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8th House Astrology Meaning And Their Significance

15 Feb, 2024 by Chintamani Khetawat

8th House Astrology Meaning And Their Significance

15 Feb, 2024 by Chintamani Khetawat

In Astrology, the 8th house in a native’s Janam Kundali is the representation of their death. It also relates with uncertainties, lifespan, and the probable reasons of a native’s death. The 8th house talks about the unexpected gains or losses that an individual might face in their wealth, inheritance, or investments. It is also the house of mysteries related to sudden shifts and changes in the life of a native and their attitude towards them.

The 8th house in Astrology is the House of Death. Vedic Astrology calls this house as Ayu Bhava, and Mars is its ruling planet. This house is related to the Scorpio zodiac representing strong and passionate individuals. The Sun and Jupiter are favorable to this house and the Moon, Mercury, and Mars make this house weak in a native’s Kundali.

What is the 8th house in Astrology?

Astrology 8th House

The eighth house in Astrology is considered to be malefic. The favorable planetary positions can bestow the native with unexpected gains and benefits while an unfavorable position can leave them in losses, defeat, debts, and difficult times. It represents death of the individual according to their Janam Kundali and also the death of their close people or the way they will die. This can contribute to Kundali matching to know the lifespan of spouses with other aspects of life for finding the right life partner in accordance with Vedic Astrology.

What do different planets in the 8th house represent in Vedic Astrology?

The meaning of the 8th house in Astrology depends on the position of different planets. The 8th house when called as house of uncertainties can be said to be dependent on the Karma of the native. The uncertainties can be due to Karmas of previous births that attract positive and negative aspects in life, including inheritance. Read below to know what is the 8th house in Astrology when ruled by different planets: 


The eighth house in Astrology with Sun as the dominating planet is the representative of a native with the abilities to thrive in uncertainties. These natives are always up for life challenges. They are content and do no not lose calm and stability in unexpected situations in their life. They are good at managing changes in their plans due to externalities and taking control of the situation. 

The Sun influences the natives to breed on success and a desire to be successful in every aspect of life. The natives have a natural inclination towards mysteries and intuitive powers. These people help others and act as healers to them.


The meaning of the 8th house in a birth chart of a person with Moon as the dominating planet signifies an individual who does not give up in any situation of life. The individual works cautiously in uncertainties and failure does not disappoint them. Instead of crying over spilt milk, they move forward and do the best in the given situation, says the Astrology for the 8th house. 

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The Moon in the 8th house represents hard-working, pragmatic, and secretive individuals. These people keep their emotions to themselves and belongings give them a sense of security. They gain wealth and assets through inheritance and marriage. 


The 8th house in Astrology is the significance of natives with a never giving up attitude. Even the most difficult situations do not move them. They look out for the root of the problem and work on finding the most assured solutions. They are talented and carry a practical approach towards life.

These natives have an interest in philosophy and mysteries. They can become a good preacher or influencer, helping others to overcome difficulties in their lives. Natives with Moon in the 8th house of their Janam Kundali earn wealth through inheritance and partner after marriage. 

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The meaning of the 8th house with Mercury as the ruling planet signifies inquisitive individuals with deep interest in the mystical world. They are keen to know the unknown and are related to death in some way or the other, like funerals, investigators, or others.

These natives crave for knowledge. Their thirst for knowledge knows no limit. They are philosophical and deep thinkers. They are gifted with deep understanding of things, even of the metaphysical world or occult sciences. They gain or lose wealth and possessions through inheritance and business contracts. 


Mars in the eighth house in Astrology does not make an individual able and confident enough to deal with rough patches in life. These people are poor at handling uncertainties and often get into trouble. They are impulsive and react instantly to a situation without analyzing the situation. 

The eight house when dominated by Mars represents losses, debts, or financial problems because of the spouse. The positive aspect here is that the native is highly intuitive and can recognise people with false motives. These people are desirous and often get what they want.


Saturn in the 8th house represents individuals uncomfortable with uncertainties or change. These people do not do well in changing situations. Change makes them anxious and nervous. Though they are calm and disciplined individuals, you need to go with the flow in uncertain situations. 

Saturn in the 8th house will also affect the health condition of a native. The native may face chronic health issues. They are likely to face delays and obstacles in financial matters, debts, and inheritance. Nevertheless, the individuals are efficient in managing their expenses and barely over spent. 


In Astrology, the 8th house dominated by Venus in a birth chart of a native, blesses the native with a luxurious life. In Vedic Astrology, Venus is associated with luxury and wealth and when it is in the eight house of a native, it bestows a luxurious life through the partner of the native.

Venus in the 8th house represents obsessions and possessions making the person take wrong decisions, resulting in uncertainties. These people must keep patience and control their desire for money and luxury. 

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