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A Comprehensive Guide to Vastu Tips for Your Pooja Room

03 Feb, 2024 by Parita Soni

A Comprehensive Guide to Vastu Tips for Your Pooja Room

03 Feb, 2024 by Parita Soni

The Pooja room is a sacred space that highly impacts the spiritual atmosphere at home. A puja room, as per Vastu, helps one hold positive energies and foster tranquility and harmony in the home environment. Hence, it becomes essential to adhere to Vastu for the pooja room. In this blog, let us explore in detail the Vastu tips to enrich the sacred aura of the Pooja room.

Location for Pooja Room as per Vastu

The pooja room direction in the house plays a vital role in Vastu, which should ideally be in the northeast, east, or north direction. The northeast quadrant, the 'Ishaan' corner, is considered the most auspicious for setting the Pooja room. The puja room direction vastu is believed to attract positive energies. The north and east directions are also promising, representing the divine connection and prosperity. 

Vastu Guidelines for Pooja Rooms Facing Different Directions


Idol Placement

Facing Direction of Devotees

Additional Tips


Deity should face West


Ideal for prayer and meditation. Ensure natural light from the east.

Ideal Colors for decor: White or Light Blue


Deity should face South


Attracts prosperity and wealth. Maintain a clutter-free space. 

Ideal Colors for decor: Yellow or Green


Deity should face East


Suitable for artistic pursuits and knowledge. Keep the space well-lit. 

Ideal Colors for decor: Blue or White


Deity should face North


Not considered ideal. Use mirrors or specific Vastu items to balance energies. 

Ideal Colors for decor: Red or Orange

*** Ensure the idols are not placed directly facing each other, as it creates tension and conflicts.

vastu for pooja room

Vastu for Pooja Room Entrance

The puja room direction Vastu says that the entrance should be preferably in the east or north of the house. A south-facing door is not recommended. The puja room entrance should be adorned with symbols like Swastika, Om, or religious symbols. 

Vastu for Pooja Room Design

The design of the Puja Room should be in a way that enhances peace and serenity. While designing the pooja room according to Vastu, ensure you use light colors such as white or lighter tones or yellow, blue, or colors, as per your preference or as favorably mentioned in Vastu Shastra. For the platform, use wood or marble to create a holy and purified atmosphere.

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Lighting & Ventilation As Per Vastu for Pooja Room 

It is essential to have adequate lighting in the Puja room as per Vastu Shastra, preferably natural light, so a window on the north or east is worthwhile. A serene aura can be created during the evening prayers using warm and soft colored lights. 

Puja Room Direction Vastu for Windows

In the puja room direction Vastu suggests that the windows should be in the east or north direction to pour positive energies. Additionally, maintain them well and ensure they open and close smoothly, allowing a healthy flow of positive energies.

What Makes the Ground Floor Ideal for a Puja Room as per Vastu?

As per Vastu Shastra principles, the ground floor is considered the most suitable for a Pooja room. It is because the gravitational force is the most on the ground, making it an ideal space for spiritual activities. Moreover, being close to the energies of Earth helps in grounding the spiritual energies yet forming a harmonious and stable environment in the Pooja room, as per Vastu Shastra.

Vastu for Pooja Room in Small Spaces/Flats

In flats or spaces that are small in size, use wall-mounted shelves or compact cabinets to save space. Place the idols that save space and keep the area clutter-free. Try to place it in a way where there is a source of natural light to ensure positive energies. 

Vastu Plan for New House Construction

Other Elements Associated With Vastu for Pooja Room

  • An altar or platform is the primary element in constructing a Pooja Room as per Vastu. It should be constructed using wood or marble and kept free from clutter.
  • Adorn the Pooja room with religious scriptures, yantras, and symbols such as Swastik and Om.
  • Place sacred geometry elements such as Sri Yantra or crystal grids to boost positive energy.

Do’s and Don’ts of Constructing a Puja Room As Per Vastu

Do’s -

  • Observe Vastu guidelines for direction and placement.
  • Keep the Puja room well-lit and ventilated.
  • Clean and declutter the space regularly.
  • Have pacifying colors on the walls and have a peaceful aura.
  • Place the lamp in the Southeast corner of the room. 
  • Keep the idols a bit apart from the walls. 
  • Always enter the Puja Room with clean hands and feet. 
  • Offer prayers with a sincere heart to create positive vibrations. 

Don’ts -

  • Do not set the Pooja room under a staircase or adjacent to a bathroom.
  • Avoid having the puja room in the South direction 
  • Never place the idols facing each other directly.
  • Avoid any clutter and unneeded items in the Pooja room.
  • Forego using dark or overly bright colors.
  • Do not keep any electronic gadgets, unrelated books, or non-religious items in the Pooja room.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can, as per Vastu, the pooja room face south? 

Ans. Only if unavoidable, the pooja room direction, as per Vastu, should be facing the South direction. Kindly use remedies like mirrors or Vastu items to balance energies. 

Q.2 Can we install the puja room on the upper floor?

Ans. As per Vastu, the pooja room should be on the ground floor, but by using remedies, you can install it on the upper floor, too.

Q.3 How often should we clean the Pooja room?

Ans. As per the Vastu for pooja room, it should be cleaned regularly - physically and spiritually.

Q.4 I do not have a separate space for the Puja room. What should I do?

Ans. In flats having small space, allocate a corner for puja-related activities. Observe Vastu principles closely to maintain positive energy.

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