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What is Psychic Mediumship - Know All Types of Mediumship Reading

25 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

What is Psychic Mediumship - Know All Types of Mediumship Reading

25 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

“Mediumship” or “Psychic Medium” is a term that is often misinterpreted. Unlike shown in Hollywood movies, it is not about an Ouija board, or a mystic lady sitting with a crystal ball and cards. It is beyond the normal perception and can be understood only with the help of trusted psychics. 

So, if you believe in the spiritual realm and are interested in exploring the world of psychic mediumship, then you are at the right spot. Here is everything you need to know about psychic mediumship. The post majorly includes details about mediumship power, the meaning of mediumship, mediumship development, and various types of mediumship. 

Understanding mediumship for beginners has never been easy! Give this post a quick read!

Mediumship Meaning As Explained By Psychic Experts

Mediumship is the practice of allegedly communicating with the world of spirits. Those who practice mediumship or take part in mediumship reading are referred to as “mediums” or “spirit mediums.” These people exhibit innate mediumship ability to transcend to the spiritual realm during a seance or trance. 

Contrary to popular belief, Psychic mediumship doesn’t mean speaking with the dead. Mediums hear, feel, and see insights that are coming from the other side (spiritual world). As per psychic experts, mediumship is generally categorized into two forms- Physical mediumship and mental mediumship. The popular mediumship reading, Trance medium healing, is the part of the spiritual mediumship category. Other than this there are various forms of psychic mediumship such as healing mediumship and channeling mediumship.

Read on further to know more about these categories and their mediumship meanings and definitions. 

Types of Mediumship

Types of Mediumship

In modern spiritualism, mediumship is categorized based on the way of communication with spirits. Take a quick glimpse and learn more about these types of mediumship readings. 

1. Spiritual Mediumship

Spiritual mediumship/Mental mediumship comprises communication with spirits without the use of any physical senses. It often occurs through telepathy and is then called “telepathic mediumship.” The Medium who practices the mental mediumship ability is referred to as “spirit operator.” He/She is the only person who can communicate with spirits. They exhibit different forms of psychic abilities, wherein Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience are the three main psychic mediumship powers.

2. Trance Mediumship

As stated above, Trance mediumship is one of the famous forms of spiritual mediumship reading. In this, the spirit uses a Medium’s mind to communicate with the desired person. The spirit impacts the thoughts and views of the medium. Most mediums stay conscious during this period and are aware of the thoughts and messages that are being conveyed. 

Healing through trance mediums or Trance medium healing is one of the popular ways of healing. It is a powerful method that channels healing energies directly from the spirits. In this method, trance mediums use their ESP (Extra sensory perceptions) to transcend from one to another realm. They gather sacred energies and heal people physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Although Trance medium healing can be used for physical healing, it is more effective in addressing the concerns of people who are emotionally and spiritually afflicted.

3. Physical Mediumship

Unlike Mental mediumship, physical mediumship is evident to people around the Medium. This mediumship is defined as the manipulation of energies and physical systems. Noises, loud raps, voices, materialized objects, apports, materialized spirit bodies are common in this type of mediumship.

To practice physical mediumship, Mediums channel a spirit and allow them to control their physical body to communicate with other living beings (generally, clients). It is voluntary and usually done by Mediums using a traditional array of tools and adjuncts. The most common ones used by old physical mediums were spirit trumpets, cabinets, and levitation tables.

4. Healing Mediumship

As the name suggests, this type of mediumship is used for healing. In this method, the Medium channels divine energy through the body to heal people. The popular methods used for healing mediumship are Reiki and Shamanism. You may also use this type of mediumship to heal yourself.

Interested to know how you can develop or improve your mediumship power? Read further to explore the tips for spiritual mediumship development.

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How to Develop Your Mediumship Abilities?

How to Develop Your Mediumship Abilities?

No matter if you are a professional Medium or learning mediumship as a beginner, you can always develop or improve your mediumship powers. Curious, how to tap into psychic mediumship abilities? Check out the 7 tips that are effective in mediumship development or improving mediumship skills. 

1. Improve Your Diet

Focusing on the diet can really work wonders. Since your body plays a significant role in connecting with spirits. It is important that you take care of your body physically and mentally. Remember, the better your body will be, the better communication you will be able to establish. So, start eating right and try not to indulge in unhealthy food habits. 

2. Gain Emotional Clarity

Connecting with spirits can take you into emotional whirlwinds. You may experience different emotions at a time which may further create confusion and anxiety. Thus, it is advisable that you look for emotional purging and gain clarity. If you feel drained out during your healing or mediumship reading, then call it off and relax your mind. Balance your energy and meditate to relieve stress. Remember, loving yourself first is the best way to regulate your emotions and clear out confusing energies around you.

3. Experiment with Different Forms of Mediumship

Practicing different forms of mediumship can be very helpful in developing your psychic mediumship abilities. For instance, if you are a Spiritual Medium, trying physical mediumship forms can allow you to master physical mediumship readings as well. Similarly, if you are a Physical Medium or sensitive person, spiritual mediumship and trance or healing mediumship can help you improve your powers. 

4. Opening and Closing Ritual

Opening and closing ritual is necessary for psychic medium development. Pray or practice a holy ritual before starting mediumship readings. This will attract positive energy and allow you to connect with good spirits. For attaining healing mediumship powers, praying and meditating is very beneficial. Similarly, at the time of closing the connection, acknowledge that you are closing or calling off the communication. This will convey the spirits to wait until you reconnect. Plus, it will make you feel relaxed and calm at the end of every mediumship session.

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Considering Taking Mediumship Reading? 

If yes, then here is what you can expect. Remember each medium has a different way of communication. You cannot compare one psychic medium to another. While going for a mediumship reading, always be open to substantial experiences. No one knows what message you may receive so always be positive. You may expect guidance, clarity, perspective, and sometimes answers to your questions. Patience is the key even in Mediumship readings. 

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