Home Vastu Mirror Vastu: A Guide to Install Mirrors According to Vastu Shastra

Mirror Vastu: A Guide to Install Mirrors According to Vastu Shastra

29 Mar, 2024 by Parita Soni

Mirror Vastu: A Guide to Install Mirrors According to Vastu Shastra

29 Mar, 2024 by Parita Soni

Vastu Shastra plays a significant role in balancing the energies of all elements in the given space. One of the aspects considered in channeling the energy flow is the mirror placement, as per Vastu Shastra. Considered a crucial element of decor, it also helps to imbue positive energy into the living space. However, non-adherence or improper mirror Vastu disrupts energy flow, as per experts. When placed strategically, the mirror, according to Vastu, ensures growth and prosperity within the home while purifying negative energies and enabling good health among the inhabitants. In this blog, we shall learn about the benefits of mirror direction Vastu, the direction of mirror as per Vastu, remedies, and other related details of mirror Vastu. So, let us dive deep and explore the details.

Advantages of Mirror Vastu for Home and Office

The placement of mirrors in bedrooms, as per Vastu, offers considerable benefits in fixing the imbalances within the home, shop, or office. Vastu reveals how the strategically placed mirrors amplify positive energy while repulsing the negative. However, the effectiveness of a mirror depends upon its placement and whether it possesses a concave or convex shape. Let us now look at the advantages of setting mirrors in the living or workspace -

  • Mirrors help in doubling prosperity and improving health by attracting positive energy. The mirror should have the reflection of either cash, food, or a stunning view, as it helps them double. 
  • The mirror placement, as per Vastu principles, helps attract positive energy while absorbing negative energy from the surroundings.
Elements of Vastu Shastra

Placement of Mirror in Vastu Shastra

Bedroom Mirror Vastu

As per Vastu Shastra, the master bedroom should be located in either the south or the south-west direction, mainly dominated by the element of earth. As mirrors are associated with the water element, their presence in the bedroom might fetch instabilities as they interrupt the Vastu harmony. Hence, it is suggested to avoid setting mirrors in the bedroom to maintain a peaceful environment. If placing the mirror is unavoidable, such as on the dressing table or elsewhere, ensure it doesn't face the bed or echo individuals resting on it. Such mirrors should be covered when not in use. Moreover, one should also not opt for a designer bed with a headboard mirror, according to Vastu. The mirror should be ideally placed adjacent to the bed along the northern or eastern walls.

Kids' Bedroom Mirror Vastu

According to the bedroom mirror Vastu, avoid setting the mirrors directly in front of the bed in the kid's room. The inappropriately placed mirrors can cause restlessness and interrupt the flow of energy in their room, potentially lessening the positive ambiance.

Living Room Mirror Vastu

In the living room, if the main entrance opens up, do not place mirrors directly opposite to it as it prevents positive energy from being reflected outwards. However, a sensible arrangement of mirrors, such as above a console table, can enhance the welcoming ambiance of the entrance. A mirror placed on the walls opposite the windows maximizes the natural light and facilitates a positive environment by echoing picturesque outdoor views. Further, if the dining table is in the living room, the mirror location, as per Vastu, should be in a way that echoes the dining table. When the reflection of all members having meals together falls on the mirror, it elevates abundance and family harmony.

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Bathroom Mirror Vastu

The mirror direction, according to Vastu, in the bathroom should be in the well-lit area to ensure maximum reflection, preferably on east or north walls. Placing full-length mirrors on doors is ideal, but ensure it is carefully attached. Refrain from setting the mirror opposite the toilet as it mitigates negative energy inflow. Clean the bathroom and washbasin mirrors regularly and prevent the water stains, thereby averting the attraction of negative energy. Also, mirror Vastu suggests not sticking anything on the mirror (stickers, bindis, etc).

Offices and Shops Mirror Vastu

As per Vastu, the mirror positioned strategically in commercial spaces in close proximity to cash lockers can help draw prosperity and wealth. One should ensure that the mirrors do not reflect deformed images of cash lockers or work desks, as they might hamper growth and prosperity. Adding a mirror inside the locker is also helpful. Keep the mirrors clean and strain-free. Also, ensure they do not reflect your desk, as they might double your work. Ensure maintaining the direction of mirror as per Vastu at the office premises in the north or northeast, that is the direction of the water element. Do not set any mirrors in the extended or unequal corners of the premises. The direction for the mirror, as per Vastu, should be such that it gives the illusion of a large number of products and customers. Talking about the trial room, the mirrors should be on the northern or eastern walls. 

Wall Mirror Vastu

Adhere to the following shapes of the mirror as per Vastu - 

Wall Direction

Recommended Mirror Shapes


Avoid square shapes


Avoid round shapes


Place rectangular or round mirrors


Set up round or square mirrors


Avoid placement here


Avoid entirely


May lead to disharmony

Mirror Placement Considerations Outside the Home

Placing the mirror in Vastu Shastra on the exterior of the house can amplify the flow of positive energy, especially on the balcony or lobby, where pleasing views can reflect. As per Vastu mirror position and direction properly can enable the inflow of ample light and energy, enhancing the home environment.

vastu for mirror

Dos and Don'ts of Mirror Direction as per Vastu

Ensure the following dos and don'ts for optimal mirror placement as per Vastu - 

  • Set the mirrors within four to five feet above the wall or ground level.
  • Place the reflective surfaces on the eastern or northern walls.
  • Keep the mirrors or any reflective items covered when not in use.
  • Ensure that the mirrors remain spotless for clarity.
  • Avoid any forward-tilting mirrors and hang them straight.
  • Avoid placing mirrors near the staircase.
  • Refrain from keeping the mirrors in the kitchen or areas reflecting kitchen activity.
  • Opt for window mirrors that are translucent over the transparent ones.
  • Do not keep mirrors near study spots to deter concentration disruption.
  • Avoid placing mirrors opposite each other to prevent negativity.
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Remedies for Mirror Direction Vastu

Addressing issues in the direction of the mirror, as per Vastu, can be accomplished through various remedies:

  • Cover the mirrors at night to deter the reflection of negative energy while sleeping.
  • Use the Vastu-specific mirrors devised to negate unfavorable energies.
  • Incorporate greenery by placing a plant near mirrors to balance energy.
  • Add auspicious symbols or images to balance the ill effects.
  • Use drapes or curtains to de-stress the mirror presence.
  • Enhance mirrors with metallic elements to stabilize energies.

Vastu Direction

Guidance for Mirror Placement


Avoid placing mirrors here as they can amplify arguments and disputes owing to their fire element.


Refrain from setting mirrors opposite each other to deter the turbulent flow of negative energy.

North or East

Optimal mirror direction as per Vastu to deflect positive energy inflow and maintain harmony within space.

Facing Bed

Avoid placing mirrors facing the bed to lessen potential health issues for inhabitants.

Entry Gate

Strategically set a mirror at the entrance to reflect positive energy and prevent its entry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can I place a mirror in the bedroom as per Vastu?

Ans. Yes, but adhere to the bedroom mirror Vastu guidelines and avoid placing mirrors facing the bed.

Q.2 According to Vastu, the mirror should be in which direction?

Ans. The mirror direction, as per Vastu, should be north or east walls to maximize positive energy influx. Do not place the mirrors directly opposite the main entrance to deter energy reflection out of the home.

Q.3 How can mirrors impact the flow of energy at home?

Ans. According to Vastu, mirror position can either enhance or disrupt energy flow based on placement. Hence, it is essential to place them properly as per Vastu guidelines.

Q.4 What should I avoid when placing mirrors, as per Vastu?

Ans. Avoid placing the mirrors facing each other directly, near staircases, kitchens, or even reflecting kitchen activity. Also, do not place them in the south or southeast direction to prevent energy disturbances.

Q.5 Should I use a concave or convex mirror as per Vastu?

Ans. Both concave and convex mirrors have specific benefits in Vastu. The convex mirrors help deflect negative energy, while the concave mirror absorbs it. You can opt for either as per your requirement.

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