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Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

You may be going through a dark phase, or the future holds betrayal, backstabbing, failures, or painful days if you get a Ten of Swords tarot card in your reading. The Ten of Swords tarot card meaning is not very positive for the person getting a reading. It represents the sudden end or collapse of something, perhaps the final nail in the coffin of your current relationship/situation. 

However, you should not panic, as all is not lost yet. The 10 of Swords tarot also depicts a ray of hope shining brightly like the Sun in the sky. Moreover, the card has several hidden messages from the universe for various aspects of your life. You can go through this 10 of Swords tarot guide to unlock them. 

The Ten of Swords Key Facts 

Below are some noteworthy facts and crucial terms related to the Ten of Swords tarot card. 

Ten of Swords Upright Meaning: Betrayal, backstabbing, badmouthing, bitterness, enemies, doormat, breakdown/collapse, exhaustion, ruin, failure, unable to cope, hitting rock bottom/wall, cutting ties, dead end, goodbyes, exaggeration, resentment, disaster, laziness, weariness, attention seeker, over dramatic, violence, attack, playing victim, and martyr.

Ten of Swords Reversed Meaning: Overcoming problems, being saved, surviving a disaster, things improving, avoiding getting ruined, learning from the adversities of past, pulling oneself together, worries turning into reality, relapse, complete collapse/ruin, upcoming worst situation, and return of problems.

Yes or No No
Element Air
Numerology 10
Planet Mars
Zodiac Sign Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
ten of swords tarot card

Ten of Swords Description 

The 10 of Swords tarot card depicts what we can call a painful, gruesome, and unexpected end of life. We see a man lying on his stomach with ten daggers piercing his body. Draped in a scarlet robe (depicting the man’s blood), the man lies lifeless. It looks like he did not even hear the footsteps of death when they approached him. Everything happened before he could even make sense of what was happening to him. 

Apart from the man, the picture has a black and dreadful sky, representing death’s pessimism, fear, and silence. Looking at the water in the background, it seems like the water has no current. It is waveless, indicating the finality and stillness associated with death. The weather seems to be calm, denoting peace in death. 

When the Ten of Swords tarot card appears in a reading, you may have hit rock bottom in your life. However, when you are at the bottom, the only way to go is to rise up, like the Sun in the picture rising despite complete darkness. The Sun gives a gleam of hope that no matter how bad the situation is, the light will soon drive the darkness away, i.e., you can overcome the problems. 

Moreover, the card shows that even in the most painful events, one can find peace and tranquility. Furthermore, this card depicts a traumatic and unexpected end to something in your life, such as a job or relationship. 

Ten of Swords Meaning (Upright)

The upright 10 of Swords tarot card denotes that some endings are painful yet inevitable. For instance, your relationship with your partner may break abruptly. This abrupt breakup can make you feel as if your heart has shattered into pieces, with each piece piercing your soul like a sword. You are in deep pain, as you never expected this split to happen. However, now that you have broken up, it seems as if the Earth slipped from under your feet. You think now that you can never develop feelings for anyone in your life. 

Another Ten of Swords tarot card meaning is someone betraying or deceiving you. Someone you trust may have stabbed you in the back and shocked you with their actions. You are deeply hurt, not only because of what this person has done to you but also because it ends your relationship with them. The card shows that you are grieving this painful loss. 

Moreover, the card urges you to stop telling yourself that someone will come and rescue you from this deep pain. Please do not play a victim and wish for people to pity you. The universe wants you to change how you react to the actions of another person. Even if someone breaks your heart or backstabs you, collect the broken pieces, rebuild yourself, and carry on with your life. The divine urges you to know your worth, respect yourself, and never expect someone to sympathize with you. The 10 of Swords tarot reminds you that a painful ending can be the beginning of something more beautiful.

ten of swords tarot card upright

Hence, you should let go of the past, accept whatever has happened, and move on. Soon the Sun will rise in your life, fading away the painful darkness. All you need to do is allow the change to happen in your life instead of resisting it, no matter how painful it may initially seem. 

You should be glad that you will not get more hurt or pain from this person or source. Your ordeal has finally come to an end. The universe wants you to learn from this painful experience and use your learning to create a better future for yourself. Soon the pain will fade away, and you will realize why everything happened the way it did. 

Ten of Swords Meaning for Love and Relationship (Upright)

Unfortunately, an upright 10 of Swords love tarot card spread is not good for love and relationships. It indicates that you should accept the hurtful ending of your relationship. The time has come for you to release your pain and hurt to the universe. Moreover, the tough phase in your life has come to an end, and you should move forward. Despite the pain your heart feels, you can bounce back and build a future. The divine has blessed you with all the strength to learn, heal, and move on. 

Furthermore, your partner may think you are the one causing immense suffering and pain in your relationship. According to the Ten of Swords tarot card, your partner may have felt hurt and betrayed due to your actions. Hence, the card suggests you should assume responsibility for all your deeds in the relationship, and communicate honestly and openly with your partner about how you can mend the relationship. 

The universe reminds those in a relationship that you should not shy away from taking help from your close friends/family to support and guide you in working towards your trust and communication problems. It will help you avoid betrayal, heartbreak, or a painful ending. 

For those wondering about a new or potential relationship, the 10 of Swords tarot guides you to proceed with caution. You should prepare yourself to deal with the upcoming challenges in your relationship. Slowly get to know your partner and remember that trust and open and honest communication are the pillars of a strong relationship. 

Moreover, disappointment is on the cards for those wondering about reconciliation with an ex-partner. The universe urges you to forget the past, accept the breakup, and understand that reconciling with your ex will only cause you more pain and suffering. Instead of focusing on the dark past, you should focus on the hopeful and bright future. You should finally turn the page to another chapter of your life. 

Ten of Swords Meaning for Career (Upright)

An upright 10 of Swords tarot card is not a positive omen when it comes to professional life. You may be at a dead end in relation to your profession, or your current job may come to an end soon. 

Through this card, the universe guides you to be aware of your surroundings at the workplace and stay alert for workmates trying to degrade you at the office. As the Ten of Swords tarot card meaning in an upright position indicates, some colleagues can backstab you or complain/gossip about you behind your back. 

Moreover, the card shows that overworking has pushed you to the verge of exhaustion. Since you have reached your breaking point, you should start prioritizing your personal needs. Please remember that burning out does no good to anyone. 

Ten of Swords Meaning for Health (Upright)

Healthwise, the upright card of 10 of Swords is a negative indication. It shows that you need to pause and focus on your health as you are at the breaking point. Moreover, the card hints at a variety of health conditions, such as exhaustion, nervous breakdown, and fatigue. 

Furthermore, the Ten of Swords tarot card guides you to try acupuncture and healthy dietary practices to improve your health. 

Ten of Swords Meaning for Finance (Upright)

Financially, the 10 of Swords tarot card in an upright position represents a precarious financial situation. It looks like you invested your hard-earned money in a project that is not yielding the desired results, causing financial problems. Hence, you should not put more money into this project. Instead of investing more in this project, you should be resourceful. 

Moreover, the card shows that you should try to avoid dangerous situations to ensure financial security. The divine advises you to be careful with your spending, investigate all investments carefully, and remember that a single wrong decision can ruin your financial future. 

Ten of Swords Meaning for Spirituality (Upright)

Spiritually, an upright 10 of Swords tarot card shows that you may break free from the traditional systems of belief. Moreover, it indicates that you should be careful of dangerous or disloyal people in your circle, as this card depicts betrayal, deceit, or curses. 

Ten of Swords Meaning (Reversed)

The 10 of Swords tarot card in reverse represents resistance to change. You may be resisting an unavoidable change or ending in your life, as you are not ready to accept the current situation. No matter how painful the situation may be, you should accept it and welcome the change. 

The divine has better plans for you, and it makes you go through pain so that it can bring you happiness later. Hence, instead of crying over what happened and not accepting it, trust that everything happens for good. The current painful situation will help you grow and become a better individual. 

Moreover, you can understand the Ten of Swords tarot card meaning as a situation with a bad ending. You have buried the pain of a hurtful situation deep inside your soul. The card suggests you should deal with these wounds instead of hiding them. You may find it painful to look back. However, healing and putting the pain behind is only possible when you complete the unfinished business of the past. 

You should carefully perform a re-evaluation of your situation and let go of the life aspects that no longer serve you. The universe urges you to stop dwelling on the past and crying over it. You should take your learnings from past experiences and use them to create a better future. 

ten of swords tarot card reversed

Moreover, on a good note, the 10 of Swords reversed meaning is that your sadness and pain are ending. The swords on your back are falling down as you turn reverse. You are finally letting go of all the hurt and pain of the past to move forward to a beautiful future. 

Ten of Swords Meaning for Love and Relationships (Reversed)

It is high time you give importance to your self-improvement and healing if a reversed 10 of Swords appears in your reading. You should let go of the past trauma and pain. The card advises you to engage in activities giving you happiness and fulfillment. Dwelling on the painful past does no good and blocks your beautiful future. Hence, you should focus on moving forward. 

For those in an existing relationship, the card shows that your partner views you as someone focused on self-growth and healing. You are all set to let bygones be bygones and move toward building a beautiful relationship with your partner. The divine suggests you should communicate with your partner openly and honestly, show your commitment through actions, and give each other all the needed support and space. 

Moreover, the Ten of Swords tarot card meaning here for those in new and potential relationships is the need to keep your heart and mind open. The card shows the hurt from the past is healing to pave the way for a blissful relationship in the future. 

However, you should be careful of any grudges or resentments that linger from the past to make space for future happiness. 

Additionally, the reversed 10 of Swords tarot card shows that those looking for reconciliation with their ex-partner should release the past hurt and pain. The present is not the best time to reconcile with your ex. Instead of trying for reconciliation, you should focus on healing, growing, and welcoming new love opportunities. Please remember that forgiving and letting go opens the door for freedom, peace, new, and happy experiences. 

Those who are single can expect personal transformation and new experiences if they leave the past heartache behind. You should believe in yourself, and practice self-love and self-care to attract love and positivity to your life. 

Ten of Swords Meaning for Career (Reversed)

The 10 of Swords tarot card in reversed position is a positive indication for your career. It shows that you may have broken ties with an abusive senior/boss or learned to deal with the stress at your workplace. 

However, another reversed Ten of Swords meaning is that your terrible job may make you crazy. The card shows that other occupations can be a healthier option for you as nothing is above mental health and peace. 

Moreover, the card indicates either revival or crumbling of a business. Furthermore, you have started to recover from a past situation, such as job loss. The worst is over and the future will be easier for you. 

Ten of Swords Meaning for Health (Reversed)

Healthwise, the reversed 10 of Swords tarot card may or may not be a positive omen. On one hand, it shows recovery from an illness. On the other hand, it denotes an inability to survive, near-death experiences, or suicidal thoughts. Hence, you should check the accompanying cards to know your situation better. 

Moreover, you should seek help if you are finding it difficult to deal with your problems. There are many individuals and organizations willing to help you. Furthermore, the card shows that curbing harmful practices and following a healthy diet can help improve your health. 

Ten of Swords Meaning for Finance (Reversed)

Financially, the reversed 10 of Swords advises you to save for a rainy day. You should have enough money to deal with emergencies. Moreover, you should focus on diversifying your assets, as diversification increases your chances of surviving an adverse situation. 

Another reversed Ten of Swords tarot card meaning in a financial context is recovery from a financial crisis. You may be in a tight financial situation, but things are slowly improving. However, you should not spend your hard-earned money on unuseful things.

Ten of Swords Meaning for Spirituality (Reversed)

Spiritually, the reversed 10 of Swords shows that you have overcome past hardships and learned a lot from them. You can apply these learnings to shape your future. 

However, sometimes this card also means you refuse to accept the past lessons. Hence, you remain stuck in a negative loop. The card urges you to listen to your spirit guides. Moreover, in some instances, the card also indicates out-of-body or near-death experiences. 

Ten of Swords Tarot Card: Yes or No?

A single-card reading or one-card pull is the best way to get a straightforward answer in tough situations. It answers your question with a simple yes or no to clear your dilemma. The tarot card reader shuffles the cards and selects one card from the shuffled deck to answer your question based on the card’s position and surrounding energies. Below is the yes/no answer for the upright and reversed Ten of Swords tarot card. 

Upright: The upright 10 of Swords represents failure and betrayal. Hence, it answers your question with a "No".

Reversed: Unfortunately, the reversed card is also a "No" because it shows that failures are unavoidable even if they pave the way for a fresh start. You should let go of the past to get new opportunities. 

Ten of Swords Meaning in Numerology 

The number 10 represents the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. It shows the completion of the intellectual evaluation process. Moreover, it denotes the commencement of a new spiritual adventure. 

Ten of Swords Meaning for Timing 

Within the next hours or days, you may look inward to get the solutions to a problem. If you wish to know when a desired event will happen, your desires will turn into reality. However, it will take time for them to come to fruition, as the element Air denotes a swift movement. 

You can expect the desired event to happen during the season of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius zodiacs. When expressed in months, it may happen on or around a month’s 10th, 19th, or 28th. 

On this note, let us conclude our 10 of Swords tarot guide. We hope it helps you understand your current situation and make good decisions. However, if any confusion persists or you find yourself struggling to solve any problem, you can get in touch with our tarot experts anytime. They will be glad to help you.