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Astrology 6th House Meaning And Their Significance

13 Aug, 2022 by Chintamani Khetawat

Astrology 6th House Meaning And Their Significance

13 Aug, 2022 by Chintamani Khetawat

The Astrology of the 6th house relates to the health, well-being, and daily routine of an individual. It not only concerns the physical health of a native but also reflects their mental well-being. It is about the daily activities a person can carry out, their physical strength and capabilities, and their attitude towards the problems they face in their life. 

The sixth house in Vedic Astrology is the house of health and routine. It is also known as Shatru Bhava or Rog Sthana in Astrology. It is ruled by Mercury and belongs to the Virgo zodiac sign. It is a weak position for the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus. 

What is the sixth house in Astrology?

The significance of the 6th house in Astrology relates to the health of a person. It defines physical health and wellness, mental strength to fight adverse situations, and the ability to face challenges in life. It is also concerned with the habits of a person and the routine they follow. Your routine is the presentation of your health, both physical and mental. It also denotes the attitude of a person towards their responsibilities whether at home, work, or towards society in general.

In Astrology, the sixth house holds equal importance to other houses in a native’s birth chart. This house cannot be missed in Kundali matching because it speaks about a native’s health, attitude towards adversity, and willingness to shoulder their responsibilities, which is important for a successful married life. 

What do different planets in the 6th house in Vedic Astrology indicate?

All the planets have different influences on a Janam Kundli of a native when positioned in the sixth house in Vedic Astrology. Their transition and impact along with the ruling planets of other houses is also a key point of study in Astrology. Consider the following dominating positions of different planets in the 6th house of a native’s birth chart:

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The sixth house in Vedic Astrology when dominated by the Sun influences the natives to religiously perform their daily activities. The natives tend to be perfectionists and perform every work with sincerity and dedication. The Sun blesses them with a good digestion system and a strong body. They are blessed with a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

They are naturally best at solving problems and overcoming challenges victoriously. Natives with the Sun in the sixth house work best at executive and managerial positions. They have an unconventional outlook towards life, and they have powerful and influential personalities.


The Moon in the sixth house in a Janam Kundali of a native is a representative of a humble and caring individual. These individuals are helpful and generous. They are best at assisting others in any situation. They are intelligent, sensitive, and emotional as a consequence of the Moon being the ruling planet in the 6th house. 

These natives are emotionally and physically balanced, but face health issues related to digestion. Whenever there is an imbalance between their physical and mental state, they suffer emotionally and become pessimistic and emotionally unstable.


The 6th house of Astrology with Jupiter as its ruling planet bestows the native with a healthy body. They are intelligent, disciplined, and well-organized when it comes to daily activities. Their intelligence and wit help them to solve problems easily. The natives are not afraid of challenges and also like to help those in adversity.

They are kind and generous at heart. They love to serve society and help those in need. They are content but short-tempered and easily get into fights. 


The significance of the 6th house in Astrology for Mercury in the strong position makes the native a hard worker. They can achieve anything in life with their hard working attitude. These individuals are focused and love to stay in the company of like-minded people. They can be harsh at times but loved and respected by everyone. 

These individuals are good at research and writing work and have unparalleled managerial skills. They love to work in private and respect the privacy of others. Though dominance is not their trait, they love to conquer their enemies. 

Astrology 6th House


In Astrology, the 6th house when ruled by Mars signifies a strong and well-built native. They have a good digestive system and a healthy body. They become good athletes and enjoy political positions. They are determined, powerful, and have great leadership skills.

Individuals with Mars in the 6th house are hard workers and expect the same from others. They are workaholics and like to work in their own way. They do not like to be dominated or taught and love to work independently on their terms. 


Saturn in the sixth house of Astrology represents individuals who love to work but also strike a work-life balance. They are sincere workers and fulfill their responsibilities dedicatedly. They are multi-talented, ambitious, and witty. They spend most of their time working and taking up the things for which they are responsible.

Natives with Saturn in the 6th house of their birth chart should let loose things and enjoy life. These natives are strong-willed and emotionally stable. This helps them to meet the challenges of life and overcome their enemies in every situation. 

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Venus in the 6th house of Astrology exhibits luxurious and comfortable life. A person with Venus as their dominating planet in the sixth house of Vedic Astrology is attractive, intelligent, and trustworthy. They barely have enemies, and if they do, they are smart to turn their foes into friends. 

The natives are also blessed with luxurious lifestyles. They love to travel to exotic places and have the chance of traveling to a foreign land for their studies. They are foodies and love to try every cuisine in the world. 


The significance of Rahu in the 6th house in Vedic Astrology is positive. The native is a strong-willed and intelligent person who is a conqueror of every unfavorable situation. They know how to thrive in adversities and turn unfavorable situations into opportunities. They are blessed with the abilities of conflict resolving, arbitration, and settlement.

They enjoy good health, wealth, and a long life. They have a natural urge to help others and often get into charity, NGOs, and support weaker sections of society. They are born fighters and do not love to lose in any aspect of life. 


The shadow planet Ketu in the sixth house in Astrology is a favorable position for a native. It gives the native a strong body and mind. A native is a wise person who learns from their experiences and seldomly repeats the same mistake. They are born leaders and generous at the same time. They have a knack for details and work trusting their intuitions. 

The natives are blessed with good health and may face minor health issues. Ketu in the 6th house in a Janam Kundali bestows the native with a fast and healthy recovery.

Health is an important aspect of a native’s life. It is one concern on which everything else of a person’s life depends. Health is the representation of body and mind and their coordination that affects the life of a person. Talk to an expert Vedic Astrologer to know your house of health, represented in Astrology by the 6th house.

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