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Clairsentience Meaning - Clairsentient Definition and Signs

19 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Clairsentience Meaning - Clairsentient Definition and Signs

19 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Do you sense other people’s motives without interacting with them? Do people know you as an intuitive and over sensitive person? Do you get tingling sensations when you are around “dark” energy or even places? If most of your answer is yes and you are searching for clairsentience meaning or any clairsentient psychic, then you have come to the right place. 

This article covers everything that you need to know about Clairsentience and clairsentient psychic reading. Here, we will talk about clairsentience superpower, clairsentience definition, common clairsentient signs and much more. So, read on the post and explore another superpower from the psychic power list.

What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience meaning: The term “clairsentience is derived from the French word clair, meaning “clear” and sentience, meaning “feeling”. When combined this word is translated as “clear feelings” or “the ability to clearly feel energy.” Contrary to old weird beliefs, it is not a paranormal super power but the most beautiful intuitive gift. 

Clairsentience definition: Psychics define Clairsentience as the ability to sense or feel things through emotions, intuitions and physical sensations. This extra sensory perception allows one to feel the past, present or future emotional states of someone, without using five senses (touch, hearing, smell, taste and vision). 

People who exhibit clairsentience ability are called Clairsentient psychic or clairsentient empaths. They can sense the energy of a person, place or an object without being present there. These people have heightened intuitive ability and are capable of feeling and experiencing both intrinsic and extrinsic energy. Sometimes, Clairsentients serves as a medium for people to connect with spirits and lost things or people. They pick the emotional energy of people and also enable them to make decisions and solve their problems.

Signs You Are A Clairsentient

Being clairsentient can be manifested by various signs. As per spiritual seekers, one may easily realize their clairsentient superpowers by understanding the clairsentient signs. Take a look

  • You exhibit strong gut feelings about people. 
  • You are tagged as an oversensitive or overly emotional person. 
  • You make emotional connections with children, animals and old people. 
  • You can sense energy in a room or a place. 
  • You have an extraordinary ability to empathize and understand people’s emotions. 
  • Your mood seems to fluctuate depending on whom you have interacted with or who is around you. 
  • Feelings of nausea, dizziness and uncomfort surround you when you encounter any dark energy. 
  • Ancient and historical things fascinate you. 
  • You have a high level of perception and can easily read between the lines. 
  • You can pick up the spirit's feelings. 
  • You experience physical sensations when you are picking up someone’s energy. 
  • Crowds and noises make you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Quiet time replenishes your soul. 

Remember, clairsentient signs are different for every person. However, at times you may find people who share similar signs or feelings. Thus, it is always advisable to see local or online clairsentient psychics or Clairsentient empaths.

How to Develop Your Clairsentience Abilities?

How to Develop Your Clairsentience Abilities?

Like other psychic abilities, Clairsentience can be developed and improved by reading clairsentient books and practicing simple exercises. Here are some great divine practices that you may follow for your clairsentience development. 

1. Focus on Your Surroundings

Clairsentient people are hypersensitive to their environment. They easily get upset by the negativity and subtle alterations around them. Thus, if you have experienced clairsentient signs and want to improve your clairsentience superpower, then focus on your surroundings. If there is any negative energy or annoying energy around, change the location or use mediums that bring positivity to your place. 

2. Practice Clairsentience Development

Do the signs say you are a clairsentient? If yes, then practice a exercise every day. Ask your family member or friends to show you the picture of a stranger. Look at the picture and try to pick the energy of that person by focusing on his/her eyes. Try to sense if that person is happy or sad. Initially, you may only pick negative and positive vibes, so don't hurry. Later share your findings with your friend or family member. Let them tell how correct you were with your clairsentience development exercise.

3. Try to Sense Energy From a Personal Object

To perform this psychometry exercise for clairsentience development you need to pick an object you know nothing about. Then, try to tune into your intuitive abilities by slowly moving it across the skin of your hands, wrist and arms. Feel the energy and try to pick the information that comes to your mind. Now, tell this information to the owner of the object. Whatever the accuracy of answers is, practice this exercise daily to get better results.

4. Make a Crystal Grid

Crystals are powerful gemstones with high vibration and healing powers. To develop your clairsentient superpowers, you may use crystals like Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Amber. All these crystals have different powers and can offer you positivity, joy, purification and higher wisdom. 

5. Meditation

This is the best way to improve your Clairsentience abilities. Meditate regularly and try to connect with your high self. Be receptive to the intuitive messages you get and allow the divine force to open your sixth sense.

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How to Find a Clairsentience Psychic or Clairsentient Empath?

In the words of Serge Benhayon, “Clairsentience is the bridge between you and the Universe.” It is key through which we can reconnect to the grandness of our inner self. If you exhibit Clairsentient signs or going through a problem or have any emotional, physical and mental concerns,then it’s time you should seek a Clairsentient empath or psychic. 

At Anytime Astro, you may find live trusted psychics online who are ready to help 24x7. They can offer clairsentient training and help in development of your clairsentient abilities. They can also provide answers to your questions and tell who is your clairsentience twin flame. But before that, you need to take the first step and embrace clairsentience as your medium for divine guidance. Chat with psychics now!

Clairsentience Quiz- Self Assessment Test to Know If You are a Clairsentient Psychic or not.

Take the clairsentient test and reveal your Clairsentience superpower! Answer these questions in yes or no and calculate your results. Are you ready for this Clairsentient test?

  1. Do you rely on your gut feelings about things or situations?
  2. Are you often excited or fearful and don’t know why?
  3. Can you easily put yourself in other people’s shoes?
  4. Do you often feel overwhelmed by conflicting emotions?
  5. Do you sense other people’s emotions and feelings without them saying how they feel?
  6. Do unpleasant emotions bother you and you don’t know why it happens?
  7. Can you predict someone who is focusing on you from behind?
  8. Do you feel ambiguous emotions or have an indecisive nature?
  9. Is it hard for you to express your emotions?
  10. Can you feel other people’s pain?

Calculate Your Results

For every “Yes” give yourself 10 marks and for “No” zero. Once you have summed up all your marks check results here.

  • 80-100 : You are a full fledged Clairsentient empath
  • 60-80 : You have strong Clairsentience superpowers
  • 40-60 : Your clairsentient abilities are moderate. 
  • 20-40: You are partially a Clairsentient empath.
  • 0-20 : You are not a Clairsentient.

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