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Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Wands meaning urges you to go overseas. It doesn't matter if your journey is about exploration for self-love, a romantic relationship, or professional or career growth. You will soon gain the courage to start the expedition. So, are you ready to take off? On that note, dive into this 3 of Wands tarot guide and learn everything about the card. 

The Three of Wands Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Three of Wands tarot card.

Three of Wands Upright Meaning: Growth, Progress, Expansion, Travel, Overseas opportunities, Moving abroad, Confidence, Foresight, Leveling up a romantic relationship, Happiness, and Success.

Three of Wands Reversed Meaning: Leaving home, Lack of planning/oversight, Traveling back, Inability to move on, Lack of self-esteem, Lack of progress, Restrictions, Self-doubt, failure in business or relationship.

Yes or No Yes
Element Fire
Numerology 3
Planet Mars
Zodiac Sign Aries
three of wands tarot card

Three of Wands Description

The tarot card shows a person standing on a rock with his back turned, dressed in green and crimson robes. The fact that the Three of Wands is firmly rooted in the ground refers to his commitment to his goals. The Two of Wands depicts a guy who has escaped the security of the castle and is now in a large open space with stunning views of the sea and mountains in the distance. Three sailing ships stand for the development and activity he sees going by. With his superior viewpoint, he can see any opportunities or potential obstacles in the distance.

The Three of Wands meaning emphasize the number three, representing inner harmony, making one more upbeat about new commitments a person wishes to make. The figure shows the man daydreaming about the success he will make if everything goes according to plan. This denotes bringing your optimism to the surface.

The Caduceus, Mercury's wand, is a feature that occasionally shows up in more occult Tarots. It is a wand with wings that has two snakes entwined around it. This is a typical image of a shaman or healer, who has the ability to travel between dimensions and deliver souls from possession or death. 

The 3 of Wands displays a sense of empowerment that can be a clue to your body's innate capacity to repair itself. In addition, it may also point to the bravery required to be an innovator or businessperson, which is in and of itself a surreal process that creates opportunities for success and awakens higher potential.

The Three of Wands Meaning (Upright)

The tarot card’s interpretation suggests that you are making or will make more firm plans for the future. As you have taken the time to plan your future and are making efforts to put plans into action, this may indicate that everything is going according to plan. It suggests that you might be laying the groundwork for a solid foundation for yourself.

The 3 of Wands meaning implies the possibility of expanding your horizons in various ways. However, it may also warn you to leave your options open if better ones are present. When you move closer to realizing your goals, you're also becoming more aware of opportunities that could push you beyond your comfort zone as they present themselves. This forces you to embrace change and begin thinking strategically at times.

The Three of Wands can indicate that you are in charge and in a powerful position, much like the character who stands tall in the illustration. That’s why this tarot card is one of the major cards for vision and foresight.

Lastly, the Three of Wands meaning signifies travel. It indicates you must seek what you truly want. There is a sense of leaving home and having to embark on a journey. You must attempt expansion to achieve great things and should not wait for them. According to most 3 of Wands's interpretations, you might cross into a new land over water and discover new opportunities.

three of wands

The Three of Wands Meaning For Love and Relationship (Upright)

If you get this card in your tarot spread, take it as a good omen. Growth, progression, and becoming happier and more successful in your love life are the interpretations of an upright 3 of Wands. It also indicates that you are ready to begin the next chapter of your relationship. You and your partner are planning to move your relationship forward. 

The card indicates that you must be expressive in your relationship if you're a newly committed or married couple. On the contrary, if you are in a serious relationship, this is the right time to make long-term plans and envision your future together with your partner. 

Remember to be more open with your partner. Be assertive about your goals and focus on planning to move onto the next level of your relationship. If it is about getting engaged or marrying, prepare for it. Manifest a happy future and be highly expressive with your beloved, as the Three of Wands meaning for love is about sharing even the tiniest inconveniences to avoid arguments. 

Three of Wands Meaning For Career (Upright)

The appearance of this tarot card in your career advice reading is also a positive sign. Brace yourself because new opportunities, experiences, and adventures await you! 3 of Wands is indicative of exploration and expedition. So, if you want to start something new, this may be the right time. Making these choices may require being daring and fearless. Hence, you may have to shed the hesitance you held for a long time to make these decisions.

Here, the Three of Wands meaning signifies being bold and confident. For instance, you may have to accept the overseas job offer even if it feels intimidating. Or, you may have to travel far to expand your business. Thus, if it is traveling or exploring something new, it is the right time to leave all the fears behind and widen your horizons.

Three of Wands Meaning For Health (Upright)

If you or someone you love is suffering from a long-term ailment and the 3 of Wands appears in your health tarot reading, take it as a positive sign. Cure and relief are on their way, and you will soon witness a speedy recovery. If you were thinking of getting a long-overdue surgery or operation done, now is a good time. For health, the Three of Wands meaning also signifies progress and success. In addition, as travel is a prominent sign of this tarot card, you may even plan to go abroad for treatment and expect recovery from your decision. 

Three of Wands Meaning For Finance (Upright)

It is time to live life king-size if the upright 3 of Wands tarot card appears in your tarot reading. Yes, all your hard work in building a fine career and saving in the right direction will pay off. It’s time to sit back, relax, and relish the outcome of your efforts. The card indicates it's time you take a break and spend some time at leisure. At this point, there is no harm in spending money on a nice and satisfactory vacation. 

If you were thinking about traveling for work or investing your money in business expansion, it is a good time to do so. Here, the Three of Wands meaning implies growth and financial stability. So, spending money will be worth it for you, whether it is on business, education, a vacation, or traveling for a job offer. 

Three of Wands Meaning For Spirituality (Upright)

The tarot card will fill you with satisfaction in the context of spirituality. You may feel happy about your progress in aligning your inner self with the divine. The 3 of Wands is also a cue of your good fortune in following a spiritual path. Its appearance may signal an adventure in this aspect of your life. Moreover, as it symbolizes psychic progress and positive predictions, this card is fortunate for your spiritual journey. 

Three of Wands Meaning (Reversed)

The Three of Wands suggests that although you may have started on personal travels or advances, you have not yet attained the results you had hoped for. This can be because you are holding onto your past or other similar obstacles. Despite everything, the tarot card reminds you that your efforts have not been in vain. Rather, they have aided you in developing your inner fortitude and strength.

3 of Wands reversed might also indicate that you should take some time to plan your future. This is particularly true if you have yet to begin on your long-term objectives or if you've felt overburdened by the chores you already have or will soon have to complete. It also signals your inappropriate reaction to a situation. You have to be calm and thoughtful about the roadblocks that come your way.

In addition, another common Three of Wands reversed meaning is pushing yourself to explore better options and being very thorough with your foresight planning. You may even take a U-turn on your decision and try something else. The illustration on the tarot card signifies that, like the attentiveness of the man shown on it, you must also stay alert about the changing prospects in your life. Thus, carefully weigh all your options and grab the most fruitful opportunities. 

three of wands reversed

Three of Wands Meaning For Love and Relationship (Reversed)

Lack of regular communication is what the card means if it shows up in your tarot spread. Believe it or not, you are also responsible for a weak relationship because of a lack of effort. You may hesitate to express or share your feelings with your partner. You may feel they do not understand you anymore. However, the more you reserve your feelings, the more you harm your relationship. 

Here, self-doubt has a Three of Wands reversed meaning regarding relationships. Misunderstandings may ruin your relationship if you do not speak your mind. The tarot card indicates that you must start fixing this problem soon to clear the mess. 

If you are a newly committed person, you must avoid all your insecure feelings and have faith in your partner. Handling your relationship with a lack of confidence is a sign of 3 of Wands tarot card that may make you feel you are with the wrong person. Hence, stay calm and patient with your partner and give them their space. Don’t compel them to act according to you all the time. Instead, make them feel comfortable around you. Remember, they may part ways if you become too dominating or insecure. Remind yourself why you started feeling for them and embrace a few flaws, as every human is imperfect. 

Three of Wands Meaning For Career (Reversed)

This tarot card is not the best one to appear in a career reading. It portrays rejection, stagnation, and a lack of planning or progress for the future. The 3 of Wands portrays feeling stuck, unable to use an opportunity, or lacking capital to fulfill something. 

It is also indicative of a wrong career decision. You may have taken the wrong path or diverted your business travel at the wrong time. And making the wrong decisions or turning down good offers might lead to frustration and anxiety. It's more because you’re constantly trying to improve your career path, but you aren't getting what you deserve. Though the Three of Wands reversed meaning for a career may be disappointing, the only way to deal with this situation is to keep calm and work on your goals. 

Three of Wands Meaning For Health (Reversed)

In a health tarot reading, this card may mean various things. As travel is one of the central meanings of 3 of Wands, you may have to travel overseas, during which you may come across potential health concerns. You may get affected by some foreign ailment and stress yourself. Thus, you must travel with proper precautions and take preventive measures. Get yourself vaccinated if the place you’re traveling to is affected by a particular disease, and get reliable health insurance for future treatments. 

If you’re already suffering from a disease, you may witness unhappiness and tiredness due to it. You may feel frustrated because of the prolonged suffering. However, you must stay strong and patient with your body. It will take time to heal and become healthy again. 

Three of Wands Meaning For Finance (Reversed)

You may soon have difficulty managing your finances. The tarot card indicates haywire in the money situation. The Three of Wands reversed meaning here does not indicate that you will soon go broke. However, coming across this tarot card may mean your financial planning is failing. You may experience your goals not turning out the way you expect them to. 

The card may come to you as a sign of caution for managing the inflow and outflow of funds. Precise planning may save you from potential losses during this tough time. Thus, stay alert and manage your finances carefully during this period.

Three of Wands Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

You may feel annoyed with yourself for not achieving the spiritual goals you set. The tarot card indicates a lack of spiritual progression in your life currently. The 3 of Wands may also mean that you cannot move on from your past or are still stuck in the vicious cycle of negative thoughts. Your psychic progress may likely be hampered. Moreover, a lack of planning for your future may also occur if this card appears in your tarot reading. Thus, strive to stay positive and focus on developing your innate energies. 

Three of Wands: Yes or No?

One card draw is for direct and straight answers. When someone attempts a card pull, they want a direct Yes or No. So, one card pull benefits someone in a dilemma or facing confusion and indecisiveness. All you have to do is shuffle the deck and then pick a card. A one-card pull may offer you the solution to your problem.

Upright: If you draw the upright Ace of Wands, you will have a "Yes" as the answer, but only after much effort and dedication will you succeed in getting the desired outcome.

Reversed: The answer, if you draw the reversed Ace of Wands, is still a "Yes", but you must constantly manifest what you desire and come to a satisfactory solution for everyone involved in your particular situation.

Three of Wands Meaning in Numerology 

The creative aspect of Saturn is associated with the number 3. However, this number is connected to Jupiter in conventional astrology, which rewards success with even more success. The enthusiasm and devotion of the wands suit appeal to the giving side of these incredibly strong energies.

Three of Wands Meaning For Timing

Take it as a positive sign if this tarot card appears in your reading. The period may vary in days or months, such as on the 3rd, 6th, or 21st day of the next month. 3 of Wands suggests that everything you are hoping for will come to you very soon, regardless of the precise date.

If you are reading in the summer, it doesn't necessarily mean that your wish will come true the following spring. It suggests that you will get what you want one month from the reading date.

Keeping track of the card's number will also make it simpler to comprehend the time. The meaning of the Three of Wands in numerology is represented by the number 3. It denotes that your wish may come true in 3 months, 3 weeks, or 3 days. But remember that you cannot rely on tarot cards for long-term predictions, as the future constantly alters according to actions and events that take place in life.


So, this was all about the Three of Wands meaning. The tarot card will hopefully make sense to your current situation if you pull it during your reading. You can contact our adept tarot experts anytime if you need more exclusive help and guidance for a specific situation or problem.