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Tarot Spread for How Someone Feels About You

08 Apr, 2024 by Snehil

Tarot Spread for How Someone Feels About You

08 Apr, 2024 by Snehil

We humans are complex beings who constantly build complicated psychological, mental, and intentional patterns throughout our lives. One of the most important concerns that we all struggle with is, “How to figure out how someone feels about you?” Understanding how someone feels about you, whether it be about a friend, family member, romantic partner, or even a coworker, can help to bring clarity, strengthen bonds, and calm your own fears.

The tarot reading for feelings provides a distinctive perspective that allows us to investigate this exact question because of its extensive use of symbolism and imagery. The Tarot card for feelings represents the plethora of energies and emotions that surround and exist within us, in addition to their ability to predict the future. 

This free tarot spread for how someone feels about you was created specifically to tap into these subtle emotional nuances, exposing emotions that may be hidden and providing insights that may not be immediately apparent. So, if you are wondering how to ask tarot if someone likes you, tarot reading for feelings can be really helpful to explain how to figure out how someone feels about you. Let’s dive in.

How Does He Feel About Me Tarot Reading

Draw a card for each position after shuffling your deck to get started. Ultimately, give each card a moment of thought as you consider the questions it represents and the possible meaning the tarot cards in that position are trying to convey. Here, are the position and meaning of each tarot card for feelings.

Card 1: How They Are Feeling About You Right Now

The first card of the tarot reading for feelings provides a general overview of their current feelings toward you, highlighting any particular feelings that stand out. Most of the time, this is how they see you, but it is only a surface perception, so it can be easily altered. It communicates both their current emotional state and their overall viewpoint on your relationship. It is still one of the most important tarot card for feelings if you want to change the way they see you. Let’s understand with an example:

The Sun Tarot card for feelings implies that they have a very favorable opinion of you and are happy, hopeful, and kind toward you. They are grateful for you and your presence because you make them feel happy and clear.

It seems like their feelings for you have suddenly changed, or that you are the furthest thing from their minds at the moment. They may be going through unforeseen changes or realizations regarding your relationship, and in essence, this is not their top priority at the moment. 

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Card 2: The Basis of Their Feelings.

This card explores the underlying causes or feelings that underlie them. It could represent things from the past, recollections from the past, or the main reason they are attracted to you. This position will probably provide you with some insight into how to figure out how someone feels about you right now, depending on the card that represents their feelings toward you. For more understanding, take note of how this tarot card for feelings differs from the expression cards and the hidden feelings card. Here is an example:

Their feelings for you are motivated by genuine happiness, emotional fulfillment, and a sense of shared joy. There is an enduring emotional connection that has been developed over time. This is a very happy card, so you have nothing to worry about!

It is possible that going through a difficult time, feeling excluded, or suffering an emotional or material loss had an impact on their emotions. It is something that this person has had to pay for at significant emotional or personal expense. This tarot card for feelings implies that they experience some kind of deficiency or difficulty in their relationship with you, and it is definitely worth talking to resolve any misunderstandings or help restore harmony between you both.

tarot card reading for feelings

Card 3: External Influences

This card draws attention to the outside elements that could be affecting their emotions, such as other people's perspectives, the environment in which they are living, or events that are not related to them. This card is a representation of how this person feels about you when they interact with other people. What they say about you, how they describe you, and even what they say about your relationship as a whole. This is a good place to look for hidden crushes and hints of deception or manipulation. When compared to the other cards in this tarot reading for feelings, things start to make sense and come full circle, which makes this a potent position card. 

In your relationship, external factors foster development and forward-thinking optimism. They are picking up cues from their environment that encourage optimism and growth regarding you. They might even want to incorporate additional travel or business opportunities. Since you do not just go on a trip or start a business with someone, does he still have feelings for me tarot spread shows that they genuinely enjoy spending time with you and believe you have a lot to offer.

Their perception of you may be influenced by lies, fraud, or rumors from outside sources. It is possible that they are alerted by sounds or sensations. If you want to work even harder to establish your territory with them, it is something to consider.

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Card 4: What They Desire or Expect from the Relationship

Their expectations, wishes, and hopes for your relationship are reflected in this How does he feel about me tarot reading. It might allude to what they hope to get out of your relationship or experience down the road. This tarot card for feelings is a representation of the way this person feels about you or expects from the relationship. This explains how you are treated, how you interact with the person you are asking about, and the impressions they leave on you. Unlike other cards, this position will help you understand the nature of your relationship. It may even open your eyes. This is one situation where concerns are likely to arise.

They seek affection, abundance, and a close emotional bond. They may also value your comforting, considerate, and imaginative contributions to the relationship. They have a lot of opportunities for you, that is for sure!

It is possible that they are considering leaving or looking for something more. They believe that the relationship is lacking something, or they feel as though they must look elsewhere for greater emotional fulfillment. This is a good time to talk to them if you want to help them clear up any doubts.

Card 5: The Potential Future of Your Relationship

This card gives you insight into how your relationship might develop in the future based on their feelings, drawing from their present desires and feelings. This tarot card gives you a clear picture of how someone feels about you and your relationship's future. When they realize how much you care, maybe they will fall in love with you, but even if they don't, at least you will have contributed to someone's little bit of happiness. Thus, if you truly love someone, look for ways to improve their life without expecting anything in return. Something will happen if the universe is trying to bring you together in the future. However, even in that case, you ought to try to assist them in any way you can.

There is an opportunity for completion, fulfillment, and celebration. It is fantastic that you give each other the chance to experience culture, travel, and community in general. It might even be a sign of your fervor for activism. It is possible that you will both complete the circle and discover wholeness and harmony together.

There could be a painful resolution, betrayal, or backstabbing. They may believe that there is a big challenge ahead of them or that things are coming to a regrettable end. You will need to discuss things with each other if you wish to avoid having to make a difficult decision.

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Final Takeaway To Free Tarot Spread for How Someone Feels About You

The tarot reading for feelings can provide us with an insightful tool to help us gain a deeper understanding of the emotions and thoughts of someone important in our lives. Through the use of tarot card for feelings, we can tap into the symbolism and energies surrounding us, unlocking hidden truths and providing insights that may not be immediately apparent. 

While the tarot is not a definitive answer, it can help us explore our relationships and emotions, giving us a starting point to spark important conversations and strengthen our connections with those who matter most to us. Whether it's a friend, family member, romantic partner, or coworker, understanding how someone feels about us can help bring clarity, calm our fears, and strengthen bonds. So, if you are wondering how to figure out how someone feels about you, try using this How does he feel about me tarot reading as a guide. 

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