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Moola Nakshatra - Astrological Significance and Traits

04 May, 2021 by Swati

Moola Nakshatra - Astrological Significance and Traits

04 May, 2021 by Swati

  • Zodiac Sign or Moola Nakshatra Rashi- Sagittarius
  • Moola Nakshatra Ruling Planet- Ketu
  • Moola Nakshatra Lord or God-  Nritti
  • Moola Nakshatra Symbol- Tied bunch of roots
  • Moola Nakshatra Degree Range- 0°00 - 13°20’ Sagittarius
  • Moola Nakshatra Mode of Functioning- Active
  • Moola Nakshatra Quality- Demon
  • Chara Rashi/ Navamsa- Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer
  • Moola Nakshatra Lucky Number- 7
  • Moola Nakshatra Yoni- Swan
  • Moola Nakshatra Dosha- Vata
  • Type of Nakshatra- Sharp
  • Moola Nakshatra Dasha-  7 Yrs
  • Moola Nakshatra Numerical Potency- 19
  • Moola Nakshatra Gender- Eunuch (Neutral)
  • Moola Nakshatra Guna- Tamasic
  • Moola Nakshatra Gana- Raakshas
  • Moola Nakshatra Element or Tattwa- Air
  • Moola Nakshatra Mobility- Movable
  • Moola Nakshatra Caste- Butcher
  • Moola Nakshatra Animal- Dog
  • Moola Nakshatra Names Starting Letters- Ye, Yo, Bha, Bhe
  • Moola Nakshatra Bird- Red Vulture
  • Moola Nakshatra Lucky Stone- Cat’s eye
  • Moola Nakshatra Lucky Color- Brown Yellow
  • Moola Nakshatra Tree- Sal
  • Moola Nakshatra Traits- haughty, rich, informative, self-inflicting, compassionate, luxurious, arrogant, investigative, proud, and happy

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About Moola Nakshatra

Mula/Moola Nakshatra is the nineteenth Nakshatra in the series of Nakshatras. It consists of a group of nine stars which can be seen forming the shape of a “Lion’s tail”. In Modern astronomy, the nine stars are called- Lambda (Shaula), Epsilon, Mu-1, Iota-1, Theta, Eta, Zeta, Kappa and Upsilon (Lesath) Scorpionis. All these stars lie at the end of the Scorpio constellation, however, astrologically, they form the part of the Sagittarius star sign. 

Etymologically, Mula means “the Root”, “the Center” or “the Innermost Core”. It is the straightforward Nakshatra that doesn’t prevaricate t convey its perspective. Symbolized by the “a tied bunch of roots”, this Nakshatra is associated with the “root” of everything. It means that Moola Nakshatra deals with all the hidden realms, things, events, motives and secret affairs on the earthly plane.

It alsp depicts the meaning “rooted” which signifies collecting or tying up what is owned by one. Explaining in-depth, this Nakshatra helps natives to gather necessary tools from the past that are required to accomplish goals in the present. In ancient texts, Moola is referred to as “Foundation Star” or “the root” or “the original”. It was associated with the root of diseases (virus, bacteria etc.) and medicine production. It was also related to constraints and limitations that hold the energies of natives to scatter away. 

The presiding deity of Moola constellation, Nritti is the daughter of Adharma (unrighteousness) and Himsa (violence). She is the mother of Mrityu (death) and Bhaya (fear). In Vedic texts, Nritti is named as destructive demon and Alaxmi, Goddess of poverty, misfortune and calamity. 

In Vedic Astrology, Mula is considered a very powerful Nakshatra with respect to the material realm. It offers worldly status, prosperity and material achievements. Ruled by Ketu, the Moola constellation initiates spiritual transformations. It offers insights into unseen realms and shares magical abilities to achieve higher positions. The energy of Moola can be used both in destructive and constructive mannerism. In spiritual terms, Moola is the first constellation that symbolizes the spiritual journey of a soul and emphasizes its merger with the Divine.

Moola Nakshatra in English is referred to as Moola/ Mula. Moola Nakshatra in Tamil is referred to as Mulam/Moolam Natchathiram (மூலம் நட்சத்திரம்). The name of Moola Nakshatra in Malayalam is Moolam Nakshatra (മൂലം നക്ഷത്ര) and the name of the Moola constellation in Telugu is Mula (మూల). 

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Moola Nakshatra Physical Characteristics

Children born in Moola Nakshatra are blessed with prominent noses, ears and thick lower lips. They are not very attractive however they possess peculiar features to attract someone. They are highly evolved souls and can be spotted easily in a crowd. 

Moola Nakshatra Behavioral Characteristics

The fundamental approach of Mula males and females is to get into the core of things. They investigate the matters and explore the depths of persons, places and subjects. Generally, children born in Moola Nakshatra are rich, happy and highly opinionated. They love peaceful surroundings, but, at times, create chaos by hurting others with their sarcastic speech. 

Mula Nakshatra natives possess a great ability to overcome hardships and hurdles. They exhibit their own set of rules and do not like to follow others. As an impulsive constellation, Moola Nakshatra natives regret over their actions. They have specific ways of looking at situations that often get them into trouble. In times of resolving situations and handling problems, they show over-eagerness. 

The special talent of Mula star males and females is their straightforward and direct approach. They don’t beat about the bush and get into the root of the matter directly. As per Vedic scriptures, Mula Nakshatra is a proud and haughty constellation. Thus, the natives are unable to handle their power and energies. They often create their own calamities and cause chaos to their surroundings. 

These ambitious individuals work harder for their goals. They look for self-fulfillment and their primary motivation is to attain higher positions and success. Moola born natives are always looking for the true purpose and meaning of their life. They are skilled at hiding their strengths and sources of energies. Hard work, commitment, intelligence, courage, curiosity, innovation, positivity are the positive Moola Nakshatra characteristics. 

Mula Nakshatra males and females are god-fearing. They are fortunate in terms of spouses and marital relationships. They live a luxurious, rich and prosperous life. As Mool combines the energy of Jupiter and Ketu, these natives undergo various transformations in their life. Jupiter in Mula constellations encourages natives to seek non-violence and lawful activities. However, if Ketu is ill-disposed, the natives of Mula Nakshatra hold idiosyncratic tendencies. They behave destructive, unpredictable, egoistic and arrogant. They quickly cut out things that have stopped serving their purpose.

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Career Options for Moola Nakshatra Natives

The professions that are favorable for Moola Nakshatra born people are:

  • Medical professions such as poison doctors, healers, Psychotherapists, vaccination doctors, morticians, dentists, autopsy professionals etc.
  • Shamen, preachers, ascetics can be suitable professions for Moola star natives.
  • Tantra and occult practitioners such as Voodoo practitioners, black magicians, Aghoris etc. 
  • All professions that involving oratorical ability like Mass leaders, rock musicians, debaters and contrarians, public speakers etc.
  • Jobs in research, Microbiology and Genetics sector. 
  • All kinds of investigation jobs such as detectives and investigators. 
  • Defense relates jobs such as Police, Judges, Hitmen and Soldiers are the best Mool Nakshatra career options.
  • Professions related to selling herbs, roots and roots vegetables like potatoes, radish etc. 
  • Bodyguard and wresting jobs. 
  • Astronomers, Nuclear Physicists, Mathematicians jobs.
  • Jobs as Gold diggers and treasure hunters. 
  • Coal and Petroleum Industry jobs.
  • Professions that involve destructive activities. 
  • Homicide squad professionals. 
  • Minister, Politicians, Professional agitators.

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Favorable Activities For Moola Nakshatra

Moola Nakshatra is a very auspicious Nakshatra for investigating any matter in depth. You can gather knowledge or people or any other important things during this period. As per Vedic texts, Moola Nakshatra is very suitable for planting, gardening and other agricultural activities. It is good for construction and laying the foundation of buildings. When Moola Nakshatra is in the sky, you can express your sexuality and go on any adventures without any hurdle. For contemplation, self-exploration, self-assertion and meditation on death and fierce deities like Kali, Mula Nakshatra is said to be very favorable. Singing, oration, administering herbs and medicines, researching and studying science or occult subjects may also prove fruitful in the Moola constellation.

Unfavorable Activities For Moola Nakshatra

Moola Nakshatra is not auspicious for beginning any new work. It is not good for the marriage, activities involving balance, tact and diplomacy. In Moola Nakshatra, one should not lend or borrow money. Doing any sort of financial transaction in this Nakshatra is not profitable.

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Moola Nakshatra Remedies

People suffering from afflictions of Moola Nakshatra should worship Goddess Kali and Rudra. They should contemplate and meditate on Death in all its forms to utilize the positive energy of the Moola constellation. 

The natives should recite the root Mantra- “Om Nam”, “Om Pam” and “Om Pham”. Chanting this Moola Nakshatra Mantra 108 times during the lunar transition and in the corresponding month of Moola Nakshatra alleviates afflictions and bestows happiness. Reciting “Om Eshte Nirate Bhagastam Jushsva” can prove beneficial in eliminating the bad effects of Mula’s first three Padas. 

Moola star men and women can increase the positive effects of Moola Nakshatra by wearing a mixed combination of earth tones or colors such as Black, Golden and Red. People born in Moola Nakshatra should undertake all the important actions corresponding to the position of Moola star for the most auspicious results. 

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