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Clairaudience: Meaning, Signs, And Ways To Develop Clairaudient Skills

16 Aug, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Clairaudience: Meaning, Signs, And Ways To Develop Clairaudient Skills

16 Aug, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Do you hear sounds that are not audible to anyone else? Does it feel like someone is talking to you when no one is around? Have you ever heard snippets of music or high-pitched voices? If yes, then, you may be a Clairaudient with substantial extrasensory powers. 

Yes, you have read right! You might have supernatural Clairaudience powers and all those signs you are experiencing may be an indication that you are or can be a Clairaudient psychic. 

Curious about what is clairaudience and what does being a Clairaudient mean? 

Read on the post and unleash the Clairaudience meaning, powers, and signs to determine it. Also, learn how to raise Clairaudient energy and develop your Clairaudient abilities in easy and effective ways. 

What Is The Meaning Of The Word “Clairaudience”?

The word “Clairaudience” comes from the French words which can be roughly broken down into Clair and Audience. Clair in French means clear or bright while Audience means the ability to hear. Overall, the word Clairaudience meaning in English is “clear-hearing”. 

What Is Clairaudience?

Psychic readers define Clairaudience as the ability to hear sounds that are beyond the ordinary capacity. They consider it as a prominent ability from the list of psychic abilities to receive intuitive messages. People with Clairaudience power are called Clairaudient people or Clairaudient mediums. They are said to be capable of hearing words, names or phrases, music or unintelligible sounds from the higher being or spirits. 

As per psychics, sounds heard by Clairaudient may be either external (voices coming from a source outside your head) or internal (voices which reside in your head) or both. They may experience it during meditation, channeling inner wisdom, dreaming, or even in wide-awake situations. Clairaudient psychics generally use their Clairaudient ability to transcend the earthy realm and gain spiritual ascension. 

Eight Signs You’re A Clairaudient

signs you are clairaudient

Are you a Clairaudient? Do you have the power of Clairaudience? Discover the truth and validate the Clairaudience signs you are experiencing with this quick read. Take your Clairaudience test now!

1. You Hear Sounds That are Inaudible to Others

Do you hear someone calling your name when no one is around? If yes, then this may be a sign of you being Clairaudient. Hearing music, bells, tones, radio, whispering or words of spirit guides when you are lonely is the key sign of being Clairaudient. The absence of a physical source of noise or sound may mean that some spirit is trying to connect to you and conveying an important message. 

2. Some Sounds Ring In Your Ears

Ringing or high-pitched sounds in your ears may be the sign of a spirit guide around you. Some psychics suggest that different noises, buzzing or tickling feelings in ears may also be felt by a Clairaudient person. However, while validating this Clairaudience sign you must be sure that you have no hearing disorder or medical condition. If you are unsure if the external sounds have any Clairaudient spiritual meaning, then take trusted psychic readings and uncover the truth.

3. You Talk To Yourself Often

Do you talk to yourself and think of replies you would like to give in certain situations? If yes, then you may have the ability to be a Clairaudient psychic. Having a conversation with yourself with an inner voice is a common Clairaudient experience. You might not realize it but the “wise voice” in your head is the Divine guidance that comes from your higher self.

4. Inspiration Comes Naturally To You

Do you feel inspired and creative in mundane situations? If the inspiration and creativity come naturally and unexpectedly to you then you may have Clairaudient abilities. The Clairaudient psychic readers often feel inspired suddenly. The ideas and concepts pop up in their mind spontaneously as a result of spiritual communication. So, if you also feel some sort of guidance in your mind, then be sure that some spirit is helping you and showing you the right path. 

5. You Had An Imaginary Friend In Childhood

Psychics experts believe that the presence of an imaginary friend in childhood may be a sign of being Clairaudient. According to them an imaginary friend in your childhood might be some angel or spirit or departed soul around. It may be possible that some divine energies or spirits were communicating with you and guiding you throughout. So, if you ever had an imaginary friend when you were a child or there was someone with whom only you could talk or only you could see, then it may be a sign you are gifted with Clairaudience powers.

6. You Are Musically Gifted Or Sensitive

Clairaudient persons are often very sensitive to music. Some of them are musically gifted while some have a deep connection to music. It has been seen that some Clairaudient people used to see pictures in their heads matching the song lyrics playing around. If you are also one of them or inclined towards music and have a good knack for musical things or instruments, then there are strong chances that you are Clairaudient or can do a good Clairaudient psychic reading in the future. 

7. You Offer Advice

If people consider you as a good advisor and feel that you may guide them through their difficulties, then this may be a strong Clairaudience sign. Your intuitive ability to guide people by listening to their problems and understanding their feelings showcases your ability to be a Clairaudient psychic reading expert. 

8. You Enjoy Peace And Quietness

Everyone loves peace and calmness but if you crave for it more, then this may be a sign you are Clairaudient. Your desire to look for solitude and a peaceful place where you can meditate and tune your inner energy with nature is a sign that you are bestowed with Clairaudience powers. Moreover, if you are sensitive to noises emotionally and physically or feel irked on having a psychic hearing, then there are chances that you are having Clairaudient experiences. For getting more clarity, you need to perform the Clairaudience test under the guidance of a Psychic expert.

Did you find any Clairaudience signs within you? Not yet? No worries. You can still be a good Clairaudient psychic reading expert by developing Clairaudience powers. Explore the post and learn more!

How To Develop Clairaudience Powers?

How To Develop Clairaudience Powers

Want to raise Clairaudient energies within you? Here are the quick and simplest ways to get a Clairaudient experience and develop Clairaudience powers. Even if you are not a Clairaudient person, these effective methods can help you understand divine timing meaning and tune in with its great power.

1. Start Listening

If you want to really improve your Clairaudient skills, you need to learn the art of listening. Close your eyes and start listening to every little sound around you. You may find it hard at first but as soon as you master the art, you may be able to raise your Clairaudient energies to the heights you desire. 

2. Learn To Ask Questions

Not to people but start asking questions about your life and inner self from the Universe. As per Divine timing, you will find answers to your questions and receive the power to communicate at the right time. Asking questions invokes intuitive ability and allows you to receive intuitive messages in conversations, lyrics, or through random noises. 

3. Boost Your Throat Chakra

Clairaudience powers are associated with the Throat Chakra. This is the fifth and foremost Chakra that regulates communication and purification in an individual’s body. By balancing this Chakra, you can connect with the Universe and raise your Clairaudient energies. It can help you to be a good Clairaudient medium for spiritual communication and emotional awakening. 

4. Practice Meditation

Meditation allows you to calm your inner self and tune in with your higher wisdom. It brings peace to your mind and allows you to focus on sounds that you usually ignore or do not hear. So, find a peaceful place to meditate and practice meditation regularly. You can try musical meditation, spoken meditation, or silent ways to meditate. Remember while meditating, your main focus should be on raising your Clairaudience energies and making most of your meditation time. 

Final Thoughts

It is really critical to know if the voices you are hearing are a sign of Clairaudience or mental illness. The amount of distress and the control you have over yourself make the whole difference. If you are experiencing extreme depression, anxiety, or confusion due to the noises you hear, seek medical help immediately. 

Remember, Clairaudience power is a gift that allows you to connect with the spirit realm to gain guidance and intuitive messages. Many people do not understand it and ignore this gift. Thus, if you have all the Clairaudience signs and it is not intrusive, do not be scared to develop them. If you have any questions or doubts or want to know about your psychic powers, ask a Psychic Expert, our psychic readers are always ready to help! Chat now!

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