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10 Important Vastu Tips For Buying New Flat

07 Feb, 2024 by Snehil

10 Important Vastu Tips For Buying New Flat

07 Feb, 2024 by Snehil

Are you planning to buy a new flat or want to build your own dream home? Well, in the current scenario, building or purchasing a flat can be really challenging, and purchasing a flat that satisfies Vastu requirements is an add-on to this challenge. So, think about these important Vastu tips for buying new flats or independent homes before making your decision. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that teaches how to find a harmonious flat. 

Apartments and plots that adhere to Vastu principles provide their occupants with greater happiness, wealth, health, and prosperity in their lives. It is a science-centered around the optimization of engineering, acoustics, optics, and spiritual concepts. If you are looking to buy a new apartment, be sure to find out if the building complies with the fundamentals of Vastu. 

This guide will assist you in independently verifying Vastu's recommendations for a new residence so that you can purchase the ideal flat for you and your family. Here is a list of Vastu tips for new flats that prospective homeowners can review to make sure the property they plan to purchase complies with these precepts. But before that, let’s have a brief understanding of the Vastu Shastra and why it is important. So, let’s dive in.

Why Is Vastu Shastra Important?

Vastu Shastra can help you develop a spiritual interest. Vastu is an art and science that encourages tranquility and inner peace. Apart from that, it can promote harmonious relationships between residents of the flats. Structural direction and shape are the main focus of Vastu for Homes. There are several different shapes in the room, including square, wheel, bar, and rectangular. The routes are as follows: North East - Vayuvya, North West - Nyruthi, South East - Agneya.

In addition to orientations and geometries, the design of a structure is planned using twelve principles, including circulation, aspect, privacy, economy, elegance, prospect, grouping, and sanitation, as well as the necessity of furniture. Vastu Shastra makes a link between one's physical surroundings and overall well-being. Consequently, purchasing real estate that complies with Vastu ensures not only a livable space but also a harmonious one that is intended to foster good energy and general well-being. 

10 Important Vastu Tips for Buying New Flat

When searching for a new apartment, you always want to make sure that the flat is ideal for you in every aspect. Therefore, make sure the flat you choose complies with Vastu by following these important Vastu tips for new flats.

1. The Direction of the Plot

Certain directions, like the east and north, have a beneficial effect while others have a negative one, according to Vastu's advice for a happy home. East and north-facing plots are suitable for flat construction, according to Vastu's advice for purchasing new apartments. Stay away from flats that face the west or south.

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2. The Shape of the Plot

When considering the important Vastu tips for buying new flats, the plot should be square or rectangular in shape. It should also be facing squarely in the four cardinal directions. The ideal ratio, according to Vastu principles, is either 1:1, 1:1.5 or, at most, 1:2 between the building's length and breadth. Plots with irregular shapes, such as those that are triangular, oval, or circular, should be avoided. According to Vastu's advice when purchasing a new apartment, the ideal kind of plot is one that is square in shape and has four corners.

3. The Shape of the Building or Structure

When purchasing real estate, two shapes are significant, according to Vastu's advice for attracting positive energy into a flat. These forms indicate the general wealth and well-being of the occupants of that property. The 'Gaumukhi' shape, which is broad at the back and narrow at the entrance, is thought to be ideal for plots being purchased for residential use. The "Shermukhi" shape, which is wide at the front and narrow at the rear, is thought to be ideal for commercial buildings. With the exception of the northeast, extended corners are deemed inappropriate for residential buildings.

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4. Interiors and Colors For a Flat

Avoid purchasing apartments with dark paint colors, according to Vastu tips for buying new flats. This is so because dark hues emit negative energy when they are used on the walls, furniture, floors, etc. in your flat. Light hues, on the other hand, like pink, yellow, orange, etc., radiate good energy. According to Vastu principles, flats and balconies with certain colors are appropriate purchases. 

5. Placement of Kitchens, Staircases, and Toilets

According to Vastu's recommendations for new flats, prospective homeowners should think about where the kitchen, bathrooms, and staircase will be located before purchasing a new apartment. Make sure none of these are facing southwest or south. When purchasing a new apartment, the location of the main door is also crucial. 

When they were constructed, many of the luxurious apartments located on the EM Bypass were built according to Vastu principles. When purchasing a new apartment, Vastu's advice states that food should be prepared facing east if the kitchen is facing southeast. Therefore, when we consider important Vastu tips for buying new flats, this is regarded as lucky. 

6. Number Of Doors And Windows 

Considering Vastu for buying new flats, it suggests that there should be an equal number of doors and windows on each floor. However, unlike in the cases of 10 or 20, this number should not end in a zero. Making this decision will only be positively impacted by using a checklist. Buying your ideal flat is, after all, a one-time event. Therefore, when making an investment in real estate, consider this important Vastu tip for buying new flat.

7. Ventilation and Sunlight

When you use Vastu for buying new flats, natural light is extremely important. Vastu Shastra suggests that windows and balconies face north or east because morning sunlight is generally seen as a source of positivity. Sunlight in the morning is also thought to have health benefits.

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8. Entrance to the Flat

Generally, the east and northeast sides are preferred for a flat entrance. When we consider important Vastu tips for buying new flats, facing one of these directions when designing an entrance brings good fortune and positivity. Furthermore, by taking this action, you can ensure that your flat receives sunlight every day. Moreover, facing the entrance of a flat to the west or south is considered unlucky.

9. The Position of the Bedroom

The southwest corner is the ideal location for the bedroom since it will encourage relaxation and winding down at the end of the day. According to Vastu tips for new flats, positioning the bedroom is crucial to making sure your flat is a tranquil place to live. Since facing north is connected to negativity, try not to sleep with your head facing that direction.

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10. The Position Of Bathroom and Toilets

It is crucial to determine if the restroom is located in the southeast or northwest corner of the apartment. When using Vastu for buying new flats, the bathrooms in newly purchased apartments should not be located directly next to the kitchen or Pooja room. Make sure the restroom has adequate ventilation, and stay away from using mirrors there.

Wrapping Up

Vastu Shastra provides an immense amount of advice on how to live a truly happy life in your flat. You can start a journey to create a space that resonates with positive energies and fosters a sense of peace, balance, and prosperity by implementing these important Vastu tips for buying new flats. 

Even though Vastu Shastra has its roots in tradition, applying these ideas to your contemporary living space can give it a thoughtful and harmonious feel. Even though some people may not think that Vastu Shastra is helpful, these suggestions are still worth trying if you want to bring positivity into your dream house.

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