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Gemstone for Virgo: Lucky Stone for Virgo

21 Dec, 2023 by Swati

Gemstone for Virgo: Lucky Stone for Virgo

21 Dec, 2023 by Swati

People born between August 23 and September 22 are referred to as Virgo natives. They are associated with Earth Element and are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, memory and transportation. Virgos are considered as one of the most logical and practical signs out of the 12 zodiac signs. They are perfectionists at heart and are hyper-aware of every detail at work. These natives exhibit excellent communication skills and amazing resourcefulness. They can overcome any hurdles with their great problem-solving abilities and are known as the most humble, kind, and supportive zodiac natives. However, at times Virgo can be very annoying, judgemental, fussy, argumentative, indecisive and overcritical. They tend to be self-destructive and arrogant towards others. Thus, Virgos are always advised to wear their Virgo lifestone and Virgo zodiac stones.

Which Gemstone is Lucky for Virgo?

Get complete information about your lucky gemstone from astrology experts. Talk to Gemstone experts and explore the most suited gemstones for Virgo zodiac sign natives.

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Virgo Lifestone 

The Lord of Ascendant or Lagna determines your confidence, fame, money, good health, and longevity. Thus, it is very important that your Lagna is strong and not debilitated in your Birth Chart. As per astrologers, lifestones empower Ascendant and helps natives to achieve positive outcomes for their efforts. For Virgo zodiac sign people, Virgo life stones are highly recommended to strengthen their Lagna Lord and maximize the blessings of their life.

Unlike Virgo birthstones that are based on zodiac according to month, Virgo life stones are chosen after analyzing your Birth Chart. Thus, while choosing the gemstone, it is essential that you consult an Astrologer and know what is your Virgo star stone and how it can benefit your life.

Virgo Zodiac Gemstone (Kanya Rashi Ratna)

Each Virgo zodiac stone (Kanya Rashi Ratna) possesses different vibrations and characteristics. Thus, many times different astrologers suggest different gemstones for Virgos natives. Here is the list of most suitable stones for Virgo that is considered Virgo lucky stone or Virgo lucky gemstone ( Kanya Rashi lucky stone). 

  • Diamond
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Pearl
  • Amazonite
  • Amethyst
  • Carnelian
  • Blue Topaz
  • Garnet
  • Peridot
  • Zircon
  • Stichtite
  • Gaspeite
  • Sugilite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Moss Agate
  • Sardonyx

Lucky Gemstones for Virgo Zodiac Stone (Kanya Rashi Lucky Stone)

Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the best gemstone for Virgo natives is Sapphire. This is generally known as Blue gemstone as blue is the most common color that is found in sapphire gemstones. As per gemstone astrology, Sapphire is one of the Virgo lucky gemstones that positively impact the personality and lives of the natives. It helps in improving health and is considered a very good Virgo healing stone for heart issues. Moreover, Virgo crystal stone emits powerful rays that enhance the intellect abilities and offers wisdom and intelligence. Due to the high vibrations and powerful rays of this Virgo sign stone, sages have been using it since ages for meditative activities. It is believed that Blue Sapphire helps in introspection and self-realization which is very useful for the spiritual journey. 

Lucky Gemstones for Virgo Man (Kanya Rashi Ratan for Men)

The main lucky gemstone for men (Kanya Rashi lucky stone) is Sapphire (Neelam). It helps Virgo male natives to stabilize themselves and heal quickly. This Virgo lucky stone exhibits great penetrating powers that allow the person to improve their positive characteristics and overcome negative energies. As per the gemstone astrology, this Virgo sign stone is so powerful that by wearing it you can cure your physical ailments such as fever, cancer, burns, and hearing issues. 

Lucky Gemstones for Virgo Woman (Kanya Rashi Ratan for Women)

Blue Sapphire is also the lucky gemstone for Virgo women. Known as the sister of Ruby, this Virgo sign stone possesses cosmic energies that help them in healing and stabilizing their thoughts and emotions. It aids the visionary abilities and improves the communication abilities of Virgo women. By wearing this Virgo gemstone, Virgo women can improve their mental and emotional well-being. They can enhance their confidence and attain positive energy in their lives.

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Best Gemstones for Virgo Moon Sign

Your Moon sign reflects your inner personality, intuitive abilities, emotions, and feelings. It is an important sign as per Vedic astrology. According to it, the best gemstone for Virgo Moon sign people is Emerald. It is said that Virgo star stone has amazing metaphysical and healing properties that bestow good health, wisdom, and prosperity to the Virgo natives. To attain maximum benefits of this Virgo lucky stone, astrologers suggest wearing 1.5 Carat stone fixed in a gold ring. It is advisable to wear this Virgo zodiac stone on the little or ring finger of the working hand. Chanting powerful Mantra of Mercury while wearing Virgo zodiac stone is considered auspicious and beneficial. 

Mantra for Mercury to Wear Virgo Gemstone

“Om Bram Brim Braum Sah Budaya Namah”

Things to Remember Before You Buy Your Virgo Lucky Gemstone

Always Talk to an Expert Astrologer to know your Virgo lucky stone. An expert astrologer can suggest the best gemstone for Virgo men and women based on their birth chart.

One should always wear the recommended Carat quantity to attain the maximum benefits of Virgo gemstone.

Never buy uncertified and fake Gemstones as it may affect your life and personality negatively. Always search for the genuine and certified gemstone dealer and astrologer to find your Kanya Rashi stone or Virgo lucky stone. At Anytime Astro, you may find information about a variety of Gemstones names and colors that are considered suitable for Virgo zodiac sign natives.

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