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Clairempathy Superpower - Meaning, Signs, Quiz and More

18 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Clairempathy Superpower - Meaning, Signs, Quiz and More

18 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Have you ever felt like someone’s feelings have rubbed you off? Do you have high sensitivity to sounds, smells or sensations? Are you intensely aware of the emotional states of others? If the answers of these questions are yes, then you may be a Clair empath or have Clairempathy superpower. Even if you are unaware of the term- Clairempathy, then this post can help you know what Clairempathy is and why you should seek a Clair empath or Clairempathy psychic. Read on to explore!

Clairempathy as described by spiritual seekers is one of the ultimate psychic powers. This is often referred to as empathy and is considered the true sixth sense of an individual. People who exhibit Clairempathy are called Clair empaths. They are psychic beings who possess innate empathy for things, animals, birds, and people. These empaths are extremely sensitive and if they have developed Clairempathy abilities, they can heal, replenish energy, and clear unwanted negativity from anyone’s auric field. Remember Deanna Troy (ship counselor) from Star Trek (Next Generation) movie- she is an excellent example of being a Clairempath. Curious to learn more about Clairempathy? 

Check out the post and find everything you need to know about Clairempathy meaning, signs of Clairempathy, and ways to develop Clairempathy abilities. Also, learn about the best psychics that offer Clairempathy psychic reading. 

What is Clairempathy?

Clairempathy Meaning: Clairempathy has been derived from the French word Clair meaning “clear” and the Greek word “pathos” meaning “passion” or “suffering”. When combined together it translates into a “clear feeling of passion and suffering” or “clear emotional feeling”. 

Clairempathy is an extrasensory perception of emotional energy. It is an important ability from the list of psychic powers that allow you to experience other people’s thoughts, emotions, and physical pain as if they are your own. You feel sensitive to the energetic vibrations of people, places, animals, or objects. It‘s like a process in which you pick up the energy of everything around you. Since an empath doesn’t use normal 5 senses to perceive emotional energy, the Clairempathy powers are termed supernatural powers. 

Generally, Clairempathy is often incorporated with Clairsentience, the awareness of a sensation or feeling. However, they both are not the same. Clairsentience involves the physical sensation of energy while Clairempathy doesn’t require any physical medium to sense energies. Psychics use both powers to discern the underlying energy of a client’s situation. They observe the aura and offer precise answers and solutions to their concerns.

An empath can sense someone's pain or emotions without being physically present or in the same place as the other person. They don’t need to pick up someone’s body language. 

or see, hear or touch other people to experience their problems and emotions. This psychic gift is often related to other psychic powers such as psychometry, clairaudience, etc. 

Difference Between Having Empathy or Being an Empath

There is a minor but important difference between being empathetic versus being an empath. When you feel empathy for someone, you understand their pain, emotions, and feelings. You feel compassionate and show your concern to them. Whereas, an empath or Clair empath can actually feel the things that the person is feeling or going through. 

Here is a Clairempathy example, let us assume that your friend is suffering from a physical ailment. Being empathetic, you understand how it feels when you are sick and facing physical pain. On the contrary, being an empath you literally experience the symptoms and pain that your friend is feeling.

Signs of Clairempathy

Am I a Clairempath? Do I have Clairempathy superpower? Check out the signs of Clairempathy to know if you have Clairempathy psychic ability or not. 

  • You experience the emotions or physical sensations of other people.
  • Negative emotions of others make you feel overwhelmed.
  • You have an intense awareness of the passion, affection, or other emotional states of people around you. 
  •  You can pick emotional energy from other people’s objects as well as spaces. 
  • You have heightened sensitivity towards smells, sounds, touch, light, and tastes. 
  • Experiencing other people’s psychological, physical and mental ailments and symptoms comes to you naturally. 
  • You have an innate ability to heal others. 
  • You feel a great need to serve mankind and make this world a better place. 
  • You have a natural affinity for children, nature, elders, and meek people
  • You tend to isolate yourself from the outside world. 
  • Conflicts and situations of aggression are a big No for you. 

How to Develop Clairempathy?

How to Develop Clairempathy?

Want to be a Clairempath psychic? There is good news for you then. You need not have Clairempathy psychic power by birth to be a good psychic. You can develop Clairempathy abilities in you by following simple methods. 

  • Understand the divine time signs and meaning.
  • Open yourself up to nature and be aware of different subtle shifts on surrounding energy levels.
  •  Practice meditation and try to connect yourself with the Divine spiritually. 
  • Trust your intuitions and acknowledge your inner feelings of compassion and kindness. 
  • Recognize the people, places, and things that drain your energy. Set limits and spend time on something you love. 
  • Practice breathing exercises. Say, “I am breathing in power” when you inhale and say, “I am breathing out negativity and stress” when you exhale. Repeat this several times daily. 
  • Transmute negative energy and make positive affirmations. 
  • Stay happy and positive. Loving yourself can help you live up to your full potential.
  • Consult best psychics to improve your empathic nature.

Different Types of Clairempathy

The world of Clairempathy psychic reading is vast. When you are in pain, need emotional guidance, or facing emotional and mental conflict, then you can go for different Clairempathy superpowers. Here are the different types of Clairempathy psychic reading you can find. 

1. Emotional Clairempathy 

All the Clair empaths can physically and emotionally sense the emotions of people without being told. Some empaths take only negative emotions, some take on positive feelings and some can experience all kinds of emotions. 

 2. Medical Clairempathy 

Medical empaths can feel the stress, aches, and sensations of others. This might manifest in many ways such as they may feel hurt or pleasure or symptoms of some ailments in them. This allows them to heal people by understanding their exact situation. 

3. Intellectual Clairempathy 

Intellectual empaths can easily grasp what is running in someone’s mind. They understand perspectives and learn various things throughout their lives. 

4. Nature Clair Empathy 

Nature empaths share a close connection with nature. They have a great affinity towards the flora and can heat the messages of plants. During natural calamities, they experience pain and negative emotions. 

5. Flora Clairempathy Psychic Reading

In this type of Clairempathy psychic reading, empaths interact with plants or trees. They exhibit Clairempathy superpowers to heed the emotions of flora around them. These psychics can hear them speak and learn what they have witnessed or what they want to convey. 

6. Precognitive Clair Empath

Deja vu and visions about the future are common for these psychics. They may witness visions as feelings or vivid dreams. 

7. Geomantic Clairempathy 

It involves reading energy and signals transmitted by the Earth. These psychics can make predictions about natural disasters before their occurrence. 

8. Spiritual Clairempathy 

This kind of Clairempathy psychic reading is about understanding people’s relationship with the higher power. 

9. Crystal Clairempathy 

It is common to use Crystals during Clairvoyance and Clairempathy readings. This powerful source allows spiritual exploration and receiving of information and inspiration. 

10. Psychometric Clairempathy 

This type of reading offers information through inanimate objects. Such psychics can pick up energy and impressions from photographs, clothing, jewelry, utensils, and the belongings of someone. 

Reach Out for Real Clairempathy Psychic Readings!

Real Clair empaths feel the world! They don’t need to be physically present to understand what you are going through. The Clairempathy superpowers allow them to sense your pain, feelings, and emotions from a far distance of distinct vision. So if you are deeply hurt or going through a big emotional conflict or need someone to listen and understand your emotions, then chat with Clairempathy psychic experts at Anytime Astro. Get in touch with us and get answers to the most pressing questions in your mind. Chat now!

Clairempathy Quiz: 20 Question Self Assessment Test

Are you an Empath?

Take the following quiz to find the answer. This Clairempathy test can help you determine how empathic you are. 

  1. Are you too emotional or over-sensitive?
  2. If your friend feels sick or upset, do you start feeling the same?
  3. Do your feelings hurt easily?
  4. Do you frequently get overwhelmed or anxious?
  5. Do you feel drained out in the crowd? Do you feel the need for “me time” to revive?
  6. Do you feel irritated by noises, smells, or excessive talk?
  7. Do you like to take your own vehicle to a place so that you can leave whenever you like?
  8. Do you overeat to overcome your emotional stress?
  9. Are you scared of being too indulged in intimate relationships?
  10. Do you replenish yourself in nature?
  11. Do you feel better in small cities than in large cities?
  12. Do you prefer one-to-one interaction or small group conversation as compared to big gatherings?
  13. Do you feel uncomfortable in scratchy clothes?
  14. Do you often feel that you don’t fit into a place or group?
  15. Do conflicts or arguments make you feel sick?
  16. Do you get frightened or surprised easily?
  17. Is it unbearable for you to see someone in pain?
  18. Do you tend to isolate yourself socially?
  19. Do you take a long time to bounce back after being with people who have a negative and complicated nature?
  20. Do you prefer doing one thing at a time? Is multitasking not your forte?

Calculate your Results: 

  • You are at least partially an empath: If you answered yes to 1 to 5 questions.
  • You have moderate Clairempathy abilities: If you have answered yes to 6 to 10 questions. 
  • You have strong empath psychic power: If you answer yes to 11 to 15 questions.
  • You are a complete Clairempath: If you answered yes to more than 15 questions. 

Clairempathy psychics are the need of humanity. They can heal people and help people emotionally and mentally with their compassion and understanding. If you have a Clairempathy superpower, then take charge of your emotional sensitivity and get psychic guidance for more help.

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