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Effective Vastu Tips to Attract Money

08 Feb, 2024 by Parita Soni

Effective Vastu Tips to Attract Money

08 Feb, 2024 by Parita Soni

Are you aware that assembling your home or office, as per Vastu Shastra, can impact your financial well-being? Simple establishments and arrangements can do much good for your life in various aspects. 

Let us consider finances for now. Adhering to the Vastu tips to attract money can make one have financial abundance by maintaining a harmonious balance of the five elements of nature at home and even at the office. 

As per Vastu Shastra, an appropriate balance of five elements - Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Space is required to impact your life positively. A disbalance of any of these elements might cause problems. Vastu Shastra ensures all these elements are in harmony, inviting wealth and prosperity into your life.

So now, let us comprehend the vastu to attract money at home and office.

Vastu Tips to Attract Money at Home

The best Vastu tips to increase money in your wallet, specifically designed for the home, are - 

Place a Box to the North: According to Vastu Shastra, the North direction is related to prosperity and wealth. Hence, as per money attraction vastu tips, place a piggy bank or white box in the north direction of your home and keep adding money into it regularly. It depicts abundance and will help you achieve a regular flow of income.

Don't Miss the Southeast: The element of fire rules the Southeast direction, which denotes financial success and growth. Placing a Swastika made of copper in the southeast direction of your house removes obstacles in cash flow and assures good cash-in-hand. Alternatively, you can also position a fountain or water-related item in this direction to attract prosperity.

Let's take them West: As per Vastu Shastra, the west direction relates to stability and savings. Hence, to attract money, Vastu suggests storing all the cash, precious jewellery, and crucial documents in the west direction of your home. To store the said items, use a safe or locker in shades of white or yellow. Doing so ensures security and financial stability.

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Keep it Clean: A clean and clutter-free home is key to attracting wealth and promoting positive energy. Do not let the mess accumulate, as it blocks the energy flow and hinders financial growth. As per the vastu tips to attract wealth and prosperity, organize your living space regularly and declutter it to create a facilitative environment for abundance.

Repair those Leaks: Water represents wealth, and any leakages of water lead to financial losses. Hence, the Vastu Shastra suggests these leakages should be repaired promptly, especially in the bathroom, kitchen, and garden areas. Doing so can prevent financial adversity and guarantee the continuous flow of prosperity in your life.

The Shades of Decor: Utilizing the colors that foster abundance and prosperity at home should be taken care of. As per the Vastu tips to attract money, the shades of green, yellow, and blue facilitate success and wealth. You can utilize the said colors in furnishing, painting, and ornamental objects to ensure a positive energy flow and seek financial prosperity.

Get those Energy Enhancers: Place the elements that enhance positive energy at home, such as lucky plants, feng shui crystals, or auspicious symbols. Setting these objects strengthens positive vibrations and builds a conducive and harmonious atmosphere, as per the money attraction vastu tips.

The Restricted Zone: According to the best Vastu tips to increase money in your wallet, avoid placing the locker in the kitchen or the store room. Also, do not place the safe under a shaft, as this area is usually deemed unstable, thus making it an unfavorable space for most human activities.

Let there be Cash in Your Safe: Come what may, never keep your safe or locker empty at any stance. As per the Vastu tips to attract wealth and prosperity, even during the most challenging time when you need to let go of all the valuables, ensure keeping at least a single coin in the locker. 

Follow the Rituals: The Vastu to attract money states that one should not forget to ring the temple bells and circle the incense sticks around the locker once a day at least to ensure circulation and dispel any inactive energy.

effective vastu tips to attract money

Vastu Tips to Attract Money in Business

As we read the Vastu tips to attract money at home, let us also learn the ones tailored for business -

The Layout: The money attraction vastu tips state that the design and layout of an office play a vital role in affecting the flow of energy and financial success of your business. As per Vastu Shastra, the owner's cabin should be located ideally in the southwest corner as this direction is related to financial growth as well as stability, making it a perfect spot for decision-makers.

Essentials of Entrance: A spacious, well-lit, and clutter-free entrance enables a free flow of positive energy. Ensure not to place obstacles near the entrance as they hamper the entry of opportunities. Moreover, the reception area should be aesthetically inviting as it is the first point of contact for the customers.

Count the Counter: Be it a physical store or a retail business, ensure an ideal placement of the counter or cash register. As per the Vastu tips to attract money in business, the cash counter should be located in the northeast or north of office premises, as this direction is related to wealth and abundance, making it facilitative to financial transactions.

The Colors of Office: As colors impact the atmosphere and energy flow of the office, ensure that you pick the colors that attract success and prosperity. Shades of blue, green, and yellow are considered favorable. Moreover, the elements of nature, like indoor plants or artwork, can also be placed in the office to form an uplifting and harmonious environment.

Light-up & Ventilate: As per Vastu Shastra, having ample light and proper ventilation is essential for a productive and positive work environment. Hence, set up the office in a way that the space is ventilated and receives adequate sunlight throughout the day. 

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Organize Your Space Well: Having any kind of clutter in the office can also disrupt the energy flow and restrict progress, as per Vastu tips to attract money in business. Employees should also be encouraged to keep their workspace clean and organized. Regular cleaning and decluttering of the space fosters focus and clarity while increasing profitability and productivity.

Get the Energy Enhancers: Along with the layout to attract money, Vastu Shastra also focuses on enhancing positive energy and prosperity. Installation of lucky plants, feng shui crystals, or other auspicious symbols can amplify positive vibrations and build a conducive environment.

Wrapping Up

Be it home or office, the above-mentioned points serve to be the best Vastu tips to increase money in your wallet. You can also speak to the Vastu experts in case you are looking for something specific. Adhering to these Vastu tips to attract money can cater for your need to attain prosperity, financial growth and abundance. Remember that Vastu Shastra is not just about the physical layout of space but also about building a harmonious and balanced environment that supports growth and success at home and business.

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