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Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Since the Five of Pentacles meaning represents difficulties, rejection, or an unfortunate turn of events, it is usually not an ideal card to draw. This Minor Arcana card is a symbol of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and estrangement. Additionally, the 5 of Pentacles meaning could also represent an illness, a separation or divorce, a breakdown, or a life-upsetting controversy. If you feel abandoned, just keep in mind that the condition is just temporary. Nothing endures forever, and this conflict will also come to an end. So what else does the tarot card interpretation of the 5 of Pentacles meaning suggest? Let's look at this card in detail in this Five of Pentacles tarot guide. 

The Five of Pentacles Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Five of Pentacles tarot card.

Five of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning: Isolation, hardship, loss, feeling abandoned, unemployment, alienation, struggle, disgrace.

Five of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning: Forgiveness, positive changes, overcoming adversity, recovery from loss, feeling welcomed.


Yes or No No
Element Earth
Numerology 5
Planet Venus
Zodiac Sign Taurus
five of pentacles tarot card

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

Like the fives in the other suits, the 5 of Pentacles tarot card meaning denotes difficulties. Two folks are shown wandering through the covering of snow outside in the image. Along with being cold, many are also sick, hungry, fatigued, and poor. They seem to be lacking in life's basic necessities. Many people can relate to the two characters in various ways. 

One of the individuals in the card makes use of crutches, despite the other individual in the card having a scarf covering her head. She is walking barefoot across the snow. The backdrop features a dark wall with a stained glass window with a representation of the five pentacles, possibly a church. The Five of Pentacles tarot card is typically a sign of terrible luck. But relax, because it can alter based on where it is positioned in the reading.

Five of Pentacles Meaning (Upright)

The loss of wealth and poverty are represented by the 5 of Pentacles meaning. You've gone through challenging times, especially in regard to your employment, profession, finances, and material possessions. You might have recently lost your house, your job, or your financial stability. Everything has been snatched from your hands with a single blow. Therefore, you don't feel secure. 

Losing one could be a terrible blow to your self-esteem and sense of worth because success in both areas is typically interrelated. You could also lose confidence in yourself. The fact that this card is from the Minor Arcana, and provides momentary effects rather than long-lasting ones is advantageous. This too shall pass.

The Five of Pentacles meaning implies that you feel separated and alone during this difficult moment. You feel as if you've been abandoned, much like the two people on the card. You could be asking, "Why isn't anyone helping me?" It can seem like no one is concerned anymore. The Five of Pentacles tarot card meaning reveals that help is actually close by, yet you are too concerned with your problems to see because the church's windows are lit. 

You can be sitting around, patiently awaiting someone to arrive and assist you, when you should instead be proactive and request assistance. Reach out, even if it means swallowing your ego or letting go of your worry about being rejected. There are individuals here who can assist you.

five of pentacles tarot card upright

The 5 of Pentacles meaning might occasionally reveal a lack of mindset. You are obstructing your capability to generate plenty because you only pay attention to what you lack. All that is visible to you is what is wrong. Find proof of what you do possess, even if it is very little or looks small, in order to redirect this energy, and be grateful for those profits in your life. Over time, the benefits will grow, and "inability" and "not having" will eventually fade away from society.

The Five of Pentacles meaning indicates a similar dread of not having "enough" or of losing something significant to you, even if it hasn't happened yet or is improbable. You might, for instance, constantly worry that you'll lose your job and end up homeless and without any assistance if it happens. Be careful, as your manifesting abilities may start to produce outcomes you don't want if you continue to concentrate on all the bad things that could possibly occur. Instead, focus on what you already have and what you'd like for the future, so that your ability to manifest will be used for good.

Five of Pentacles Meaning For Love and Relationship (Upright)

In a Tarot reading of love, the upright Five of Pentacles tarot card is a terrible omen. If you feel neglected, forgotten, or undesired by your spouse, it may be an indication that you are in a relationship. Your partner may reject you or abandon you on your own, which, in the worst situation, might lead to a breakdown, a separation, or a divorce. 

The 5 of Pentacles love prediction could also be an indication of scandal, having children who are not yours, or being associated with someone whom others would consider dishonorable or immoral. However, it can simply be a symptom of marital issues you and your partner are both experiencing as a result of unresolved financial or health issues. 

If you value one another, you must opt to cooperate rather than compete. If you see the Five of Pentacles tarot card when you are single, it could mean that you feel unwelcome or overlooked by a potential mate. It might also simply refer to the challenges of being a single parent.

The Five of Pentacles love prediction indicates that feelings of emptiness or loneliness can also exist in relationships that already exist, whether they come from within or outside the relationship. Lovers may build a barrier between themselves and their partners since it is difficult for them to be emotionally connected with them or to communicate openly. Depression could also be a problem. 

The infrequent appearance of the 5 of Pentacles tarot card may be a sign of unstable finances, which could put your relationship under stress. Even though it might be difficult, it is more important than ever to keep together and not break apart.

Five of Pentacles Meaning For Career (Upright)

In a professional Tarot spread, the upright 5 of Pentacles tarot card is not regarded as a good omen because it could portend financial ruin, loss of employment, or business collapse. Relying on social help, which can damage your self-esteem or stress you out, could lead to you losing your job or your company. 

As an alternative, you can be having difficulties in the workplace but not seeing any other possibilities, or you may feel alone or unwelcome among your coworkers. Whatever the situation, according to the 5 of Pentacles meaning try to stay positive and concentrate on finding solutions because the issue won't last forever.

In a professional or corporate situation, the upright Five of Pentacles tarot card could be problematic. You can be going through a difficult time at work, like losing your employment or beginning to feel abandoned by colleagues or managers. You can encounter prejudice from others and struggle socially and in workplace politics. If you run a business, you can be in trouble. All of these issues could have a bad effect on your mental health, and things could get worse. If you believe that nothing is going to change, you might be tempted to start looking for a new job.

Five of Pentacles Meaning For Health (Upright)

In a Tarot spread for the health context, the Five of Pentacles meaning can indicate a period of illness or health issues. These health issues may have been caused by other areas of your life. For example, if you are having financial problems, you may find that you develop stress-related illnesses or simply grow tired of stressing about them. 

If you are experiencing adversity in your life, it is imperative that you make a conscious decision to take care of your health. Therefore, think about setting aside a moment each day to relax and meditate. The 5 of Pentacles meaning in the upright position indicates that something is preventing you from finding true fulfillment. This could be interpreted as egotistical heartlessness. If that's the problem, then you'll find relief by focusing on your true inner spirit.

Five of Pentacles Meaning For Finance (Upright)

When the Five of Pentacles tarot card appears, be ready for limited funds, as it could indicate temporary financial difficulties in a financial position. It can also signify extreme financial losses, such as bankruptcy, homelessness, famine, or the worst kind of financial ruin. Always exercise considerable caution while dealing with money. It is a warning to put economic precautions in place to secure your financial security if it manifests itself in the future. 

Financial adversity is symbolized by the 5 of Pentacles tarot card. Right now, money is running out, which means you'll have to stretch your financial resources and watch how much you spend. In the worst-case scenario, the Five of Pentacles meaning might also suggest a monetary loss, so you may be dealing with debt, bankruptcy, or evictions.

Whatever the situation, don't let pride keep you from asking for help. If necessary, seek out food banks and charitable organizations; doing so shouldn't be shameful since everyone occasionally finds themselves in tight financial situations. If you can, you may wish to start saving money for emergencies. 

Since the upright 5 of Pentacles meaning represents bad personal economics, dependence on wealth and poverty, it somehow doesn't portend well for business. When it manifests, it can imply that you've been overly spoiled, superficial, or self-centered, or even that you're trying to gather wealth or possessions while being frugal. Possible depictions include the person who is covertly attempting to damage you out of hatred for your professional standing.

Five of Pentacles Meaning For Spirituality (Upright)

The Five of Pentacles is a spiritual card that suggests that you may be experiencing a difficult period and feel like the world opposes you or that you are unlucky. Reach out to people nearby and accept the assistance being offered to you to get you over this difficult period. The Five of Pentacles tarot card meaning encourages you to take full advantage of every lesson you can gain and bear in mind that this moment in your existence won't last forever because it is often during our trials that our capabilities are highlighted.

Five of Pentacles Meaning (Reversed)

If you have recently experienced a significant financial setback or job loss, the Five of Pentacles reversed card suggests that tough times are coming to an end. Somebody may have offered to assist you while you're getting back on your feet, and you might locate fresh sources of revenue or a new career. Perhaps you're beginning to feel like life is worthwhile once more and that you've regained your confidence. You can finally see a solution to your financial problems, which gives you renewed optimism.

Sometimes the Five of Pentacles meaning in reverse might reveal the enduring poverty of the spirit within. Even though you are unable to identify what may be wrong, you might feel like something is either completely missing or out of place. Despite being surrounded by several people, you could still feel alienated and alone. Deeper thought may lead you to the realization that your spiritual well-being was disregarded in favor of your financial wealth.

The reversed 5 of Pentacles meaning reveals that you can feel insecure about not having "enough,", especially in terms of finances and material belongings, and that you lack worthiness since you are not prosperous. Maybe you think that you don't deserve costly, luxury stuff or that you are unable to purchase the things you really desire. 

According to the Five of Pentacles meaning you might be worried that you will not have enough money for later if you spend the funds today.

five of pentacles tarot card reversed

You can also waste your money on unimportant items and have little left over for the things you really desire. In either case, you will feel even more emotionally unfulfilled and 'empty' as a result of this negative cycle. How could you possibly escape it?

The reversed Five of Pentacles meaning indicates that it's time to stop if you notice that your obsession with material goods is damaging your spirit and thinking. You might still have loving relatives or a heart that's beating, even if all you have is a few cents. The situation may be bad right now, but when you find yourself thinking with a poor mentality, stop for a while and consider whether the phrase "I can't afford it" is true or just a restricting opinion. When you are pursuing your destiny and your soul's purpose, have faith that the universe is there to provide for you financially. 

Five of Pentacles Meaning For Love and Relationship (Reversed)

The Five of Pentacles love prediction, when reversed, is a positive sign in a tarot reading. Being in a committed relationship could be an indication that you are overcoming past difficulties. One approach might be to gradually improve the connection while also making changes. This interpretation also applies when you decide to quit a relationship that is no longer healthy for you. 

According to the Five of Pentacles meaning, individuals close to you will probably begin tolerating the relationship more if it initially causes a commotion. The 5 of Pentacles reversed is a nice card to draw if you are single in a love Tarot deck since it suggests that you are leaving a period of loneliness behind. You'll be making positive changes in your life and being much more open to the romantic prospects that are all around you. 

You're willing to enter a new relationship and take the chance of falling in love. This positive vibe will attract others to you. Perhaps the days of isolation, rejection, and pessimism have come to a close. The reversed 5 of Pentacles love interpretation may suggest that your connection or your prospects of finding love are improving once again as a consequence of your efforts to overcome challenging situations. When difficulties decrease, you might make steady progress in reviving your romance or opening up to others.

Five of Pentacles Meaning For Career (Reversed)

In a professional Tarot reading, the 5 of Pentacles reversed tarot card is a much better omen since it might indicate the revival of a company or a return to employment. This card says that if you've been stuck in an employment rut due to a lack of prospects, the battle is over and opportunities are going to present themselves. 

According to the Reversed Five of Pentacles meaning your professional life will pick up steam, and chances are excellent that you'll soon see major growth. Your creativity and knowledge are increasing, and when you put your ideas into action, those who were engaged in the project congratulate you and express gratitude.

The 5 of Pentacles tarot card meaning reveals that you now feel compelled to be passionate about your field of work and give your business your whole attention in order to grow it. The best time to start a new project based on an idea you've been thinking about for a while is right now because, if the plan is executed properly, the only obstacle you will face is good fortune. 

If your career or business has been having trouble, the reversed 5 of Pentacles card meaning can suggest that there is hope. It is possible that things will return to normal. You might have found a new job where your contributions are valued, or challenging conditions might have been handled. Watch out for any opportunities.

Five of Pentacles Meaning For Health (Reversed)

In a health Tarot reading, the reversed 5 of Pentacles meaning may represent a diagnosis or treatment if you've been experiencing health problems or afflictions. Even if the evaluation or treatment plan doesn't immediately result in an improvement in your health, you should feel better at ease knowing what the issue is and that you've got a plan in place to deal with it. However, when it's reversed, this Minor Arcana card can also denote recovery or improvements in health or well-being. 

The Five of Pentacles card meaning frequently represents positive news in a health reading. If you've been trying to start a family for some time and are wishing for a child in your life, this card is an indication that all of your desires will eventually come true, which means you or your partner will soon become pregnant.

Five of Pentacles Meaning For Finance (Reversed)

In a financial situation, the reversed Five of Pentacles tarot meaning may represent overcoming obstacles or losses, paying off debts, and gaining stability in finances after a period of turbulence. The most difficult phase is finally over! Economic damage can be repaired piece by piece, gradually. You might be paying off debt or rebuilding your emergency fund after a significant loss. For everyone concerned, it is going to be a terrific experience if you've made plans to buy, sell, or build a property. 

Whether you're starting a real estate firm or building your ideal home, as per the Reversed Five of Pentacles meaning you are presently on the right path to organizing your ideal future. If you keep going, you'll probably be able to get back to a stable financial situation. The worst of it is over. You will also possess a wealth of creativity, which you can use to increase your wealth and guarantee your long-term survival. 

Given the fact that you are cognizant of the challenges that come when one is faced with a crisis or a deficiency. It is a positive development right now that you feel safe inside your comfort zone and won't require assistance from outsiders. However, you shouldn't have any concerns about any of these issues right now because you have effectively secured yourself. You can treat your family and friends to items and show your appreciation to everyone who has ever stood by you while you were in need now that you're secure enough.

Five of Pentacles Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, the reversed meaning of the Five of Pentacles represents overcoming a challenging spiritual period and feeling as though your luck is improving. You are regaining faith in the universe's affection for you, and you can now make out the end of the dark tunnel. Think about how you might use the strength and wisdom you gained from your hardships to help people who are in need.

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card: Yes or No

When you require an immediate response to any circumstance, you should use the "One Card Pull" method. This pull is helpful when you're in a binding situation and need a quick Yes-or-No answer. All you need to do is shuffle the deck and pick one card to obtain a response to your question. Then, based on your inquiry, you will receive a response. One pull of the Five of Pentacles tarot card results in the following outcomes:

Upright: If you have drawn the Five of Pentacles tarot card into an upright position, the answer is "No".

Reversed: If you have drawn the Five of Pentacles tarot card in the reversed position, the answer is "Yes".

Five of Pentacles Meaning in Numerology

In the Minor Arcana, Mars, the destructive energy known for upsetting the status quo, is paired with the number 5. Focusing on the wrong things frequently results in this. Here, Mars' energy is like an earthquake: powerful yet transient. Your willingness to reconstruct yourself is what will determine if you can overcome such a setback.

Five of Pentacles Meaning for Timing

It's time to manage your emotions so you can move forward. You need to have courage and confidence, but you also need to trust in your talent and potential. Your fear of failing or being embarrassed in front of others shouldn't stop you from realizing your full potential. 

You can get the promotion if you desire it. If you're being neglected, let others know you're there. If you've ever desired to be your own boss, give it some thought. You should now open your heart even wider. These are all great choices, as are volunteering and meditation.

You will be better able to live in the present without getting caught up in the past thanks to your independence from all restrictions and the rediscovery of your individuality represented by this card. The 5 of Pentacles meaning foretells that a powerful nostalgia will initially develop internally before expanding. This incident might occur in the coming days or weeks.

That’s all for the Five of Pentacles meaning! If you have pulled this minor arcana card in your reading, did the meaning make sense to your situation in life? We sincerely hope that you will benefit from this 5 of Pentacles tarot guide. If you need more specialist guidance for a particular problem, get in touch with our knowledgeable tarot experts.