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The 4th House Astrology: House of Emotions and Home

10 Aug, 2022 by Chintamani Khetawat

The 4th House Astrology: House of Emotions and Home

10 Aug, 2022 by Chintamani Khetawat

The Astrology 4th house is the House of Emotions, also known as Bandhu Bhava. It exhibits the emotions a native has for their family and roots. It represents the emotional qualities of a person and how they express them. It is about the relationships with parents, relatives, and ancestors. 

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According to Vedic Astrology, the fourth house is governed by the Cancer zodiac, and the Moon is the ruling planet. The Moon is associated with emotions. The meaning of the 4th house is not limited to the family one is born into, but also the family an individual will make in their life.

In Vedic Astrology, the 4th house lays the foundation of a person. Their early lives mold their habits, beliefs, and sentiments. This is not only about what they receive from their families over the years but also about what they develop and pass on to the generations to come. 

What is the fourth house in Astrology?

The fourth house of astrology is all about the emotional ties a person shares with their family. It is about their feeling of belongingness, security, and emotional stability. It also represents their roots, ancestors, and family tree and the bond they share with them. In Vedic Astrology, the 4th house plays an important role in understanding a native’s emotional stability and dependence as they are influenced by their bought up and family ties. 

What is the significance of different planets in the fourth house in Vedic Astrology?

The ruling planet of the fourth house, according to Vedic Astrology influences a person’s emotional traits. The favorable position of planets in the fourth house gives the natives strong family ties and emotional stability. The dominance of malefic planets or position of planets in the birth chart of a native indicates troubled childhood, stressed family relationships, or emotional imbalances. Consider the influence of the following planets on a native’s personality when positioned in the fourth house of the birth chart:

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The Sun in the fourth house of a native shows their emotional dependence and attachment to their family. Such natives are emotional and sensitive. They derive energy from their surroundings and love to stay in their comfort zone.

The natives with Sun in the 4th house in Vedic Astrology are emotionally dependent on others. As their home environment influences them, a safe and positive place is a must for them to feel secure and comfortable. They should learn to be self-dependent when it comes to emotions. They need to be emotionally balanced and strong. 


Moon in the 4th house in a Janam Kundali represents natives with caring nature. These natives care for their families and are quite protective of them. Their home is everything to them, and they are deeply attached to their parents. 

Individuals with Moon in the fourth house are intuitive and caring. They are emphatic, and when influenced by the unfavorable position of the Moon, they tend to care for others, considering their problems as their own. These natives should watch out for this trait as it unnecessarily puts them into trouble and emotional turmoil. 


In Vedic Astrology, when the 4th house is dominated by Jupiter, the native enjoys a luxurious life. They are blessed with a house, properties, cars, and other comforts of life. It is a very fortunate position of Jupiter for an individual to be born under. 

These natives are helpful and generous. They don’t hesitate to even help a stranger. They are also religious and believe in charity. They are good at maintaining relationships with others, especially the opposite gender.


According to Astrology, the 4th house dominated by Mercury influences a native to keep a close-knit circle of friends. They believe in long-term relationships and prefer a few good friends over a large social circle. They feel comfortable and grow within their own space and circle.

The natives are intellectual and sensitive at the same time. They like to learn about new cultures and languages. They are explorers and love to travel. They admire beauty and appreciate diversity. They are overthinkers and sensitive and often take things personally.

Astrology 4th House


The meaning of Mars in the 4th house in a birth chart signifies courageous and brave natives. These natives often join the armed forces, and they are fierce, bold, and strong. They are very protective of their people and no one crosses over their boundaries when they are around. 

These individuals face tense family relationships, but they look out for solutions. They need a strong family base to thrive in their life. They are attached to their family and emotionally dependent on them. Any trouble in the family disrupts their mental peace, but they know how to handle the situations with love and care.


The 4th house in Vedic Astrology with Saturn as the ruling planet represents people with the need for a feel-like home place wherever they go. These people feel safe in their homes and do not adapt to changes well. They are private people and love to work alone.

The natives with Saturn in the dominating position in the fourth house are intelligent, problem-solvers, responsible, and mature. They are quite helpful and never fail to lend a helping hand. This forms a base for their good Karma and they experience unexpected favors in life.


Venus is the planet that signifies love and romance. Its presence in the fourth house according to Astrology represents natives that love to have fun and do what they like. These people often wed early and take chances to find their soulmates. Vedic Astrology is the best way to find your soulmate by Kundali matching because it helps in understanding the compatibility of the two people and the prediction about their marital life.

They are excellent hosts and leave no stone unturned to make their guests welcomed and comfortable. They are affectionate towards their family members. They are comfort seeking people. Their personality traits also include being humble and down to Earth nature. 

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In Vedic Astrology, the 4th house when ruled by the favorable position of Rahu in a native’s Janam Kundali blesses them with mother’s love and care. These people grow a strong bond with their families, especially mothers. 

Rahu in the fourth house in a birth chart blesses the native with wisdom and financial gains. Their wisdom contributes to their growth and wealth. These people make a good fortune and enjoy power and position in business and society.


The Vedic Astrology of the 4th house depicts the caring and soft nature of the native. The natives care about their families and are respectful towards them, especially the female members of the family. This nature of theirs makes them earn love and respect from their family members. 

The favorable position of Ketu in the 4th house in Vedic Astrology helps a person to earn respect and fame in the family and society. Ketu blesses them with riches and makes them famous. The positive personality traits help them in earning admiration from one and all. 

The ruling planets in the fourth house, their transitions, and the influence of positions of other planets in different houses in a Janam Kundli altogether affect the emotional traits of a person. Chat with an expert Vedic Astrologer to get a detailed view of what is the fourth house in Astrology and how it affects the relationship of the native with their family.

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