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Scorpio Moon Sign: Vrischika Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

18 May, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Scorpio Moon Sign: Vrischika Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

18 May, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Scorpio Moon Sign (Vrischika Rashi) Characteristics

  • Duality: Feminine
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Lord of Moon Sign: Mars
  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Part of the Body: Sexual Organs
  • Exaltation: None
  • Debilitation: Moon
  • Detriment: Venus
  • Birth Flower: Geraniums
  • Vrischika Rashi name letters- Na, Ya
  • Positive Traits of Scorpio Moon Sign- Resourceful, intuitive, investigative, Determined, Forceful, Imaginative, Powerful, Passionate, Intense, Magnetic, Strong will power.
  • Negative traits of Scorpio Moon Sign- Jealous, Moody, Secretive, Resentful, Obsessive, Possessive, Misuse of Passion, Detached, Manipulative, Stubborn & Vindictive

About Scorpio Moon Sign (Vrishchik Rashi)

Vrishchik Rashi is the eighth Moon sign of the zodiac. Vrischika Rashi in English is called Scorpio Moon Sign. If the Moon was transiting through the Scorpio Zodiac sign at the time of your birth, then your Moon sign will be Scorpio. According to Vedic Astrology, the Lord of Scorpio Moon sign is Mars, the planet of passion, aggression and high energy. It is associated with the Water element which makes this sign an ultra-sensitive Moon sign. It also signifies the magical, imaginative, and psychological attributes of the native. Vrischika Rashi relates to the fixed sign that highlights self-reliance, enthusiasm and stubbornness. It exhibits the feminine energy that offers Scorpio Moon sign men and women desire to be intuitive, emotional and receptive. Vrischika Rashi rules the eighth house of the astrology chart which governs transformation, intimacy, secrets, obstacles, longevity, death and unexpected illness etc. 

Vrischika Rashi Symbolism

Vrischika Rashi is symbolized by the Scorpion, a type of arachnid that has eight legs, two pedipalps and a tail. It inflicts the sting with its tail and is considered to be very vengeful. The Scorpio symbol represents the intensity, depth and obsessiveness of the Scorpion Moon sign natives. Like Scorpion exhibits a magical glow, defensiveness and sense of surroundings, the natives of this Moon sign also possess the significant quality of Scorpion to protect itself from the enemy. The glyph “M” of Scorpio depicting the stingy prolonged tail speaks of stingy attributes of people born in the Scorpio Moon Sign.

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Scorpio Moon Sign- How These Natives Are

Moon in astrology represents emotions and inner self. The Moon in the Scorpio signifies complex emotions and mysterious nature. It speaks of the attributes such as honesty, bravery, loyalty, ambition, jealousy, secrecy, resentfulness, determination and power. The keyword associated with the Scorpio Moon sign is “Ulterior Motivation”. With the Moon in Scorpio, the natives are born with a strong intensity, passion and moral conscience. They don’t fear anyone or anything and have amazing intuitive abilities to sense upcoming dangers. These natives are motivated by their spiritual beliefs and they are extremely intelligent and calculative in their approach. 

The Scorpio Moon signs are strong in disposition and at times very forceful to people. They are likely to endure their temptation given to their ability to go to extremes. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, these natives often go through various hurdles before achieving illuminated heights of awareness. They learn tough emotional lessons and with their experience, they develop their inner and outer self. 

Scorpio Men and women are known for their loyalty and honesty. They are reliable and extremely dedicated to the people they love. You can trust them with your secrets as there is no better “Secret Keeper” in the zodiac than the Scorpio Moon sign. However, when it comes to sharing their own secrets and emotions, these natives are tight-lipped. They keep their feelings bottled up and do not share deep and dark secrets. 

Scorpio Moon signs hate feeling “weak”. Vulnerability is not their attribute and they take a long time to trust anyone. Betrayal and lies are the worst words for Scorpio Moon sign men and women. Their feelings easily get hurt and they behave resentful and unforgiving to the people who have broken their heart and trust. At times, Scorpio Moon sign men and women also tend to be vengeful. 

They are constant, enduring and committed to their relationships. They feel emotionally fulfilled when they have meaningful connections with people. For them, intimacy and emotional bonding are everything. They are private people who like to keep their cards close to the chest. The emotions of Scorpio Moon sign natives tend to go to extreme highs and lows. They feel a deep sense of desire, passion and perception. Scorpio men and women can go to any limit to achieve what they want. They don’t let go of their goals and come off as powerful, clever and influential people on all fronts. 

The Scorpio Moon sign knows what is in the heart of others. They have a highly evolved ability to sense emotional undercurrents in their surroundings. Their intuitive abilities are good and it often helps them to sense the calamities and deceptions. As per Indian astrology, Scorpions possess an innate need to transform. They require developing themselves with others and within themselves.

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Strengths That Make Scorpio Moon Unique

People having Scorpio as their Moon sign are very loving and emotional. They exhibit great loyalty to their partners and have a deep understanding of their moods, emotions and feelings. They have the psychic ability to know them and have a strong sense of intimacy and passion when it comes to romance. These people are hard-core lovers and thus they can endure all the hardships to make their relationship successful. 

Scorpio men and women strive to reinvest and develop their inner and outer selves. They have an amazing ability to endure obstacles and achieve their targets. The main strength and best Scorpio Moon sign trait is their power to rise. They pick themselves from the ground no matter how tough things get and how much their hopes shatter. They rapidly deduce their emotions and attune to their emotions as per the situations. 

People turn to the Scorpio Moon sign due to their trustworthiness. They can keep their secrets safe and are honest in their conduct. Scorpio Moon sign natives are very imaginative and ambitious. They dream higher and willing to face any peaks and valleys to accomplish their desires. Vrischika Rashi natives can resist all kinds of suffering, stress and losses with their resolution and determination. They are highly intelligent and intuitive and are very confident in taking on challenges and big responsibilities. 

The problem-solving abilities of the Vrishchik Rashi natives are very good. They make plans and find resources to overcome any problems for themselves and others. They are inspiring and good at comprehending subtext. They can work well in stressful situations and due to their never giving up nature, they are at the forefront of every battle, compensating for the damages. For these people, things are either Yes or No, there is no middle ground or maybe especially in terms of relationships. If they get committed, these people stay loyal and protective of their partners. They draw their attention to their love interest with their charming and mysterious personalities.

The emotional sensitivity of Vrischik Rashi is incredible. They have a knack of finding what they and others need or desire in a situation. They generate great spiritual and emotional freedom for themselves and others. Straightforward mentality, intrinsic honesty and potential to transform the world are what set them apart from the other Moon signs.

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Darker Aspects of Scorpio Moon Sign

On the darker side, Scorpions are completely dependent on their mood and emotions. Their mood swings and they exhibit serious trust issues when it comes to revealing secrets and creating a relationship. Their emotional sensitivity to the surroundings makes it hard for them to let go of their comfort zone. They simply avoid things and situations that may put them in any sort of danger. 

Scorpio Moon sign negative traits involve inhibition of emotions. These natives keep their emotions hidden and create a guard around themselves. They have a fear of being hurt and thus to avoid it, they often isolate themselves from people. They also tend to be obsessive and annoying about getting neglected or ignored. As Scorpio Moon sign natives don’t want to be betrayed in relationships, they often put forth tests and observe the reaction of their partner or love interest. 

Vrishchik Rashi people are known for their vengeful attitude. They never forgive and forget any hurt. Like Scorpio, they exhibit a great sense of defense and protection and thus are always ready to attack or take revenge. Scorpio Moon Sign holds grudges for a long time and strikes back whenever they feel it is right and possible. In addition to this, these natives can be jealous, domineering and manipulative if they do not get things the way they expect. 

Stubbornness is another negative Scorpio Moon sign trait that hinders the growth of these natives. They are fixed sign natives and have a high level of determination to pursue what they desire. At times, their persistent determination turns stubborn and they tend to be dominating and arrogant. Ego, resentful attitude, rebellious nature and volatility of temperament are some other negative traits that shadow the shine of the Scorpio Moon sign.

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Challenges Scorpio Moon Face

Vrischika Rashi natives are intelligent, brave, honest and ambitious. They are persistent towards their goals and have the ability to endure any challenge. However, there are certain challenges in their personality that they should learn to overcome. Here are the challenges that make them stumble on the path of achieving the success they deserve. 

  • Secretive Attitude: Scorpio is secretive and mysterious and they have their own reason, but, often this secretive nature makes people frustrated and uninterested. Vrishchik Rashi natives should be a little more open to people to appear friendly and social. They should leave the attitude to detach themselves from situations when things are unexpected and hurtful. 
  • Resentment and Jealousy: Scorpio Moon sign natives lash out on people if they feel jealous or resentful. These natives need to be emotionally more vulnerable to find solace and good emotional well-being. Communicating with their loved ones and engaging in spiritual activities can help them find the outlet for their emotional intensity. 
  • Extreme Intensity: Vrischika Rashi people are intense. They do things in extreme ways and this often makes them choose the path that is wrong or not lawful. Scorpio Moon Sign natives should not allow them to sink in extreme depravity. They should bring some balance and moderation to live a happy and peaceful life.

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What Brings Luck to Scorpio Moon Sign/ Vrischika Rashi?

  • Vrischika Rashi Lucky Color- Dark red, Crimson and Maroon
  • Vrischika Rashi Lucky Gemstone- Red Coral
  • Lucky day for Scorpio Moon Sign- Tuesday and Thursday
  • Vrischika Rashi Lucky Number- 9
  • Lucky Plant for Scorpio Sign- Arjun, Katai, Molshri
  • Vrischika Rashi Lucky Flower- Geranium, Rose and Chrysanthemum 
  • Lucky God to Worship- Lord Karthikeya
  • Lucky Direction for Vrischika Rashi- South West
  • Lucky Metal For Vrischika Rashi- Iron and Plutonium

Best Career Options for Scorpio Moon Sign

Here are the best career options for the people born in Vrischika Rashi:

  • All the occupations associated with Mars and eighth house such as insurance, research-related jobs. 
  • Jobs associated with cemeteries, burial grounds and death.
  • Jobs involving wills and inheritance. 
  • Reconstruction and repairing jobs can be the suitable Scorpio Rashi career options 
  • Mechanics and Machinists. 
  • Investigating jobs such as spies, researchers and detectives.
  • Designing, law, charitable or humanitarian careers. 
  • Mundane and routine jobs. 

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Signs That Are Most Compatible With Scorpio Moon Sign

Vrischika Rashi people are extremely emotional. They love passionately and put all their efforts to make a relationship successful. They desire a strong and stable partner with whom they can do everything with utmost passion and power. Thus, Scorpio Moon men and women should choose Leo and Sagittarius signs as their partners. These are the most compatible Moon signs for the Vrischik Rashi natives. Aries, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can also be good partners for this Moon sign people. The least compatible Moon signs for Vrischika Rashi natives are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Relationships with these Moon signs are prone to hardships, lack of compatibility and a lot of struggles.

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