natives of the Libra zodiac sign. This gemstone got its name from the Greek word, which is not known, but it translates to ‘Golden Stone,’

If you are looking for the Libra birthstone October or Libra birthstone September, you must know, Libra stones remain the same for both months.

Origin, History, And Meaning Of Libra Birthstone

The first known evidence of Chrysolite is known to date back to 1500 B.C. with the fondness of Egyptians for this gemstone. Back then, it was confused with Emeralds and Topaz but eventually created their individual identity. This happened primarily because of the Libra birthstone color.

After gaining popularity among the masses across the globe and when the gemstone experts and astrologers identified its magical properties, it was given the designation of the birthstone for Libra woman and man.

Since you know what is Libra birthstone, you must know, today, the best quality Chrysolite gems are found in Myanmar, Tanzania, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, and the United States of America, and some parts of Hawaii.

It is sourced from these places and traded across the globe. Gemstone enthusiasts love this gem for its beauty, qualities, and availability.

What Color Is Libra Birthstone

Chrysolite is a gemstone that is composed of Iron and Magnesium. And it is the presence of iron responsible for giving it the goldish-green color for which it is famous. Its color will linger between the shades of green only. So if you come across a gemstone that claims to be Chrysolite or Peridot and is not anywhere near green in color, it is absolutely fake.

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How Will Libra Birthstone Benefit You

Libra stones are there to elevate your aesthetic appeal. And they also have some unbelievable magical properties that can benefit you in various ways.

Let’s see what those are:

Helps In Leaving The Baggage Of Past Guilt Behind

Wearing the jewelry with the Chrysolite embedded in it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the wearer. And in the long run, it also helps them to move forward in life. This gemstone is known to help its bearer leave any baggage of guilt and burden, weighing them down behind.

Attracts Love, Luck, And Fortune

If you think that you have been unlucky in matters of love for a while now, then you must consider keeping the Libra stones to wear near in any form for long periods. It will prove to work in your favor. It is not the aesthetic appeal of the gem that makes it desirable but this magical quality too.

Promotes A Strong Mindset And Self-Confidence

The positive vibrations and magical properties of a chrysolite, also known as Peridot, have been proven to boost your self-confidence over time. So if you know what is a Libra’s birthstone then you need not worry about it. This also helps you gain a strong mindset which assists you to achieve success in various aspects of life.

Improves Intuitive And Spiritual Abilities

Getting the vibe about something plays a vital role in guiding you to the path of moving forward in life. When these vibes or intuitions are strong, it becomes easier for you to decide. Your spiritual powers are also enhanced by wearing this beautiful gemstone.

Releases Stress And Help In Relaxation

The soothing Libra birthstone color is brilliant for creating jewelry. At the same time, it actually helps in relieving stress and relaxing the soul of the bearer. This provides rejuvenating energy that helps in doing the new things in life with a new and fresh perspective.

Cures Insomnia, Nightmares, And Nervous Disorders

Consider keeping the Libra stones to wear nearby if you are suffering from the problems associated with sleeping or nervous disorders. It will help you cure them. The gemstone can work as a catalyst in the medical treatment that you are already taking.

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Interesting Facts About Libra Birthstone

  • Ancient Egyptians used it in jewelry since 1500 B.C., and it is continuing till date in the whole world.
  • This gem was mined only during the night because of the belief that they cannot be seen during daylight. This is ironic as Chrysolite has also been called ‘The Stone Of The Sun.’
  • If you know what color is Libra birthstone, it is interesting to know that Romans called it the ‘Evening Emerald.’ This is because of the relatively lighter but equally attractive shade of green that it possesses.
  • The Hawaiians worshiped Chrysolite as the tears of the goddess of fire and volcanoes, Hele. This is the reason for its popularity over time.
  • The Emerald jewels of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra were confused or thought to be Chrysolite or Peridot because of the shared aesthetic appeal.

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Care And Cleaning Of Libra Zodiac Stone

Once you own a Chrysolite, then it becomes your most prized possession. This happens because of the beauty it possesses due to the unique Libra birthstone color.

I understand how much it will break your heart to lose the beauty of this gorgeous gem to scratches or other external impurities. This is where the importance of properly caring for Chrysolite gemstone comes into being. You will be happy to know that it is easy to clean your jewelry with Libra stones embedded in it.

The best way remains the traditional method of cleaning it with mild soap and water. This can be done with either warm or cool soap water, depending on the impurities present in your jewelry. This will be followed by wiping the jewelry off with a microfibre cloth to avoid the damage caused due to moisture.

Another crucial thing to be taken care of is keeping the Libra gemstone embedded jewels separate from other jewelry. This will prevent wear and tear over time.

That is all that you ever needed to know about the Libra birthstone. Also, how this gem can benefit you being a native of the Libra zodiac. Now, if you have been wondering about ‘my birthstone by zodiac sign,’ you know the answer already.

After knowing everything about it, it is still suggested to consult an expert astrologer who can tell you what is best for you as an individual.

So to get the most insightful suggestions, talk to our psychics now!

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