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Cartomancy Meaning - Define All Types of Cartomancy for Beginners

23 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Cartomancy Meaning - Define All Types of Cartomancy for Beginners

23 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Do you feel fascinated about tarot or other mystic cards? Have you ever sensed subtle energy around a deck of cards? While playing cards or viewing them did the imagery of cards seem to say something to you? If yes, then this may be a sign you inherit the power of cartomancy. 

Curious what is Cartomancy and what does it mean? Read on the post and explore everything about Cartomancy, the most interesting psychic ability.

What is Cartomancy?

Cartomancy is the psychic ability to predict the future using a deck of cards. It comprises divination or fortune-telling through a standard playing cards deck. Etymologically, Cartomancy meaning is derived from the French word “Carte” and “Mancy”. “Carte” means “card” and “Mancy” means “divination by specified means.” The practitioners of Cartomancy are referred to as cartomancers, card readers, cartomancy psychics, or simply readers.

Cartomancy Origin

From the different types of psychic powers, Cartomancy is one of the most popular and evident superpowers. It has been used by fortune tellers and practiced by occults to predict future and hidden possibilities. Associated with Gypsy seers, cartomancy’s origin dates back to ancient Egyptian times. It was a popular practice in Europe in the 14th century. During the 18th and 20th centuries, Cartomancy rose to prominence as a great tool for divination. There is even a legend that Napoleon used to seek Cartomancers’ counsel for his regular proceedings.

How Does Cartomancy Reading Work?

Cartomancy involves the use of a standard deck of cards for predictions. There are 52 cards in the deck with each card ascribed to a certain meaning. When performing a Cartomancy reading online or offline, card readers lay the card in front of you. They request you to ask a question and pull a card or cards depending upon the need of the question. 

Generally, Cartomancy reading is done in odd number spreads, i.e. 1, 3, 9, or 21 cards’ set. For simple yes or no reading, a single card is pulled while for past, present, and future predictions, three card Cartomancy reading is done. A 9 or 21 card spread is typically used to get in-depth and detailed information of a querent's situation and life path. 

Want to learn cartomancy? Curious, where to learn Cartomancy reading online? Read the below guide on Cartomancy for beginners. 

Cartomancy for Beginners

Learning cartomancy is easy. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily master this psychic power or divination method by understanding the Cartomancy deck.

Cartomancy Card Deck

A standard power deck is used in Cartomancy. It includes both numeric and face cards for cartomancy readings. To make predictions, Cartomancers need to interpret the association between these two cards. Here, Number Cards show future events while the face cards signify the people in your life. These cards are divided into four suits- hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. Each suit is associated with an elemental force and has a specific interpretation and Cartomancy meaning. 

Cartomancy Card Meanings


- relates to the Water element. 

- Heart interprets personal relationships and mysterious emotions. It expresses love and passionate pursuits. 


- linked to the Fire element. 

- concerns Passion, Achievements, and Recognition. It has strong positive and negative connotations.


- relates to the Air element.

- represents change, both positive and negative. It is often interpreted as cards for secrets and bad luck.


- relates to the Earth element.

- speaks of gaining and losing material possessions and wealth. It shows insights about fortune, work, or marriage.

Let us learn the Cartomancy card meanings for each card in the suits. 

Cartomancy Card Meanings for Each Card in the Suit

Cartomancy Card Meanings for Each Card in the Suit

Each suit has 13 cards from ace to 10, Jack, Queen, and King. Check the list to learn the Cartomancy card meanings for each card in the four suits. 

1. Hearts

Name of Card

Cartomancy Card Meanings

Ace of Hearts

New relationships, friendship, and happiness

2 of Hearts

Good fortune in love and relationships

3 of Hearts

Be cautious in your relationships about your words

4 of Hearts

Change or travel. Possibly the next step you are about to take in the relationship.

5 of Hearts

Speaks of jealousy and deceit around querent.

6 of Hearts

A pleasant surprise, maybe a new love interest

7 of Hearts

Broken promises

8 of Hearts

Surprise visitors and invitations

9 of Hearts

The "wish" card. Maybe your wish may come true

10 of Hearts

Good fortune is knocking on the doors. 

Jack of Hearts

Represents a good friend or a young and blond person

Queen of Hearts

Signify a kind and good-natured blond woman

King of Hearts

Represents A helpful blond man or a male who offers good advice

2. Spades

Name of Card

Cartomancy Card Meanings

Ace of Spades

Endings, misfortune, and change.

2 of Spades

Tough decisions, deceit, and communication problems

3 of Spades

Trouble in relationships, possibly infidelity

4 of Spades

Illness, and broken promises

5 of Spades

Obstacles, anger, loss and difficulty, eventual success

6 of Spades

Improvement, small wins, upswing

7 of Spades

Bad advice, grief, loss, and unexpected burdens

8 of Spades

A card of disappointment. Deceit, danger, illness, and lack of social balance

9 of Spades

Bad luck, depression, and anxiety in all life’s aspects

10 of Spades

Bad news, worry, and imprisonment in every aspect of life

Jack of Spades

An unpleasant or immature young person with black hair

Queen of Spades

A dark-haired woman or a widow

King of Spades

A dark-haired selfish but ambitious and powerful older man

3. Clubs

Name of Card

Cartomancy Card Meanings

Ace of Clubs

Speaks of happiness, financial fortune, wealth, and good news in business

2 of Clubs

Represents challenges, gossip, and people who may deceive you

3 of Clubs

A wealthy partner and successful marriage

4 of Clubs

Deceit or betrayal, potentially by a friend you trust the most

5 of Clubs

Marital success, new friends, and support

6 of Clubs

Success and prosperity, financial help

7 of Clubs

Success in business with potential trouble from a romantic partner

8 of Clubs

Problems in business, personal relationships, and in love

9 of Clubs

New admirer or opportunities, warning against stubbornness

10 of Clubs

Unexpected money from an unknown source, and travel possibilities

Jack of Clubs

A reliable and trusted dark-haired friend

Queen of Clubs

A dark-haired, helpful, charming, and confident woman

King of Clubs

A dark-haired, honest, loving, and strong older man

4. Diamonds

Name of Card

Cartomancy Card Meanings

Ace of Diamonds

A gift of jewelry, a letter or message, improvement, and good news about money

2 of Diamonds

A disagreement in a relationship or affair or business plan

3 of Diamonds

Legal trouble, and family arguments

4 of Diamonds

Unexpected money, and inheritance

5 of Diamonds

Improvements and success in business ventures, happiness at home

6 of Diamonds

Represents troubles in a relationship and second marriage

7 of Diamonds

Challenges at work

8 of Diamonds

Surprise romance or late marriage or travel possibilities

9 of Diamonds

New business opportunities, and unexpected money and changes

10 of Diamonds

Financial prosperity, pleasant changes, and good fortune

Jack of Diamonds

An unreliable or dishonest young person with light hair, possibly a family member

Queen of Diamonds

A fair, outgoing, flirtatious woman with light hair

King of Diamonds

An authoritative and stubborn older man with light hair

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Types of Cartomancy

There are mainly 4 types of Cartomancy methods that are used for Cartomancy readings online and by local psychics. Here are the quick insights about these Cartomancy types. 

1. Playing Cards

Paying cards are the most popular method for Cartomancy readings. It is used mainly to play poker and games like Go Fish. In the standard deck of Anglo- American Poker/ Bridge playing card deck, there are 52 cards divided into four-suit sets. Some decks are also augmented with Jokers and even a blank card.

2. Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are ancient mystic cards with a deck of 78 cards. It is divided into 22 Major arcana and 56 Minor arcana cards. The Minor Arcana cards fall into four categories of suits- Suit of Cups, Suit of Wands, Suit of Pentacles, and Suit of Swords. Each card in the tarot deck includes mystic imagery and symbols that speak of particular meanings and interpretations.

3. Lenormand Cards

This is a system of 36 cards that are named after the popular 18th-century French card reader, Marie Anne Lenormand. It comprises a picture on each card that interprets a specific meaning. Lenormand cards are read in a line in which each card relates to the next. Plus, the cards are not read individually but always in pairs. 

4. Oracle Cards

Oracle cards deck may include any number of cards. It may be as little as 10 cards or as large as 80 cards. You can interpret the meanings of the Oracle cards the way you want. It offers guidance and perspectives based on your lived experience. Learning Cartomancy with an Oracle card is said to be more exciting and easier.

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Cartomancy- The Art of Fortune Telling!

Although all the psychic powers allow you to predict events, cartomancy is easier to learn and master. It is supposedly the accurate way to tell when and how things will happen. Since there is less room for interpretation with the cards, the cartomancy reading proves best for future predictions. You just need to develop your intuitions, learn cartomancy card meanings and practice them daily to master this art. 

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