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Jyeshta Nakshatra Compatibility - What A Jyeshta Nakshatra Native Look For In Their Partner

19 Dec, 2023 by Swati S. Kumar

Jyeshta Nakshatra Compatibility - What A Jyeshta Nakshatra Native Look For In Their Partner

19 Dec, 2023 by Swati S. Kumar

One of the brightest red stars, Jyeshta, is the eighteenth Nakshatra in the series of lunar constellations. It extends from 16°40' to 30° degrees in the Vrishchik as per Vedic astrology while in Western astrology, it lies from 12°40’ - 26° Sagittarius. Symbolized by “a round talisman”, Jyeshta Nakshatra relates to all the governing forces of the Universe. Alternatively, it is also symbolized by “an Umbrella” signifying the protection against nature's forces. The presiding deity of Jyeshta Nakshatra is Indra, the scion of the Gods. It is ruled by the planet Mercury (Budha), the planet of intellect and communication. 

In Sanskrit, the word “Jyeshta” is referred to as “the eldest”. It represents the “founder”, “the most important” or “the preferred one”. The asterism is associated with traits such as generosity, self-reliance, kindness, righteousness and intelligence. As per Vedic texts, people born in this Nakshatra are matriarchs or patriarchs of the family. They exhibit excessive materialism and often tend to be driven towards useless materialistic pursuits. They are self-destructive and known to be manipulative and deceitful at times. These people cannot hold secrets and thus are the least reliable Nakshatras. In hard times, Jyeshta Nakshatra natives show great enthusiasm and fearlessness. They always remain sober and do everything that can help them attain high status and good image among people. 

Jyeshta natives mature quickly physically and emotionally. They are forerunners of society and command respect and attention from others. They like other people to praise them and thus often indulge in useless and frivolous activities. At times, these Nakshatra natives tend to be very aggressive, selfish, depressed and stubborn. Thus, to have great compatibility in terms of marriage and relationship, they need to explore Jyeshta Nakshatra's compatibility for the marriage. It is advisable for them to marry a Jyeshta Nakshatra compatible star so that they may find an understanding and loving partner. The knowledge of Jyeshta Nakshatra’s marriage compatibility and Jyeshta matching stars is beneficial to attain a prosperous and happy married life. 

Read the Jyeshta Nakshatra marriage compatibility guide and find the best and worst Jyeshta Nakshatra matching stars for marriage. 

Jyeshta Nakshatra Compatibility Chart

Born in Jyeshta Nakshatra! Explore your marriage compatibility with other Nakshatras through the Jyeshta Nakshatra Compatibility Chart. The following table offers quick insights into compatibility percentage and ranking of other Nakshatras based on Jyeshta Nakshatra's marriage compatibility with them.

Jyeshta Compatibility With Nakshatras


Compatibility Percentage

Ashwini Nakshatra



Bharani Nakshatra



Krittika Nakshatra



Rohini Nakshatra



Mrigasira Nakshatra



Ardra Nakshatra



Punarvasu Nakshatra



Pushya Nakshatra



Ashlesha Nakshatra



Magha Nakshatra



Purva Phalguni Nakshatra



Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra



Hasta Nakshatra



Chitra Nakshatra



Swati Nakshatra



Vishakha Nakshatra



Anuradha Nakshatra



Jyeshta Nakshatra



Mula Nakshatra



Purva Ashadha Nakshatra



Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra



Shravana Nakshatra



Dhanishta Nakshatra



Shatabhisha Nakshatra



Purva Bhadra Nakshatra



Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra



Revati Nakshatra



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Compatibility of Jyeshta Nakshatra with Other Nakshatras

Marriage compatibility is important to achieve a long-lasting and fulfilling married life. Hence, check out the best matches for Jyeshta Nakshatra males and females and know how compatible Jyeshta Nakshatra is with other Nakshatras. Check out the 3 most compatible and least compatible Nakshatras for Jyeshta Nakshatra natives. Also, learn about the characteristics of Jyeshta Nakshatra matching stars. 

Most Compatible Nakshatras for Jyeshta Nakshatra 

Jyeshta Nakshatra- Magha Nakshatra (88%)

Magha is the best match for Jyeshta Nakshatra males and females. This Jyeshta matching star has all the traits that make a Jyeshta fall for them. They are confident, dynamic, sexy, passionate, loving and full of compassion. These soulful people are full of warmth and love which are enough to render security to Jyeshta’s restless mind. In life, Jyeshta and Magha both suffer some poor relationships and this gives them a common node to bond with each other. Overall, Jyeshta and Magha are best friends and can be great companions for the marriage.

Jyeshta Nakshatra- Anuradha Nakshatra (86%)

Anuradha selflessly loves Jyeshta. Their love is fulfilling and they share a great relationship. Jyeshta Nakshatra’s compatibility with Anuradha is strong owing to their friendship and love. Anuradha natives are supportive by nature and they encourage Jyeshta to explore their spiritual self. They understand Jyeshta's pain and feeling of self-denial and offer them empathy and love in tribulations. Both Anuradha and Jyeshta in marriage are very caring and loving. They create a strong bond that is emotional, loving and soothing in all aspects. 

Jyeshta Nakshatra- Jyeshta Nakshatra (77%)

Having the same Nakshatra traits, Jyeshta connects well with their same Nakshatra partner. They share a subtle understanding of love, intimacy and passion owing to identical emotions. However, as per Vedic traditions, one Jyeshta native cannot be the best match for another Jyeshta Nakshatra native. They have a complex spiritual remit and if they marry they may live a painful and troubled life. Thus, it is always advisable to take a love marriage or arrange marriage consultation from experts when two similar Nakshatras marry.

Least Compatible Nakshatras for Jyeshta Nakshatra

Jyeshta Nakshatra- Ardra Nakshatra (14%)

Ardra is the worst match for Jyeshta Nakshatra males and females. As per Nakshatra's point of view, Ardra and Jyeshta only bring out the worst in each other. In the marriage, Jyeshta appears as a dominant and aggressive partner. They assume that they can deal with the aftermath and hence take actions that are not appropriate at times. However, Ardra can react exactly the opposite of what Jyeshta expects from them. They may turn violent and burst out with anger at their disordered behavior. Both Jyeshta and Ardra can be self-destructive. Thus, they need to be very careful when they form relationships or marry. It is advisable for them to keep a check over their extreme behavior. 

Jyeshta Nakshatra- Punarvasu Nakshatra (22%)

Jyeshta Nakshatra's compatibility with Punarvasu is a little better than Ardra. They feel attracted to each other initially but with time they understand each other and start getting distant. In love, Punarvasu desires a simple and smooth relationship. They don’t love their Jyeshta partner the way Jyeshta expects. On the flip side, Jyeshta enjoys Punarvasu’s attitude towards relationships, however, they find it hard to handle that their partner doesn’t love them. They try to control Punarvasu and manipulate the relationship. In turn, Punarvasu becomes ignorant of Jyeshta and leaves them in the middle. For solving relationship problems and exploring marriage prospects, it is advised to take live astrology consultation that offers instant and easy solutions for love, marriage and relationships. 

Jyeshta Nakshatra- Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra (26%)

Purva Bhadrapada is another less compatible Jyeshta matching star. Their compatibility is weak and they encounter various hurdles in their relationship. As per Nakshatra Astrology, Jyeshta introduces Purva Bhadrapada to the world of passion and romance. They express love without meaning and weave a web of illusion around Purva Bhadrapada. In turn, Purva Bhadrapada feels enchanted by Jyeshta and gives into them easily. Jyeshta, however, feels disdainful with the nature of Purva Bhadrapada. They feel hurt and pay a very high price emotionally and spiritually in this alliance. 

Best and Worst Match for Jyeshta Nakshatra Male and Female

According to Nakshatra Porutham, the Uthamam matches (compatible star matches) and Madhayama (less compatible star matches) for Jyeshta Nakshatra are as follows:

Uthamam matches for Jyeshta Nakshatra - Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, Moola, Uttara Ashadha, Dhanishta, Poorva Ashadha, Uttara Ashadha, Rohini, Mrigashira, Punarvasu

Madhyamam matches for Jyeshta Nakshatra- Pushya, Ashwini, Ashlesha, Chitra, Magha, Swati, Vishakha, Anuradha, Revati


  • Best match for Jyeshta Nakshatra female and male- Magha Nakshatra
  • Worst match for Jyeshta Nakshatra female and male- Ardra Nakshatra

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