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Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The meaning of the Eight of Cups tarot card is transition. It is the realization of loss and disappointment with a current life situation that forces a person to let go of something for a better future. 

Sometimes, we experience a feeling of discontentment with a friendship, job, relationship, or home and choose to or are forced to leave it for betterment. The 8 of Cups tarot spread reflects walking away from struggles toward a prosperous future. 

It signifies that you no longer wish to hold on to what is emotionally, mentally, or physically draining you. The card shows that you are all set to embrace change and explore what lies ahead on the journey. 

However, since the interpretation of a tarot reading varies for different people going through different journeys, you should read the 8 of Cups tarot guide completely. It helps you connect the dots about where the universe is leading you. 

The Eight of Cups Key Facts 

Below are some important facts and information about the 8 of Cups tarot card. 

Eight of Cups Upright Meaning: Abandonment, letting go of something, walking away, leaving behind, searching for truth, traveling, introspecting, disconnecting, escaping, withdrawing from a situation/something, self-analysis, fatigue, no courage, disappointment, and a deeper look .

Eight of Cups Reversed Meaning: Self-doubt, stagnation, fear of moving ahead, fake happiness, no self-awareness, monotony, staying in a harmful situation, doubt in capabilities, fear of the inevitable, fearing the unknown, and being clingy.

Yes or No No
Element Water
Numerology 8
Planet Neptune
Zodiac Sign Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
eight of cups tarot card

Eight of Cups Description 

The 8 of Cups shows a man with a tall staff, symbolizing knowledge and wisdom, walking away from eight golden cups. These eight cups are neatly aligned, and it seems like there should be one more goblet in the scene. This missing cup represents the contentment the person misses in life. 

The cups represent the struggles and challenges the man endured for so long, hoping things would improve. However, now he has decided to let go of all that no longer serves the purpose of his life. He is now ready to embark on a new journey leading him to joy, contentment, self-improvement, and growth. 

In the background, we see mountains, a river, and the moon. The mountains here symbolize the man’s awareness that the way ahead will be challenging yet necessary for his betterment. The river is symbolic of the man’s emotions, and the moon is here to illuminate his path to help him go unnoticed when escaping from the current situation. 

Eight of Cups Meaning (Upright)

An upright 8 of Cups signifies breaking out of the comfort zone and into newer horizons. There comes a point where you need to transform yourself for a better future. And this transformation happens after letting go of the things holding you back. It could be anything, such as a job, relationship, project, or home, that you may need to let go of. 

The card shows that what was once good for you may no longer make you feel happy and content. Sometimes, what you start with much passion, joy, and happiness may turn out to be bitter and painful at a later stage. In such situations, it is better to free yourself from these emotional clutches, trust your wisdom, and travel towards something that adds value to your life. 

The 8 of Cups tarot spread also hints at a feeling of disappointment and something being amiss in your life. It shows that no matter how hard you try, you feel disappointed by the current situation, and there is no excitement left. Even though everything looks bright on the face of it, deep down, you feel both spiritual and emotional dullness. Hence, the card encourages you to leave that stale, bland, and unfulfilling thing behind and find something that serves you better. 

This card also indicates that you are trying your best to leave a problem behind or are ignoring some huge concern/psychological issue. You are unwilling to deal with the cups, i.e., the emotional and real-world issues present in the foreground.

eight of cups tarot card upright

You may not communicate with others about your feelings. However, deep inside, you are either convincing yourself that everything is in your favor or trying to ignore the situation altogether. The Eight of Cups tarot spread suggests that you should reflect on what brings you a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment at the soul level. For example, what you may want is not just a partner, but a soulmate who connects with you on a deeper level. 

All in all, you should leave behind everything that drains your energy, realign your objectives with your core values, and look for real happiness. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Love and Relationships (Upright)

It is not a good sign if you get an upright 8 of Cups love tarot spread. It is indicative of a tough situation in your love life that has become so painful to handle that you wish to walk away from it. 

The card has the energy of abandonment. It shows that either you or your partner wishes to leave the relationship. There is a sign that the relationship may have become so weary that there is no option but to drop out. 

Moreover, the 8 of Cups tarot urges you to dive deeper into your soul to answer questions like, Do you feel truly happy with your current relationship?" "Is the relationship still as satisfying, fulfilling, and joyous as it was in its initial phase?" and "Is your partner contributing to your life’s purpose?" Well, you should not stick to the relationship if the answer to these questions is a No. 

Please remember that every painful ending can become a beautiful beginning. Hence, it is wise to not compromise in a relationship solely for the sake of the years you have spent together. 

Through the Eight of Cups tarot card, the higher power is hinting at focusing on what matters most—what makes you happy, feel loved, and feel valued—and reconsidering your options accordingly. 

Eight of Cups tarot card meaning reflects the energies of loneliness or being tired of getting into a new relationship. The suggestion here is to not let the abandonment issues of the past or the heartache from an earlier relationship stop you from trusting people or believing in the power of love. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Career (Upright)

Since the 8 of Cups tarot card has the energy of walking away, you may leave behind an unfulfilling job or take a well-deserved break from work. It means going in search of more satisfying experiences that aid your growth and add value to your life. 

The Eight of Cups meaning in relation to your career can also be that your current workplace is unsuitable for you. Either your current job is not rewarding enough or it has a higher opportunity cost, i.e., because of this job, you are missing out on lucrative career advancement opportunities. In any case, you feel surrounded by constant stress, worries, and a stagnant feeling, as if your growth has come to a halt. 

In such situations, you should not consider walking away as running away from the problems or a negative act. Sometimes, walking away means valuing yourself more. It is a good decision to cut your losses and leave a situation if it leads to a brighter future. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Health (Upright)

An upright 8 of Cups tarot card in a health spread may indicate that your environment and dwelling too much on your life’s negative aspects are damaging your health. You may be overstressing over things only the Almighty can control. 

Moreover, issues with family or friends may be bothering you. All in all, the spirit here is submerged in stress and worry. And it is urging you to stop focusing on what you cannot control, stop stressing about all the negative things, and have a positive outlook toward life. 

As the card indicates moving to another place, you can go on a rejuvenating holiday to de-stress your mind, find peace, and improve your overall health. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Finance (Upright)

Money is not the ultimate source of happiness. You may feel discontent with your life even if your bank account is flooded with monetary wealth. It is what the universe may be trying to indicate through the Eight of Cups tarot card in your financial reading. 

Even if you have built your wealth after a lot of hard work, you may realize that it is not what you crave. You may feel as if you are faking the emotions of happiness before the world without actually being happy. 

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can bring back the lost adventure. All you need to do is let go of a bit of your financial security, start afresh, and build what you feel is best for you. 

Moreover, the 8 of Cups tarot guides you to be prudent in your financial decisions. You should be careful about hefty expenditures and analyze how much money and what things you spend. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Spirituality (Upright)

Spiritually, the meaning of the Eight of Cups tarot card in its upright state is self-discovery. You may take a voyage to discover yourself. The energy here involves introspection and soul-searching. It signals that you may leave your old beliefs and embark on a journey to find your own path to connect with the divine. 

Eight of Cups Meaning (Reversed)

When reversed, 8 of Cups reflects the energy of confusion. You may feel dicey about moving on from the current situation. You may wish to walk away from it, but at the same time, you are confused about whether or not it is the right thing to do. Moreover, fear of failure is what is keeping you from marching forward in your journey. 

You are stuck in thoughts of failure, wondering about all the “what ifs” that may happen if you fail to face the challenges ahead successfully. You feel that if these fears turn out to be a reality, you will be too devastated to take another step toward a fulfilling future.

The reversed Eight of Cups wants you to search your soul and decide whether or not you wish to give the situation a last chance. The decision also depends on the combination of cards you get in your reading. Receiving a Four of Swords or Hanged Man with this card indicates that the wind will be in your favor if you give your situation another chance. However, an active combination, such as a Chariot or Eight of Wands shows you should take a leap of faith and move forward in your life. 

Most importantly, the universe, through this card, tells you that listening to your heart is the best way to overcome problems. You should follow your heart wherever it may lead you, unbothered by the consequences of doing so. The soul’s voice always shows a person the right path, which leads them to ultimate happiness. 

eight of cups tarot card reversed

Sometimes, giving up on a relationship hurts, but holding on to it is even more painful. You may be going through such a situation if a reversed 8 of Cups tarot card appears in your love reading. Your current relationship may feel like a burden instead of pure bliss, you wonder if things are not shaping the way you expect, and you need to free yourself from this connection. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Love and Relationships (Reversed)

However, something is holding you down. It is important for both you and your partner. Hence, even though the relationship makes you suffer, it is perhaps not the best time to end it. 

Through this card, the heavenly energy is indicating you should reflect on what is holding you back from breaking the relationship—that thing that holds you down above your mental peace, if this connection is worth all the pain and suffering. 

Fear is normal when it comes to giving up a relationship you have built with so much patience, love, time, and energy. However, you should remind yourself that what is right for you won’t feel wrong in your heart, and even though it may seem impossible, sooner or later, you will move on as life stops for no one. 

For those of you who are single and open to new love, the appearance of a reversed Eight of Cups love spread signifies that you now understand what kind of partner you should manifest in your life. You have learned from your past experiences and are aware of what works and does not work for you. 

The card reflects courage. You are now courageous enough to break free from the seemingly comfortable past that was making your life miserable. Now is the time to venture into the unknown and search for the happiness you have always desired. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Career (Reversed)

Fear is again a major energy in a reversed 8 of Cups when it comes to a career reading. You feel that, though unfulfilling, your current job or profession has brought stability to your life, something you fear losing. 

The joy you derived from your job or business is long gone; it is nowhere in sight. A busy but unrewarding life with no time for friends and family has drained you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Still, you are sticking to the current scenario because you think there may not be a better option. 

Well, the suggestion here is that you should not doubt your capabilities. It is better to trust yourself, jump into the unknown waters, and let the waves take you to the pinnacle of your career. Instead of settling for something underwhelming and unfulfilling, you should experiment and make the most of your creativity. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Health (Reversed)

8 of Cups in its reversed state appears as a warning in your health reading. It indicates that you are risking your health by knowingly putting yourself in a situation that drains your energy. You should omit yourself from this scene. But, you refuse to do it for fear of things outside your control. 

Now that you are losing your health, the Eight of Cups tarot card meaning is to reflect on your decisions and actions. It is high time you eliminated all negative influences from your life and changed your lifestyle for improved health. These changes can include a healthy diet plan, gymming/other forms of workout, or de-stressing yourself at appropriate time intervals through breaks. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Finance (Reversed)

Like all other 8 of Cups reversed readings, fear is the main element in a financial reading. You may not be willing to lose your currently stable financial situation for fear or the insecurity of not finding stability again. However, deep down, you know your earnings are not enough reward for your effort. You deserve much more in exchange for the energy and hard work you put into your work, and you are worthy of a much better lifestyle. 

Well, the best course of action here is to not let fear hold you back, be bold, and take risks. You can reach your financial goals only if you stop fearing the unknown and are up for the challenge. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Spirituality (Reversed)

Spiritually, the Eight of Cups tarot card in its reversed form signifies hindered spiritual growth and missing self-awareness. You should try connecting with your spirit to discover and illuminate your life path. It is suggesting you perform soul-searching to get the courage and strength to let go of things blocking your path to growth and success. 

Eight of Cups Tarot Card: Yes or No?

A yes or no tarot reading, i.e., a one-card pull, is an excellent way to overcome an emotional dilemma. It gives you a straight, quick, and simple answer to any specific question. The answer depends on whether you got an upright or reversed card in your reading. Below is the interpretation of an upright and reversed 8 of Cups tarot card in the one-card pull. 

Upright: The answer for an upright Eight of Cups is "Yes". 

Reversed: A reversed 8 of Cups has "No" as the answer. 

Eight of Cups Meaning in Numerology 

Eights are kabbalistically related to the wanderlust planet Mercury. Conventional numerology relates the number 8 to Saturn. It involves impulses toward self-destruction. You should ask yourself if you are breaking off from the old behaviors, patterns, and situations to create something better or if this destruction is unnecessary. 

Eight of Cups Meaning for Timing 

This card wants you to have patience. Your desires manifest slowly when you get the 8 of Cups tarot card. The pace of manifestation will be slow yet steady, like water flowing. You can expect the desired event to occur sometime around the summer or Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius seasons. In terms of months, the desired happenings may occur around a month’s 8th, 17th, or 26th. 

On that note, let us conclude our 8 of Cups tarot guide. We hope it helped you understand your situation better and make appropriate decisions. However, if you find yourself still stuck with some problem or need more assistance to make sense of your tarot reading, feel free to contact our experts.