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Significance of the 10th house in astrology

17 Aug, 2022 by Adrija Milan

Significance of the 10th house in astrology

17 Aug, 2022 by Adrija Milan

The 10th house in Astrology is known as the house of profession. One’s authority, charge, rank, control, and power are also evaluated by the 10th house. In Kundali, the 10th House is also known as Karma Bhava and the Zodiac Sign that relates to it is Capricorn. Vedic Astrology suggests that the tenth house can indicate a lot about your career and work ethic. The ruling planet of this house is Saturn. 

The Astrological 10th house doesn’t only represent your career but also delivers information about your achievements, status, fame, and general public image. It shows your authoritative nature and dedication towards your work, this is why the best profession for the natives is politics or a leadership role in an organization. 

If studied carefully, the 10th house, in Astrology can reveal a lot about your financial success, stature, and accomplishments as well. 

Your material achievements can immensely impact the significance of the 10th House in Astrology as it is responsible for your social status and public image. The meaning of the 10th house, in Astrology, can change according to different planets and celestial bodies, and their position in the house. Let’s discuss what they represent. 

Significance of Planets and Other Celestial Bodies in 10th House of Kundli: 

Sun in 10th House: 

Sun’s placement in the 10th house is considered a blessing. It suggests that you will be able to achieve success easily and get all your responsibilities fulfilled. You are gifted as you can reach goals without putting in a lot of effort. It also suggests that authority is very necessary for you. You are a born leader and know how to manage people well. You are a great motivator and also very influential. 

Moon in 10th House: 

If the Moon is placed in your 10th House of Astrology, it suggests that you are a very emotional person and your emotions navigate your career as well. You will get bored of your work very quickly and this will cause you to switch jobs, but once you find your ideal occupation you will do wonders. It also suggests that you have a very charming personality.

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Jupiter in the 10th House: 

Jupiter in the tenth house, in Astrology, is said to provide you leadership and authority. You will be able to reach a higher position with the hard work you put in. you are a workaholic and do not like leaving things for tomorrow. You sometimes tend to overwork yourself and that reflects adversely on your health.

Venus in 10th House: 

Venus in the 10th house, in Astrology, suggests that you are very bright and When placed in the 10th house, Venus bestows the native with a cheerful and pleasant. You stay focused on reaching your goal but never forget to cheer for the ones behind you. You are always ready to help others. Everyone around is very fond of you and this also reflects in the success of your career.

Astrology 10th House Meaning

Mars in the 10th House: 

Mars in the 10th house in your Kundali represents that you are very goal-oriented and also ambitious. You know your priorities and never deviate from your path. You follow a very disciplined lifestyle and that is the major contributor to your success. Despite the strict routine, you never miss a chance to have fun and are the life of the party.

Mercury in 10th House: 

Mercury in the 10th house makes you a very creative and innovative person. You know your way around words and that is why the professions you will perform best in are journalism, writing, and anchoring. You are very passionate to learn about new things and that makes you a very adventurous person. You love to travel and socialize with new people. 

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Saturn in the 10th House: 

Saturn’s placement in your 10th House makes you a great decision maker. You are a very analytical person and think very critically. You are a hard worker and perform best under pressure. Financial bliss is promised. With your natural abilities and skill set, success won’t be very difficult for you. You are a little short-tempered and lose your calm very often over the smallest things. 

Rahu in 10th House: 80

If Rahu sits in your 10th house, it indicates that you are a very authoritative person, and social status and public image matter a lot to you. Your desire for a leadership role makes you a natural hard worker. You will be gaining a lot of name and popularity with your skill set and dedication. Your lust for fame might force you to try a few shortcuts and that will always leave a mark on your reputation. 

Ketu in 10th House: 48

Ketu in the 10th house is a sign of wisdom and knowledge. You are a fast learner and understand new concepts very quickly. You will attain a lot of wealth using your knowledge. You have a lot of appreciation of different art forms and you always try to keep yourself busy with your hobbies. 

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Q1. Which planet is good for the 10th Astrology house?

Ans. Venus is considered a lucky planet for the 10th house as it is a sign of attaining success and wealth through a charming personality. 

Q2. What is the 10th house in astrology?

Ans. The meaning of the 10th house, in Astrology, can change according to different planets and celestial bodies, and their position in the house.

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