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Clairvoyance: Meaning, Signs, and Ways to Develop Clairvoyant Abilities

17 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Clairvoyance: Meaning, Signs, and Ways to Develop Clairvoyant Abilities

17 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Do you see different types of colors in your mind? Have you experienced flashes of light? Do you daydream often? If the answers to these questions are yes, then there are chances you are a Clairvoyant or clairvoyant psychic. 

Before you read further about clairvoyance or clairvoyant, it is important to understand who are psychics and how clairvoyance is connected to them. So, let us learn about psychics and know about them more. 

Psychics or psychic empaths are the people who predict the future by using their extrasensory powers. They share those things that are not possible for a normal person to explore and identify. Mostly, psychics are recognized by their different types of psychic abilities. These abilities can be single or multiple in a Psychic.

The different psychic powers allow the Psychics to use different mediums for predictions. Some predict through visions while some use their hearing powers to share findings. Each psychic. based on their abilities, is referred to by different names-Clairvoyant psychics, clairaudient, claircognizance, clairalience, clairgustance, etc.

In this post, we have defined clairvoyant, explained clairvoyance meaning, and shared the important details about clairvoyant abilities. Read on the post and explore the clairvoyance secrets! Find what does Clairvoyance meaning to a person and how do you know if you are gifted with such a power. 

Clairvoyance Meaning 

The word clairvoyance was derived from the French language. It is a combination of two ancient words-Clair and Voyance. Here, Clair means clear while Voyance means vision. Based on this fact, Clairvoyance can be defined as an ability to see things clearly. 

However, as per psychics, clairvoyance is the ability to gain insights about a person, thing, or physical event through extrasensory power. It allows visions of different events in the past, present, and future. Any person who is born with clairvoyant abilities or has developed clairvoyance power in them is called Clairvoyant or Clairvoyant psychic.

Use of Clairvoyance

Practicing Clairvoyance is not limited to future predictions. This extrasensory power can be used to see persons and events that are distant in terms of time and space. Some clairvoyant psychics claim that they have precognition- the ability to see the future events and retrocognition- the ability to see past events. Some also claim that they can vision contemporary events at a remote location that is not visible to normal people. However, all clairvoyant psychics have one thing in common, they know what is divine timing and understand its significance.

How to Know If You are a Clairvoyant Psychic?

How to Know If You are a Clairvoyant Psychic?

People often eliminate the idea of being a clairvoyant by the notion of daydreaming. They discredit the clairvoyant abilities considering them as a wandering of mind, wishful thinking, and mere illusion or imagination. Do you think the same? Are you ignoring clairvoyant signs? Check out the clairvoyant signs below and gain clear insights about your clairvoyant power. 

Signs you are a Clairvoyant

Am I a clairvoyant empath? Do I have clairvoyant abilities? Here are the signs that answer all your questions about Clairvoyant psychic abilities. Check out if you have ever experienced any clairvoyant signs in your life. 

  • “I see” is a phrase that you use often. 
  • You see the vision, images, symbols, and flashes of light. Some videos run into your mind and you see some events or things happening. 
  • You can see people’s aura and energy field. 
  • You see flashes of colors sometimes in your mind. 
  • You are very imaginative and good at solving riddles and puzzles. 
  • You are good at problem-solving as you can see in your mind how things will work and what may happen. 
  • Mist, fog, light, and colors are visible to you when other people are not able to view them. 
  • You see something happening but nothing appears in real. 
  • You often daydream about things. 
  • It is easy for you to visualize your goals, dreams, and desires. 
  • When it comes to the future, you have unusual and vivid imaginations.
  • You prefer to see things rather than reading or discussing them. 
  • When people share something with you, you visualize those things in your mind. 
  • You witness vivid, frequent, and active dreams. 
  • Strange words or phrases pop into your mind. 
  • “Deja Vu” experience is common. 
  • You have strong intuitions. 
  • Strange feelings and vibrations coming from your “third eye”, superficial eye in your forehead. 
  • You witness unusual images while meditating.

So, these are some of the most common ways to test your clairvoyance power. However, the best way to feel your clairvoyant psychic abilities is to open your mind. Meditating and practicing spiritual stimulation of the mind is also an effective way to realize your abilities.

How to Develop Clairvoyance Power?

Even if you are not born with clairvoyant abilities, you can develop clairvoyance powers by doing some clairvoyance exercises. Learn about these ways to develop clairvoyant psychic abilities and transform yourself as a clairvoyant expert. 

1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to stimulate the “third eye” and receive visions. You should practice meditation in a peaceful environment. To meditate and develop your clairvoyance power, close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine the opening of the third eye. Imagine receiving psychic power and removal of all the mental blockages. Soon, you will feel tingling between your eyebrows which is the sign of the opening of the third eye and enhanced psychic power. 

2. Play Games

Playing cards may also allow you to enhance your clairvoyant abilities. For this, you need to ask your friend to choose three cards and turn them down. Open the first card and then try to look for its pair in the deck by using your third eye. Repeat the process until you find pairs for all three cards. 

3. Use of Flowers

This exercise involves the use of flowers for opening up your third eye. Take one flower and run your fingers observing its texture, color, and flaws. Now close your eyes and imagine the picture of the flower in your mind. Do this exercise daily to enhance your visualizing power. 

4. Crystals for Clairvoyance Development-  

As per beliefs, crystals exhibit high vibrations that help in opening up the third eye. You can use them in meditation or keep them near your forehead during sleep to invoke your clairvoyance power. Not to mention, crystals are effective if you have experienced clairaudience signs. The best crystals for clairvoyance development are Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Diamond, Tektite, Moonstone, Tiger’s eye, Opal, Herkimer, and Fluorite. 

Reach out to Clairvoyant Psychics

As you learn about your clairvoyant abilities and seek a psychic clairvoyant reading, it is necessary to know who are the real clairvoyant psychics and how you can reach out to them. As per experts, real psychics never boast of being your mind readers. They observe your energy and realize your emotions and feelings. They ask you relevant questions to gain a better understanding of your issues and concerns. The clairvoyant psychic then use their extrasensory powers to offer solutions and make predictions. 

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