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Spouse Prediction by Date of Birth and Time

18 Dec, 2023 by Parita Soni

Spouse Prediction by Date of Birth and Time

18 Dec, 2023 by Parita Soni

Marriage is like giving an altogether new life to ourselves. Hence, one should properly check the partner's family background, dreams & goals, attitude, and finances, and also get the spouse prediction analyzed by expert astrologers as per Vedic astrology. Vedic Astrology predicts the future by examining the position of the stars and planets. Match-making through Kundali or the birth chart forecasts about your marriage life is possible by talking to expert astrologers. Many possibilities about the partners can be foreshadowed, as per the planetary positions in spouse astrology.

How will My Spouse Be?

Spouse Prediction: Know about Your Future Life Partner as per Vedic Astrology and How will be the married life?

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Which house is related to Spouse Prediction?

The 7th house is responsible for spouse prediction by date of birth. It is the house of marriage, and the planets placed in this house, as well as the Zodiac of the house, tell a lot about your marital life. A favorable planet in this house presents a blissful marriage, while an unfavorable planet impacts just the opposite. As per Spouse Astrology, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon are favorable planets, while Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu are unfavorable. 



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Spouse Prediction as per 7th House

The planets in the 7th house determine the nature, qualities, and other details about your life partner. Let us see what these planets tell about your life partner:


The spouse prediction by date of birth says that when the planet Sun is in the 7th house, the native gets a dominant as well as self-centered partner. The natives might find it difficult to win the love of each other as their partner shall be loud and aggressive.


The Moon is the 7th house means that the partner will be understanding, pious, and competent in handling household responsibilities. If there is Taurus in the 7th house, the partner shall be a kind person. The Moon in the 7th house means your spouse will be younger or almost the same age as you. Clothing and jewelry shall be your partner's weaknesses.


Expect a restless and impatient spouse if Mars is in the 7th house. The partner will never be satisfied with a regular job or housework and crave for change. The native's partner shall be quarrelsome and keep unfavorable friends if Mars is in a bad position. Also, the spouse might be significantly wealthy if Mars and Saturn are in Leo or Cancer in the seventh house.

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With Mercury in the 7th house of your horoscope, as per future spouse prediction, your spouse will communicate sweetly and effectively and shall be outgoing and intelligent. These qualities will please you and make you close to your partner. Furthermore, Mercury implies that the partner will be affluent, a writer, and lives a lavish lifestyle.


This free spouse prediction by date of birth and time predicts that your spouse will be physically fit, good-looking, and of average height with Jupiter in the 7th house. Your partner shall thrive academically and have an impressive aptitude for learning. Also, your prospective life partner will be happy with you and shall be adorable, bubbly, intelligent, mature, and passionate.


Natives with Venus in the 7th house are most lucky in finding a life partner as per this free spouse prediction from Kundli. In this position, Venus blesses them with a wonderful, affluent, and beautiful partner with an equally friendly nature. Moreover, the charm of your partner is further increased by Venus. Thus, your partner will be a good-looking person with a very loving nature who appreciates comforts and luxuries.


Marriage is not favorable for the natives in whose Kundli the placement of Shani or Saturn in the 7th house. Saturn, thus, denotes significant karmic lessons. It also covers responsibilities and liabilities in marital relationships. As per spouse astrology, a powerful Saturn here is very fortunate. However, a weak Saturn could cause bad luck and marriage issues. It could also be a sign of an unhappy marriage that might end in divorce.

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Rahu in the 7th house delays marriages and produces marital dissatisfaction, and even has the potential to lead to divorce. There will be a lot of challenges and problems. Moreover, if Rahu joins other unfavorable planets in this house, the negative effect multiplies. This placement of Rahu, as per spouse prediction from Kundli, also results in obstacles, hardships in life, and a failure to find a compatible life partner.


According to the spouse prediction by date of birth, Ketu in the 7th house symbolizes a spiritual life partner. In addition to being religious, the native's partner will be strongly drawn to non-materialism. However, the spouse might not have clarity in life, which makes it challenging to make decisions, but will excel in areas like math and technology.

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Spouse Prediction as per Zodiac Sign

For the future spouse prediction, the zodiac sign of the 7th house is as significant as the planets in your birth chart. Let's learn about them too.


Expect an aggressive, dominant, sports-lover and adventurous partner with Aries in the seventh house. Also, your partner will be charming, stubborn, and a powerful thinker.


Taurus, your life partner will be responsible, pious, committed, grounded, charming and attractive. He or she shall get immense success with a drag in arts and music.


The 7th house sign of Gemini depicts that your spouse shall be of unstable behavior, multitasker, possessive, smart and sensitive and possess a lot of energy.


A sympathetic, understanding, moody, and practical partner is expected for the natives having the Zodiac Sign Cancer in the 7th house, as per spouse prediction by date of birth and time.

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Leo, you will have a partner who will be a proud person and respect relationships. On the other hand, they will always consider themselves better than their partner.


Having Virgo in the 7th House means you will get a partner who is understanding and logical. Your partner would prefer to be a perfectionist with good judgment and business sense.


The 7th house sign of Libra predicts the spouse shall be focused and rational. The same reason also raises the possibility that your life partner may be overly rigid and have lesser warmth and affection.

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Scorpio of the 7th house will make your spouse mysterious and revengeful. Moreover, in personal matters, expect your partner to become emotional and intense.


A person who is learned, possesses a stubborn personality and righteous nature is how your partner shall be, as per your future spouse prediction. Pride will be a major issue for such a person, and they might make bold decisions to express themselves.

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According to spouse astrology, Capricorn in the 7th house means your spouse will be goal-oriented, focused, and practical. Your partner will only care about little things if they significantly impact their lives.


All the time spent by your spouse will be towards work, and being a workaholic, they won't mind doing so. On the other side, for those who are important to them, your partner, who will be an introvert, will make every effort to keep them happy.


Be prepared for an emotional, soft-hearted spouse if your 7th house is Pisces. Your companion will be sensitive and at times, a crybaby. Nevertheless, they will have a loving attitude and a thoughtful and appealing aura.

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