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Punarvasu Nakshatra - Astrological Significance and Traits

22 Apr, 2021 by Somya

Punarvasu Nakshatra - Astrological Significance and Traits

22 Apr, 2021 by Somya

  • Zodiac Sign or Punarvasu Nakshatra Rashi- Cancer
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Ruling Planet- Jupiter
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Degree Range- 20degree 00' Gemini - 3degree20' Cancer
  • Chara Rashi/ Navamsa- Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Lord or God- Aditi, Mother of Gods
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Yoni- Maarjaar
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Quality- Divine or Sattwic
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Dosha- Vata
  • Type of Nakshatra- Mutable
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Dasha- 16yrs
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Numerical Potency- 7
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Gender- Male
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Nature- Dev or Godly
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Guna- Rajas 
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Mobility- Movable
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Caste- Vaishyas
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Animal- Female Cat
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Names Starting Letter- Kay, Ko, Ha, Hee
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Bird- Swan
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Tree- Bamboo
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Traits- Liberal in charity, happy, possessing good qualities, a dunce, satisfied with income, wise, dull, thirsty.
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Lucky Number- 3
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Symbol- Quiver full of arrow
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra Gemstone- Yellow Sapphire

About Punarvasu Nakshatra

Punarvasu, the seventh Nakshatra in astrology is a Nakshatra of renewal. It is one of the brightest constellations which means returned to reside. It is located between Gemini and Cancer and is guided by Cosmic Mother, Aditi. 

In the symbol of Punarvasu Nakshatra, you can see a quiver full of arrows. These arrows are not ordinary arrows, they are like ancient astras which after fulfilling their mission return on their own to their master. This symbolizes renewal, recurrence, and eternal beginnings. These arrows signify determination, win over evil, and law establishment. 

Punarvasu constellation consists of two bright stars Castor and Pollux which balance each other. You can easily see these two stars in the night sky. The placement of the Moon in this constellation brings self-control, contentment, smartness, and good fortune to their natives’ life. The lucky color of this constellation is golden yellow. The related body parts of Punarvasu Nakshatra are the nose and fingers. Punarvasu Nakshatra shows one’s transition from darkness to light. It relates to Vastuva Prapana Shakti which is the power of renovation.

Punarvasu Nakshatra - Physical Characteristics

Punarvasu Nakshatra male and female have a calm appearance. They believe in living their life simply and spiritually. Punarvasu Nakshatra natives have a well-built composition. They are very healthy and they do not fall sick frequently. Those who have Punarvasu as their constellation are of short to middle height and there is a warm expression on their face.

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Punarvasu Nakshatra Characteristics- Behavioral Characteristics

Punarvasu Nakshatra natives are calm and composed people who believe in acquiring positive energy by making use of their labor and hard work. They are very confident people and do not get frightened by hurdles coming their way. In fact, they face all their obstacles using their willpower and hard work. 

The natives of Punarvasu Nakshatra get satisfied very easily. They believe in a simple and contented life and keep themselves away from any negative energy that can hamper their growth and evolution. 

Punarvasu natives are emotionally attached to their family and home but do not hesitate to travel if the situation demands. Just like an arrow, they are determined to reach their goal no matter how difficult it is. 

One strange quality of Punarvasu Nakshatra natives is they do not generally succeed in their venture in the first attempt. But, in the second attempt, they almost always acquire their goal. Punarvasu Nakshatra male and female natives are full of patience, contentment, understanding, nobility, and simplicity. Their simplicity sometimes acts as a drawback as they struggle in understanding complicated situations. 

Those with Punarvasu rising on the Ascendant dodge accidents, diseases, and physical malfunctions most of the time. Their personality is pleasant, amiable and they are good-natured. They are generous but with terms and conditions. Their charity is based on the ``give and take” mantra. This is actually a good thing as it helps them survive in their difficult times. The natives of Punarvasu are commanding in nature, active, and full of energy. 

Their weak aspect is that they are careless and they lack foresight due to their over-optimism. Sometimes, they ignore the warnings which later lead to destructing circumstances. Cancer in their Nakshatra brings instability and fickle-mindedness in their lives. For getting stability, they should engage in spiritual activities. 

Favorable Activities For Punarvasu Nakshatra

The Punarvasu Nakshatra is extremely auspicious for activities related to Travel and exploration. You can make pilgrimages or engage in healing activities or medical operations. It is also good for a new beginning in love life or projects. This period is favorable for all the activities related to gardening and agriculture, tasks that require imagination and innovation. It is auspicious for starting construction. You can purchase cars or homes, start your studies, engage in spiritual activities like charity, installation of altars, meditation, and self-exploration in Punarvasu Nakshatra. This period is favorable for child care as well as teaching and also worshipping the Mother Goddess.

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Unfavorable Activities For Punarvasu Nakshatra

Punarvasu Nakshatra is favorable for almost all the activities except activities related to lending or borrowing money to someone, legal activities, and activities that can lead to conflict. 

Career Options for Punarvasu Natives

The professions that are favorable for people born in Punarvasu Nakshatra are:-

  • Professions that require imagination and innovation such as Artisans and story writers, Philosophers and Astrology writers
  • Professions related to trades and sales
  • Professions related to Transport, Travel, and Tourism
  • Visionaries
  • Jobs in Hotels and Restaurants
  • Construction industry such as architects and on-site jobs.
  • Science and Technology fields like Civil Engineers, Astronauts, jobs related to satellites and space, and psychology. 
  • Teachers in schools, colleges as well as universities.
  • Spiritual fields such as monks, priests, gurus. Jobs that include preaching self-enhancement.
  • Import-export business and recycling experts.
  • Historians and dealers of antique products.
  • Jobs related to agricultural, farming activities, and animal husbandry
  • Communication industry like radio and telephone journalism, courier companies, postal department, newspaper and mail order related jobs. 
  • All sports played by hands like archery and shooting 
  • Patriots and Aviators

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Punarvasu Nakshatra Remedies

Those who are suffering from affliction to Punarvasu Nakshatra should worship divine mother goddesses like Aditi, Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati, etc. If you chant the root mantra "Om" or "Aum" 108 times, your all sufferings will vanish and life will be enlightened. It is advisable to chant this mantra in the period of lunar transition for receiving maximum benefits. People who are receiving positive vibes from this constellation should also chant this mantra to boost prosperity in their life. Purnavasu Nakshatra natives should wear colors like green, yellow, and white for all auspicious occasions. Also, they should perform all the important actions corresponding to the position of the constellation for the most beneficial results. 

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