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Meaning & Effects of Empty Houses in Astrology

29 Mar, 2024 by Snehil

Meaning & Effects of Empty Houses in Astrology

29 Mar, 2024 by Snehil

You might be surprised to know that although your birth chart has twelve houses, only nine planets will be placed in them, according to astrology. Even when malefic planets are also included, one or two houses may remain empty. So, what do empty houses in astrology signify, then? Does it imply that that empty house will not bring us any benefits in the future? No, that is not correct! The houses can still provide results even when they are empty.

Empty houses are often disregarded or overlooked, but they are crucial to understanding your birth chart. When we discuss these "empty houses," we mean the unoccupied sections of a birth chart that hold significant information about your future, challenges you may face, and your strengths across a wide range of areas of your life. 

Here, we will delve into the specifics of empty houses in astrology, including their meaning, significance, and fascinating facts. Lastly, what does the astrological significance of each empty house mean? Let’s start, then.

What Do Empty Houses in Astrology Mean?

When we talk about empty houses, this generally means you have to go through a lot of struggle. Empty houses in astrology can reveal information about various aspects of your life. Here is a brief description of what each of these empty houses means, as per astrology:

Empty 1st House Astrology

The first house in astrology, also known as the "Lagna" or "ascendant," symbolizes one's personality. According to astrology, the first house is all about you—how you appear to others, how you make decisions in your life situations, and how your mind works in any situation.

Having an empty 1st house can have a direct impact on how someone thinks about different life situations and feels about themselves. In astrology, a person with an empty first house may have trouble focusing, staying on task, and moving forward in their personal life. When we talk about empty houses in astrology, people who have an empty first house may be less concerned or obsessed with their appearance or social standing.

Empty 2nd House Astrology

The 2nd house in astrology is linked to Dhana, a term that denotes riches and material possessions. This empty house in astrology includes material belongings like vehicles, homes, land, and other tangible assets. Additionally, it controls the tongue, nose, eyes, ears, and other body parts. In addition, the 2nd empty house has a big impact on a person's career and occupation.

Financial stability and wealth are potential concerns for those who have an empty second house in their birth chart. They may struggle to acquire and retain possessions or material assets. Since they might not have a distinct calling in life, these people may also experience uncertainty about their professional path. They might face significant financial difficulties or burdens regardless of how wealthy or poor their parents are when they are born.

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Empty 3rd House Astrology

The third house in astrology represents memory and mental tendencies. It includes a range of communication mediums, such as writing, editing, television, and media. Furthermore, the third house is directly related to body parts such as the hands, shoulders, legs, arms, lungs, collar bones, and nervous system. An empty 3rd house in astrology may be indicated by illnesses or health problems affecting these body parts.

When considering empty houses in astrology, an empty third house may affect one's ability to communicate effectively in life. People with an empty third house, for example, may have arguments and knowledge, but they may find it difficult to effectively present them during a debate or argument. Additionally, there is a chance that their memory and learning skills will be severely compromised, which could make it harder for them to remember and apply new information. 

Empty 4th House Astrology

Astrology's fourth house, also known as "Bandhu Bhava," is strongly associated with contentment within the home. It is affected by the Cancer zodiac sign's energy, which is related to our relationships with our mothers. Furthermore, the digestive system, the breasts, and the stomach are the bodily parts connected to this empty house in astrology.

When we talk about empty houses in astrology, malefic influences in the 4th house can result in health problems like lung disorders, breast ailments, and coronary problems. An empty fourth house may indicate a weaker or less significant bond between a person and their mother. Additionally, it is possible that their relationships with friends and family will suffer as a result, which could indicate difficulties or a lack of focus on these crucial bonds.

Empty 5th House Astrology

The fifth house of astrology, also known as the "Putra Bhava," is associated with pleasure, creativity, romance, and other aspects. It is strongly associated with fortune, learning, optimism, and good fortune. This is one of the empty houses in astrology that corresponds to the heart, stomach, pancreas, upper and middle back, and spine. 

The empty 5th house astrology can give rise to issues related to these body parts when malefic planetary influences are felt there. But what does the astrological meaning of an empty 5th house mean? When there are no planetary influences in the fifth house, it can be more difficult to have children or take care of their health. These implications may be more noticeable when the fifth house is empty.

empty houses in astrology

Empty 6th House Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, the energy behind our daily activities, well-being, and financial security is symbolized by the sixth house. The difficulties of life are linked to this house, also called Ari Bhava. It governs the lower abdomen, kidneys, small intestine, waist, and lower abdomen, among other body parts. It may surprise you to learn that having an empty sixth house has multiple benefits. 

When we talk about empty houses in astrology, if you have the 6th house empty in your birth chart, it may help you avoid hostility by reducing difficulties and conflicts in your life. You will be able to make wise decisions, live a balanced life, and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you do not encounter too many difficulties. Additionally, it might result in better friendships between you and your friends, leading to a more peaceful social atmosphere.

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Empty 7th House Astrology

According to astrology, the seventh house is positioned exactly opposite the "descendant," or first house. Considering the empty 7th house astrology is mostly about connections and relationships, which are frequently seen from a more nuanced angle. Seventh house planets can provide us with clues about how our lives will be impacted by bonds and relationships. It also controls the lower back, ovaries, and kidneys, among other bodily parts.

However, in the lagna chart, what happens when you have the 7th house empty in birth chart? In these situations, when we consider the empty 7th house spouse appearance, it might result in a postponed marriage or even divorce. Additionally, in astrology, empty houses do not always imply negativity because they can also indicate that the individual is at ease and content in that particular area of their life.

Empty 8th House Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the 8th house, also known as "Randhra Bhava," is associated with long life expectancy as well as experiences with unexpected gains and losses. This house is connected to transformation and mysteries. Some astrologers believe that having a strong 8th house can improve a person's ability to understand astrology, psychology, and mathematics. When considering the empty houses in astrology, this house is related to the pelvic region and other external sexual organs in terms of the body.

So, in Vedic astrology, is it unfavorable to have an empty eighth house? Not always. The empty eighth house is not necessarily a bad thing. Alternatively, having an 8th house empty in the birth chart could suggest a decreased probability of abrupt and upsetting life events or changes. It may also encourage people to express their emotions more honestly and openly.

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Empty 9th House Astrology

The ninth house of astrology is all about doing good deeds, lending a hand to others, picking up new skills, and traveling to new locations. It also involves being sincere and trusting your gut. Because the sign of Sagittarius influences this house, it is associated with success and good fortune. Additionally, the thighs, bones, and arteries are among the body parts associated with the Ninth Empty House.

When considering the empty houses in astrology, the ninth house, which represents themes of philosophy, spirituality, travel, and higher education, is empty when it indicates that these areas might not be your primary areas of focus. This does not mean that you will not be spiritual or that you will not enjoy travel; rather, it means that these things will probably happen on their own without you having to work for them. Indeed, having an empty 9th house in our birth chart can negatively impact our relationship with our father and decrease our interest in education and religion. 

Empty 10th House Astrology

In astrology, the tenth house, also known as "Karma Bhava," is ruled by the energy of Saturn and represents our standing in the community and at work. This house is among the most auspicious in a person's chart when auspicious planets are placed there. Furthermore, this house rules bones, joints, and knees, among other body parts.

When we talk about empty houses in astrology, an empty tenth house can indicate that the person needs to work hard to establish a good reputation. When choosing the ideal profession or career path, this empty house could also run into doubt and difficulties.

Empty 11th House Astrology

According to astrology, the eleventh house, also known as "Labha Bhava," is linked to establishing one's social network and friendships as well as gaining recognition, fortune, and recognition. In addition, this house rules over the ankle, shin bone, right leg, left arm, and left ear, among other body parts.

When we talk about empty houses in astrology, an empty 11th house could point to possible difficulties in developing solid and long-lasting social bonds. It could indicate that you are having trouble forming enduring friendships or forming ephemeral connections with people.

Empty 12th House Astrology

In astrology, the twelfth house represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of death, which is the ultimate form of detachment. Furthermore, themes of self-undoing, unconsciousness, and possible confinement experiences are linked to this house. It is responsible for the lymphatic system, feet, and left eye in terms of the body.

Having a 12th house empty in the birth chart is strongly related to dreams, intuitions, and emotions because it is influenced by Neptune's energy. Therefore, there is no reason to be overly concerned if your 12th house is empty. In fact, this astrological position can have positive effects on one's life, possibly leading to profoundly fulfilling emotional and even sensual experiences.

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Final Thoughts

Empty houses in astrology might not seem important at first, but they reveal a great deal about our personalities and lives. The planets add to the significance of a house, but their absence can also highlight aspects of our lives where we may be naturally good or where we may need to put in less effort.

Examining the astrological significance of empty houses can help us become more self-aware and learn how to make choices that will enable us to live up to our greatest potential. Therefore, if your astrological chart shows that you have an empty house, there is no reason to worry. It does not mean that something in your life does not exist or will never succeed. Rather, it usually means that there is less drama or activity in this area of life.

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