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Effects Of Ketu In The 4th House Of Kundli

11 May, 2023 by Aditi Gupta

Effects Of Ketu In The 4th House Of Kundli

11 May, 2023 by Aditi Gupta

In Astrology, two planets namely- Rahu and Ketu are believed to be the shadow planets since they do not have any physical texture. Still, they are of great Astrological significance due to their malefic effects on the lives of the natives. Ketu is also known as the tail of a dragon and its negative placement in an individual’s Kundali can adversely affect their life in multiple ways. Particularly, when the Ketu is in the 4th house of the Kundali of an individual then it is said to affect their ambition, spirituality, and open-mindedness.

Natives who have a benefic Ketu in their 4th House have strong faith in life and they exhibit karmic relationships. Moreover, they can also expect profits and high returns in their business. On the other hand, they will tend to isolate themselves in the case of malefic Ketu. 

Let’s find out more about the effects of Ketu when it is present in the 4th House of the birth chart. 

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Areas Affected By Ketu In The 4th House

These are some of the areas that are majorly affected when the Ketu is placed in the 4th House.

  • Wealth
  • Power
  • Political Affairs
  • Lifestyle
  • Spirituality

Ketu Effects In The 4th House Of Kundli

The 4th House in Kundli of a person represents home, comforts, happiness, surroundings, care, and love. Additionally, the career, education, and personal life are also influenced by this house. The presence of Moksha Bhava is also due to the presence of the 4th house. 

However, to analyze Ketu’s placement in the 4th house and its effects on individuals, it is important to know about several other factors as well. Let's know about a few factors that can affect Ketu in the 4th house. 

Ketu’s Placement with Moon

Astrologically, the Moon, aka Karak is associated with the 4th house. Thus, it can enhance Ketu's results when combined with Moon sign signification. The person would possess high intuitive abilities and positive insight into the world around them. Their lives would be filled with comfort and contentment as a result of the planet. Furthermore, happiness will come from all directions. They can also expect comfort and positivity in their house when the Ketu is in placement with the Moon. 

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Ketu’s Placement with Mars

Ketu in combination with planet Mars is said to form the Pisacha yoga in a person’s Kundali. Furthermore, this placement infuses the natives with extremist energies. This can also lead to several health ailments and increased body temperature. 

effects of ketu in 4th house

Positive Impact Of Ketu In 4th House

The placement of Ketu in the fourth house of Kundali can make a native highly spiritual and mature. They feel an inclination towards the right path in life. Additionally, they will feel more enlightened and their level of understanding will also increase. They might feel content with whatever they have or have achieved in life so far. Profits and gains related to business can also be expected as a result of this. 

Apart from it, the placement of Ketu in the 4th House also makes a person caring and respectful towards the females. Furthermore, their chances of becoming wealthy and living a luxurious life also increase. They might start to live a lavish life. They might also get in touch with some recognized personalities who can help them in taking their career to the next level. 

Also, the individuals can look forward to a happy family bonding with this placement in their Kundali. Their relationship with their partner will strengthen and the level of understanding and communication will also increase. Overall, they will have a blissful relationship in every way with their spouse. There will also be mutual respect between the partners.

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Negative Effects OF Ketu In 4th House

As Ketu is a shadow planet therefore its negative effects easily overpower its positive effects. This malefic planet can make a person a frequent traveler where it will become difficult for them to stay at a single location for a long time. Changing locations frequently will become crucial to them. Spiritual deeds would become less appealing to them or they would lose interest in them. Additionally, they might make heartfelt decisions, lacking intelligence. 

Further, the negative placement of the Ketu in the fourth house can also affect the relationship between spouse and mother. A person will either get into a conflict with the females of their house and with their spouse or they will start feeling distant from them. Additionally, a person’s psychic abilities also tend to be affected adversely and they might end up making irrational decisions. 

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Remedies To Get Rid Of Malefic Ketu In 4th House

Though the negative effect of Ketu in the fourth house can not be completely eliminated. An expert Astrologer can help you. Apart from that, have a look at some remedies that can be helpful. 

  • Pet a dog and give a portion of food from your plate to it. This will help in minimizing the ill effects of Ketu. 
  • Wear or keep a silver ornament
  • Offer gram pulses and other yellow things to the water.
  • Observe Fasts on Wednesday to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha
  • Additionally, wearing yellow clothes often can also be helpful. 

Final Thoughts…

This blog was all about the effects of the shadow planet Ketu in the 4th House of Horoscope or Kundali. An afflicted Ketu can adversely influence the birth chart as well as the various aspects of an individual’s life. This can lead to several conflicts in a person’s relationship. Additionally, it can also affect the career and finance segment of their life. It is always important to get rid of the negative effects of Ketu. 

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